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Hi Guys,

Congratulate you for such a incredible theme, so much happy with it. Just a few feature would be great to have it a next update:

1- In the home page have the option to have blog style (with various boxes) but as it appear in the category section. So the title get the whole wide of the box, instead of half. It could have an option of blog style 1 (as it is) and blog style 2 (as in the category section). The code is already written so i don’t think is a big change and will definitely add another option. ;) 2- Add the add this button in the social media buttons. And be able to choose what buttons i want to show inside the post (this is implemented) and posts list. 3- Have a nicer sidebar menu bar ,improve CSS. The actual look awful

The rest its very very nice. Thanks for your great work and support.


Really glad you love the theme :) Thanks for your suggestions

Hi! Cosidering an option of buying the theme. Only 1 question: is it SEO optimized?

Custom category design like this http://themes.tielabs.com/jarida/?cat=24 and the category appears in it’s custom color in the homepage too

Thank you Mo3aser! The questuin actually is: Can I customize the black background of categories names? As I am making a web site for women I would like to avoid the black colour in design.

If you mean the background if the main nav you can change it from Tiepanel > Styling for all the site pages. but there is no option to customize it for each category

hi, your theme is great but i noticed when i click to” your demo “a post it takes some time to reload it and i get a transparent option of the post. What do you suggest about that?


Sorry, I am not sure I understand you correctly, could you give me more details or send me some screenshots with description please?


I installed the theme on my WP and when I try to go to the admin section of the theme, it redirects to a 404 page error. I’ve tried my best, but cannot seem to figure out the issue.


Please send me your dashboard access information to check the problem

I have sent a PM with the login details

Hi, Very great jog with this template.

Question: How can i disable the name of the picture in the lightboxe ?


Unfortunately, this is a change you would have to make on your own as it is not an automatic feature of the theme.

All my blogs Twitter feeds in the widgets were working properly the last time I checked. Now, when I view the blog (www.thatpetblog.com) the twitter feed instead of showing recent tweets says “Sorry , Twitter seems down or responds slowly .”

A quick google search shows me that I am not the only one experiencing this issue with this theme.

Please help! Thanks, Heather Crotsley

Please update your theme to latest version 1.4.0

Are there any other options? I have a lot of customizations done to the theme.

just upload the new includes/twitteroauth folder in the version 1.4.0 to your site

Hi this is a very beautyfull theme, but i have a problem. how come the contents of my category are not in the preview, but do see the complete text? http://www.meteopordenone.it/wordpress/foto-gallery


To change the way that posts appears in your categories .. Go to Tiepanel > Archives Settings .. and change the “Display” option

I think that something is wrong with the views counter….i have a recent article showing 8 views and it has 15 likes….nearly impossible, i have also noticed very low numbers in other articles too, but this case shows that somthing doesn’t work properly. In google analytics i see 55 unique visits for the same article… Any help please ….? Doesn’t this affect the popular articles tab too ?


- Did you disable the views meta in any time from Theme panel ? .. is the post with 55 unique visits on google analytics published after install the theme ?! did you use any cache plugins ?

No I didn’t disable views meta, and yes the article is published after the install of the theme. I use W3 total cache

I can find no way to add side bars to this theme homepage when displaying the homepage in “NewsBox” layout. Any help? What am I missing?


- To display widgets on posts , page and archives you need to add it to “Primary Normal Widget Area” and “Primary Narrow Widget Area”

- To display widgets on the homepage Newboxes Layout you need to add it to “Homepage – First Normal Widget Area” , “Homepage – Second Normal Widget Area” , “Homepage – First Narrow Widget Area” and “Homepage – Second Narrow Widget Area”

Thank you. It might be a good idea to include this info in the documentation of the theme under the “sidebar” section.

Another quick question I hope… I need to move the search box to the right of the logo for all screen sizes – not just the smaller ipad screen. Is there an easy way I can do this? Thanks


Unfortunately, this is a change you would have to make on your own as it is not an automatic feature of the theme.

Twitter issue !!!

