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would like your help to configure Breaking News, seems not to be working

Would like to preview but it looks like you’ve run out of bandwidth


it is up now

Good afternoon

I am trying to access documentation and live preview and I receive an error of bandwidth exceeded.

What is happening? I am waiting for an answer.

Thank you

Hi, it is up now

Congratulations on your excellent work! Immediately buy this new theme as soon as the third column, the smallest in the articles of the site is located on the left. In this order Small Sidebar, Content, Big Sidebar . This is great for seo but especially for the arrangement of the adsense ads. Are you going to make this change. Please make this change I’m sure it will be well loved.

is difficult to obtain? buy this theme today. can possibly explain how to do it manually?

it needs a custom modification. This type of customization is a bit more complex and is not covered under normal theme support. If you’re interested in hiring a developer to do it for you, we highly recommend to check out: http://www.wpquestions.com

Thanks mo3aser! Buy this theme when you can bring the smaller column on the left, like this:


I really hope that you will add this feature, I’ve been waiting a long this theme, it would be a regret not being able to buy for this lack. Thank you!

Great looking theme! Really interested in purchasing but would really like you to sort out your bandwidth issues with your host, especially due to the documentation provided. It seems like you have exceeded BW twice this week.

Anyways, congratulations and hope to be a new customer of your themes.


sorry … it is up now

Theme comes with Documentation copy .. so you can check it on your computer

I’ve been trying to build my website with this theme but have decided that I really need a page layout similar to this: http://themeforest.net/item/simplog-responsive-blogmagazine-theme/full_screen_preview/4128495 or http://themeforest.net/item/hyper-a-responsive-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/4350016

Is this page format coming soon in an update? I might buy another theme if not. Thanks!


Sorry , I don’t think it will be available in Jarida in the near future .. You can check our item Remal http://themeforest.net/item/remal-responsive-wordpress-blog-theme/3107487

I wanted to say thank you for listening to our ideas and making this theme to fit what we’ve been asking for. Not many theme authors are as accommodating! Quick suggestion and question. 1) Suggestion: Would it be possible to add a title heading into the homepage builder so that we can better organize the news boxes into sections? 2) Question: Is it possible to turn off the page views counter on the homepage and the articles? Thanks!


Homepage builder support AD/custom Content box .. so you can add it in the place you want and with your custom content

Are we able to select custom fonts and text sizes with the feature?

No, there is no automatic options for this .. you need to change it via custom css

Great theme – and some really good options, but one very basic mistake has been done by the developer. The thumbnails, that appear on homepage, or related post or archives are only resized. The entire theme looks ugly because if you have one potrait image and one horizontal then the whole design goes for a toss… I have thousands of posts with varying image sizes…

Simply keep the width and height fixed and crop the image so the design does not get affected… I am surprised that developer missed out on such a basic thing.

Apart from that I must say the theme is excellent.. Kudos on that.. I really hope that developer fixes this issue immediately. I am waiting for that to put it on the main site..


It is not mistake .. Theme cropped all images uploaded to site after activate the the theme not the old one .. use this plugin to regenerate the old thumbnails with suitable sizes http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/

Thanks for the reply, but it does not happen. I used the above plugin and regenerated all the thumbnails again, but still, the theme does not show properly. Please check http://trak.in/info and you will know… Also, if you go to related posts, you will see the thumbnails of different sizes.


You jet your site images from wp.com servers .. try to deactivate Proton option from jetapck settings and re-use the plugin above to generate thumbnails from ” Import ” in the dashboard left area

Hi mo3aser,

thanks for your great Theme. But i have a little Problem with the Social Counter Widget. It will no show the Facebook Fans.


Please provide URL of your site to check the problem

Hi, it’s resolved. The Problem was, that we testet allways local. Here can you see: http://bit.ly/YGBELA

Hi, I couldn’t find it anywhere in the settings to change the theme colour as you have on the pop up menu for settings on the demo http://themes.tielabs.com/?theme=jarida

Where can I change the colour for the ascent, current default RED to other colours?


