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Hi! One pre purchase question…

If I buy jarvis theme, all photos, texts, elements, shortcodes and plugins that are seen in the demo are included in the payment theme, right?

I need all of this element cause I have no time to make everything and want to change only text and pics, but need the other items…

The same home that is seen in live demo web is included too? With the same elements?


Yes absolutely, what you see is what you get. Looking forward for your purchase. Any queries after the purchase, register in our forum with your username and purchase code and we’ll help you out there. Thanks for your time. :)

Hello, I should like to know how to work with internal links or bookmarks. I want a ‘service box’ to link to an item lower on the page. It works, but it opens the website in a new window (on the exact bookmark, but in a _blank). This is the line of code: [service_box animation=”fadeInUp” title=”Wij kunnen bewijzen wat we zeggen: bekijk de metingen” icon_type=”font” icon=”fa-bolt” url=”#metingen”] What do I have to change? thank you! dirk

Hey dirkpanier, register in our forum, post your topic and send us your site link and credentials via private reply comment. Needs minor tweak. We can help you with that. Thank you. :)

Want to remove the loading class (displays the 100% buffering transition), what is the name of the class? Thank you for your help.

Can you send me login info to I’ll set it out for you :)


IPN2014 Purchased

Emailed login information looking forward to getting the pre-loader issue resolved. Also noticed a tile animation on featured image I’d like to remove, saw an option to disable under attributes, but this had no impact on the tile animation. Please advise how we can disable. Thank you for your help.

Replied you via mail. Please check :)

Hey RockNRolla! Great theme! Thanks! I had just two question for now.

1. I just want 1 team member in the Team section. This team member is aligned to the left, how can I get this in the center of the page?

2. I made a ‘full width image’ section like you said on the Jarvis WP Help page, but the image won’t scroll. How can I fix this?

Thanks, Kasper

Hey TriProductions,

You need to create parallax section for the parallax effects. Create a new page and set page as parallax section. Add it in the menu and you’re good to go. :)

Also, Please register in our forum for support related queries.

Thank you and Happy New Year. :)

Thank you very much! And a happy new year!

Sure and a happy new year to you too :)

Author said to remove the 100% animation it was a one step process, but never explained what the process was. Please explain. Thank you!

You need to go to theme options in general settings and you will find option to disable the preloading. Select that and save options and that will do it.

just updated wordpress and now my website is a blank white page… when is new jarvis coming out?

Can you share login info to I’ll look into that, Usually it works just fine in the latest Version of wordpress.


Opossumi Purchased

Hi, there is no any ready-made slider. I have installed theme and imported demo data. How do I get similar slider like your “full screen slider”?


Opossumi Purchased

Instead of slider there is this text: “Private: Mijireh secure checkout” and “checkout {{mj-checkout-form}}”. Nice.

Hello there and thank you for your purchase :)

Have a look at our online :

We provided step by step instructions on how to Setup a Front page :

Also, Full screen slider setup here :

That should do the do the job for you and also after setting up frontpage, once save theme options and it will load the home section.

However, If you still haven’t figured it out, I’d be happy to help set it up for you if you can send me login info at


Opossumi Purchased

Thanks guys. It was “home” section that was missing :)


I bought this theme a while ago. I’ve recently tried to get Slider Revolution to work with it. I’ve followed the specific instructions but I still can’t get it to work.

Could you take a look at my site?

Hi, i made a profile over there. But I couldn’t find a way to create a new post. I followed all of your directions for the slider revolution but it wouldn’t work. Could you please give me more information or email me at

In forum, you need to select a category first to create a new post :)

Can you send me login info to I”ll look into that and solve it for you.

Hi, thank you so much for the extra service. I will email you now


Opossumi Purchased

Hi, I’m using jarvis child theme. I need functions.php to work in theme, but seems like it’s not taking any effect. How to solve this? Thaks :)


Opossumi Purchased

And also I need custom footer. Can I do like normally in wp, adding a footer.php to child theme?


Opossumi Purchased

Also child theme’s style.css doesn’t seems to do nothing???

Hey Opossumi,

Please register in our forum with your envato username and item purchase code for support related queries.

Thank you and Wish you a Happy New Year :)

Is there a way to link back to the main page from a different page on mobile devices? The “home” selection is already selected on mobile devices so people can’t get back to the main page that way.

This option is already there right? If you are in any section or page. You can always select home from the menu and get redirected to homepage.

Guys, I’m sorry if you find my review upsetting or distressing in any way. Your support has not worked for me at all – you should’ve mentioned in your reply that I’ve resolved the issue myself and posted the solution for other users. Since then I’ve been contacted with help requests by other users who experienced issues with the theme. There is no way to open a ticket and your staff is very slow to respond (opened my ticket on April 26th and a staff member replied on May 3rd). My question about Vimeo background, which I posted on May 4th has been replied on June 2nd. I had lots of issues with the theme since, but instead of bothering with your support I decided to find the solutions myself or pay a dev to fix it for me. If there was a way to contact you privately – I would have done.

Hi Mrfrankowski,

We appreciate the feedback you have given us. It’s not upsetting or distressing in anyway. There have been delays with support in those months due to working on new update. We have taken measures regarding this issue. Anyways, we’re sorry the inconvenience you have faced.

Let us know if you have any other issues currently regarding our theme. We’re more than happy to help you out. Thanks for your feedback.

Happy New Year. :)

Hi, the Theme works fine for a long time. Now i´d like to update to php 7.0. Is the theme working with it? Thanks for the info! Greets!

I’ve tested in my localhost, No issues there. You can update it :)

Thx a lot! I will do so! :)

Hi, please check out

1 – I have just added a youtube video which wont start 13 seconds after like i have added to the coding link.

2 – there is now a huge margin between my menu and the video?



1. I’ve checked the link and for me the video shows up right from 0 seconds. I’ve tested on multiple browsers and same result. Try clearing cache and once try and let me know.

2. In the theme options > home settings…. set home section as Home without padding. There are 3 options – Fullscreen, Regular, Regular with padding.

That should do it.


Yes i have in the coding for the video to start 13 seconds in but it doesn’t work.

Also I changed the video to regular with padding and it adjusted the screen well, however it not doesnt show the fall back image on mobiles? It is also now just left with a white screen?

Whats next?



Yes i have in the coding for the video to start 13 seconds in but it doesn’t work.

There will be another place in the script file where you need to change. That will do it. Somehow, the default script value is overwriting the current one if it is not directly assigned to body but instead to some container like I’ve used.

actually i buy the jarvis theme and it doesn´t have any demo, and can´t contact to support…how fix this???

I have purchased the Jarvis theme for wordpress and this does not have any demo, help me…thank you