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Instead of using games, business all those text, can we change the text for the category?

The categories that I saw in the preview are, politics, business and sports. May I enquire if we can change those text to other words like web hosting, domains and etc?

What I mean is that can we add our own category instead of using the default category like business, politics and etc?

Yes you can add/edit any category on your site .. it is a wordpress feature !

Which multi-language WP plug-in do your recommend to work with this Theme? I am interested in the WPML plugin for my site that I plan to have articles in English and Chinese. However, I read through the comments that you have not yet tested the compatibility. Is there another multi-lingual plugin that would work well with this beautiful theme?


Unfortunately, I didn’t test any multi-language WP plug-in with this theme


I want to have a page with the template “Restrict Page Requiere a login”, but when I set it, even logged in I can´t see the content, SS: http://prntscr.com/18icel and withnthe template “blog list” works perfectly.

The content in this menu is a category,

Thanks a lot for your help.



The content of the page will be hidden “which added in the post editor ” not all the page !

I cannot get this theme to work. Every time I try to modify and save the settings I get the following error:

Request-URI Too Large

The requested URL’s length exceeds the capacity limit for this server.

I double checked the length of the URL and it is quite ridiculous at 14,615 characters!!!


Please check. There might be javascript conflict between theme’s script and plugin’s script. Try to disable all plugins

Disabled all plugins and still getting the same error

please send me your dashboard access information + description of the problem to my email via my profile page so I can check it

Hi there I want to customize star rating system if possible. For example I only want to show this rating when visitors read the full article. I don’t want it to show into home page excerpt posts. Please see the current look http://www.public-post.com/ The start rating shows over the images which looks not good to me.

Another request, how can I remove feature image from home page’s recent posts. I only want to show feature image on top featured option. But want to stop showing images on recent post just bellow featured post slider. It looks better if contains only excerpt writings. Can you please help/.



1,2 ) Unfortunately, this is a change you would have to make on your own by make modifications on the theme files as it is not an automatic feature of the theme.

+1 for full (means MORE) width for tablet & smartphone view. or is there any option to get rid of the (shadowed) margin left + right?


Unfortunately, There is no an automatic option to do that

Hi! I purchased this theme and I’m very satisfied with it. Almost everything works perfectly. I have a few questions though: 1. I used another theme before and it created square thumbnails. Now, when I create new posts, Jarida theme creates rectangular thumbs. I read the documentation and it says that I need to use Regenerate Thumbnail plugin but I don’t know which size do I need to set the thumbs. I saw the recommendation for featured images is 620px x 330px. Are those thumbnail images also or I need to set another size? 2. I used infinite scroll plugin on previous theme and I wanted to use it on Jarida also. I’m having a little trouble finding these things: *Content Selector (div containing your theme’s content) *Navigation Selector (div containing your theme’s navigation) *Next Selector (link to next page of content) *Item selector (div containing an individual post) Could you help me out with this? 3. The last thing. I’m having trouble with Social Counter widget. It just won’t show up. I only inserted my facebook page and it isn’t showing when I put it in the sidebar. Also, I’ve set up a twitter app and tried it then and it still isn’t working.

That would be all :) Thank you in advance! Best regards.


1- Theme generate thumbnails automatically when you upload the image .. also try to use one of this plugins to regenerate old thumbnails with suitable sizes

http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/ http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/ajax-thumbnail-rebuild/

2- Theme doesn’t use “Next/prev” pagination method so there is no Next Selector (link to next page of content) ..

3- Make sure that CURL and libssl functions enabled on your server .

How do you create columns within the pages? I didn’t see anything in the shortcodes.


You can find it’s buttons in the text editor mode .. or add it to the post manually .. http://themes.tielabs.com/jarida/?page_id=142


Your theme is simply awesome. I’m Akhil from http://www.sparkyhub.com/

Currently the links in the article is not visible or links are not highlighting with any other colors(now its black). Is it possible to change to any other matching color of theme?


You can set custom color for posts links from Tiepanel > Styling > Post Styling > Post Links Color

How do you set the home page as the front page (latest post)?



From Tiepanel > Homepage > Home page displays == ‘Latest posts – Blog Layout’

In Jarida I’m trying to reduce the height of the header container where the logo resides. Right now it’s 1160×212 but I need it to be 1160×200 but even with Firebug for the life of me I can’t find the setting. Checked various files..header.php,etc.. looked in Jarida Admin to make sure it’s not there.. if it is I’m overlooking it.

Any help would be appreciated.

Sorry, I found the needed settings on the admin panel:-)

To address my post above. In Jarida Admin>Styling>Custom CSS in the Global CSS box:

.header-content {padding: 0;} .logo a{display: block;line-height: 0;} #main-nav {margin-top: 0px !important;} #main-nav ul li, a.random-article{margin-top: 0px !important;}

Hi mo3aser, thank you for this wonderful theme.

Is there any reason why I don’t have the option “Box Style” for Newsboxes in both wide areas? I’d really appreciate this option.

Thanks a lot Harry


There is no different styles for news boxes in the wide areas .. it is available only in the normal areas

Hello, your thame is amazing, I have a problem, I am using the miltilingual press plug in, so I can have my webpage in english and spanish, it works well with the theme, the only issue is that in the home page when I click over to change language it sends me to a post in the other language not to the home page, I think it’s due to the theme does´t have a home page template, so there is no way to link it, could you helpe me? this is my page www.ulisesmoctezuma.com


I checked your site Homepage and it works fine with both es and en !

There are any contact form from this theme? Regards


For Contact form we highly recommend this plugin http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/contact-form-7/

On mobile (checked on my ipad, using chrome) The home page does not show anything in the “News” block in the header. Strangely enough it does show on other pages.

Any way to correct this?

Like I said, it only happens to be on Chrome on my iPad (gen 3 retna) if it matters) have not tested in anything else. But if I switch to say the about page, it works fine. Just the home page.

Still an issue. The area for the “Breaking News” shows up but the actual content does not work. It does not work only on the home page. But shows on any other page.

re-upload a fresh version of the theme and reset the theme settings and disable all of your plugins


I have a pre sales question. Does the Jarida – Responsive WordPress News, Magazine, Blog have a 404 Error template?

Many thanks


Request you to try loading this page http://stockmusings.com/category/equity/ Like this one, all other category archives pages takes a lot of time to load..it shows waiting for widgets.pinterest.com.. however, we do not have the pinterest icon anywhere on the site. What could be problem and how should I fix it?


You hide the share buttons via css .. to hide it you need to go to Tiepanel > Archives Settings > and set “Show Social Buttons” to “OFF”

Hi there I am redesigning my blog website with Jarida theme and still working on it. I believe I didn’t do any mistake but unfortunately, the right sidebar widget items go down on home page and everywhere.

Please find the error and give suggestion



Windows operating system and browser is Firefox. Yes I have checked now with IE and Chrome and it works fine there. But the problem is with Firefox only.

I checked it with WIndows and FF and it works fine too !! try to empty your browser cache

this is working now. thanks