You can change theme color from Tiepanel> styling >Global main Color


In the demo, under the categories “Post Head Modes” and “Post Features”, if I click on most of them, the appropriate demo page doesn’t show.

For example, under “Post Features”, if I click on “full-width” or “left side-bar”, the same 3 column, right side-bar remains. The same goes for some of the pages under “Post Head Modes”.

Can you correct the demo so I can see if I want this theme or not? Thanks, and excellent design.


Thanks for reporting this .. Fixed :)

Is it possible to use this theme without timbthumb?


This theme don’t using timbthumb .. it uses WordPress built-in resizing functions

Love it!! I buy!! ;)

Disregard my previous comment—it all appears to be working now. Good job!


I am working with theme and I am loving it. Is a great work.

The only problem that I think is documentation is not complete. If you want, I can send you an e-mail after with a list of improvements in documentation that I think could be useful to us and to you.

Do you have a phorum with support? I believe that should be easier and fast to us if you have something like this. For example: 1 – I can’t find how to define in calendar dates for events. Calendar shows only dates of posts. I would like to show dates in the future. I explain. I am writing a post about a training that will occur 2 months ahead, and I want my users know this. Then, I can put it on calendar.

2 – I can’t find instructions how to build a timeline.

Thank you


1- Yes .. feel free to send me your suggestions for the theme documentation .

- Calendar is a wordpress feature not a theme feature so it not included in the theme documentation

2- for Timeline .. From Dashboard > Pages > Add new :: then choose “Timeline” from “Template” dropdown menu in the “Page Attributes” box


Good night You don’t think to add this feature to timeline? Future events? Could be another feature in your list, show as events to users.

I believe that is attractive.

AOA mo3aser! How are you? I sent you an email via the themeforest contact page. Can you check it out and get back to me please? I had a couple of pre-sale questions regarding this theme!



Hi, is it translation ready ?


Yes , it comes with Po and mo files so you can translate it easily to your language


I saw your theme and I am thinking in buying it, but I have a few pre-buy questions. Here it goes:

1. I see that you have a login page and a required login page. Does the theme has aslo a registration page?

2. Can I display a category page without the title or to customize the title of that pages? From what I see now is looking like “Category Archives: World” wich is not very nice.

3. Are the post titles “H1” tags? And if so, can I change this?

4. The sidebar login widget is only for login or have also registration included?

5.Can I use the theme without reviewing system?

6. The footer is customizable? I mean can I make it only 3 columns, or 2 colums?

The theme seems like a realy good work and is moving fast enough for me. Anticipated thanks for your answers. Alex.


1 , 4 ) No it doesn’t contain a registration page / Widget ?

2- You can customize it by editing category.php file

3- yes , You can change it by editing single.php filw

5- Yes

6- Yes , you can choose the layout of the widget .. check this http://themes.tielabs.com/docs/jarida/#!/footer_settings


Hi there,

I’ve just bought the theme and I love it! So easy to use – I have zero coding skills and yet I’m already up and running in about half an hour. Couple of questions for you – (1) Can Videos that are part of a post be embedded to play from the homepage rather than having to click through to the post itself? (2) What is the optimum size for small featured images for the posts and large images for the slider?

Oh and one more question - is it possible to have the slider on the homepage as a mix of both recent posts and also custom images that I would want to have in there on a semi-permanent basis?

Thanks for a great theme!




Really glad you love the theme :)

1) That is not available in news boxes layout mode .. but if you uses Blog layout for the homepage and enable ” Display : Content ” option from Archives settings tab in Tiepanel ..you can embed the video in post content are and it will appears in the homepage

2) Just upload the featured image in 620px * 330px and the theme will generate the medium and small thumbnail automatically

3) You can use Custom slider feature to add your slides manually ( Posts or external links )


Sorry, I forgot one question:

The page builder is only for the home page or you can build an unlimited number of pages?



Homepage builder available in homepage only

hello, nice theme! I’ve just purchased it. Good job and good luck for the sales!



Thanks :)