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tecmoc Purchased

Hi!, I just purchased Jarvis HTML, it´s a great theme, very well documented, but I have an issue with portfolio section, I hope it could be something simple to fix, when I click on a portfolio item, it doesn’t open the detail, instead keeps the waiting animation and this message “The Content cannot be loaded.”, what do I do?, I haven’t edited anything yet. Other thing, I registered on your forum, but the mail response doesn’t arrive yet. Thanks.

Can you check Spam folder ?? Sometimes it goes straight to the spam folder for few users.


tecmoc Purchased

Yes, I checked spam folder and it isn’t there, do you have some e-mail adress where I can send you images and my purchase code? Or please tell what we do, because we need portfolio working in order to make the site. Right down is the message I get when I try to insert my purchase code again. The problem is that I don’t have the email confirmation to enter to the forum, I can’t access to the forum to open the discussion. Thank you again.

Can you ping me with your username on I’ll create a new user for you manually.

Hi RockNRollaDesigns, looking at this theme to purchase but i wanted to ask a question about something i want my site to do and if it is possible to do with this theme and how can it be done. I want to have a landing page with two options with two links to two similar pages that have sections. This two pages are going to be very similar (almost the same) but with a couple of different sections. It seems (from what i can understand) that the definition of the pages that are going to be sections can only be defined for one page? es that correct? Am i making sense?


Yes that is correct. The entire pages can be set as sections but you cant have similar pages inside the same theme.

Hi, and thanks for the reply. Im having trouble understanding if what i want can be done. Im gonna try to explain one more time because i dont think i made myself crear…correct me if im wrong.

I have page “Option” wich is the one with the choice. This page has to links, one to “PageA” and other to “PageB”

Then i have “PageA” and “PageB” wich are made from several pages.

“PageA” made of pages: A, C, D and D. “PageB” made of pages: B, C, D and E.

I was made to believe that the definition of the sections of the Front Page is “singular”...i mean….it can only be done for one page made of sections (not two different pages made of different sections). I want to have two Front Pages.

Can this be done? How?

thanks in advance

If i upload the theme on my server i get a blank white page without content, how can i fix it?! i already configured the twitter scripts


Can you send me link to your site?? or a file to I’ll look into that.

How do I remove the preloader?? It takes ages and looks really bad! Please help.

And how do I stop the content from showing before the preloader starts?

This is the site

Can you send me file to to I’ll update that.


Pampullo Purchased

I Would like to change the information about a invoice already created. Is it possible ?

I don think this is possible. You need to contact Envato regarding this.