For those who have the twitter “Sorry , Twitter seems down or responds slowly”, I had the problem and fixed it… Jarida is using twitter auth, by default with API v1, but twitter is removing it…

I change for V1.1 (Jarida is already asking for the auth… So, just add this line :

$twitterConnection->host = "https://api.twitter.com/1.1/";

in widget-twitter.php, line 32 , between le new TwitterOAuth and le ->get

Without this, I get an empty string as a result…



Yes Twitter stopped Api v1 .. this problem will be fixed in next version soon .


On next update will you consider to add the review on woocomerce? It would be a really nice option to be able to review woocomerce products with criterias and all. =)

Being woocomerce compatible should at least be able to review the products the same way so it can be added on homepage with their reviews for easier faster and more sales.

Also the page layout and sidebars for woocomerce arent compatible with woocomerce.

For example, when creatine a woocomerce “product”... you cant specify the sidebars as regular posts & pages (not even through custom fields)



1- I will consider to add it into the future if there are many requests from customers.

2- Yes, it displays the “Shop” widget

Yes the shop widget, but not from creating a sidebar and then assigning to each categories product. I understand if its not possible though

One more little problem,

I have downloaded a plugin that makes widgets “sticky” and it works fine with the theme when the widget is NOT transperent.

I have a 300×250 ad widget that i want it to be sticky and it works just fine if i dont click on transperent.

I want it to be transperent because i dont want to write “advertisments” on the title or sponsors.. but i also want it to work with plugin and become “sticky” with transperent.


Widgets have no unique IDs. How to check. Place two text widgets in your sidebar. Then look at html source of your site. If these two widgets have the same IDs (widget_text) or they have no IDs at all – that’s the problem. How to fix. Find register_sidebar() function (look first at functions.php file). Parameter before_widget should be like this: <li id="%1$s" class="widget-container %2$s"> </li> Attention to this part: id="%1$s"


Thanks for reporting this issue .. I will try to improve it in the future

Thank you sir

Works fine when widgets have a title, but as soon as i click “transparent” it wont function the same way. Thanks again ! looking forward for the next update.

Great theme man, excellent work out of all the ones i have tried on themeforest

I got a breadcrumb problem, it seems missing the category before the items. Can you give some advice to me how to correct set up breadcrumb?


Please provide URL of the page containing the problem to check it

Hi, I’m very interesting to buy this wonderful theme, only a question: can you activate this theme on a online test platform so we can log in to it and see the customization you have made and the theme setting section?

For me, for example, is very important to see what there is behind the layout before buy a theme.


Unfortunately, there is no online demo for the dashboard .. I will try to add it in the future

Hi, I have too the problem with twitter but I use only the social counter. In the twitteroauth.php I change on line 23 public $host = “https://api.twitter.com/1/”; by public $host = “https://api.twitter.com/1.1/”; and I can see the numbers of followers. I’m sure that mo3aser will make an update to fix this problem with twitter :) Regards


Yes Twitter stopped Api v1 .. this problem will be fixed in next version soon

Hello, congratulations your theme, is very good for my objective. Please, i want remove “VIEWS” the first page (HOME), how to make this? Please help-me? thanks.


edit functions/home-cats.php , functions/home-cats-wide.php , functions/home-recent-box.php and loop.php and remove this code

            <?php echo tie_views(); ?>

Hello! How can i add the review system to pages (not articles)?


It doesn’t support that .. it will added in the next version

Hi, thanks for your reply… do you know roughly when it will be released?

I am working on it and it will be available as soon as possible

hi, Can i make the add widget will be slider with multiple ads? is it possible?

thanks, bala


Unfortunately, theme doesn’t support that .

Hello my Friends

Very well done. I am completely new to this but your videos helped a lot…

NotwMy home menu the color is not red like on your sample.

Also the social widgets only the RRS is showing.

My website is: www.walinews.com

a video on how to place the widgets and add banners would greatly help.



- You can change theme colors from Tiepanel > Styling

- You can add your social accounts from Tiepanel > Social Networking