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Hi, Ho to exclude paralax menus from footer menu? It shows me just in footer. Thanks

Can you send me your site link? Also, is this a pre-sale question since I can’t see the purchase button beside your name :)

Yes, I bought it in another my own account: bnor82. You can check it. I not use yet this theme because it is very slowly. But now I have a new project and I want to try it again. So can you send me the solution? Thanks, Norbert

Create a new menu just for for the footer and add only the links you want to put for display :)

Hello, how are you? I bought your theme yesterday, but only now I discovered that there is NO support for any type of “site builder” type plugin. This does not make sense to me because I will have several people altering and customizing the site.

I would like to cancel the purchase and have my money back, please.

I hope your understanding. Thank you.

I think your theme is good, but it’s not for a layman like me. It has a good design and I saw that its support is excellent. But it really is not what I expected.

Hello! I already sent an email, I already wrote here, I tried the Forum and I had no response. Not even an automatic response.

I will wait another two days and if I do not have any feedback from you, unfortunately I will have to enter the dispute in PayPal and here too.

Thank you.

Replied to your email. Please check :)


ddzc Purchased

Hi there! How can I edit the button text color? See image below. I looked all over for the option in the theme settings but couldn’t find it. Thanks!

Also, is it possible to change the black from the dark theme to a different shade of black. Thanks


ddzc Purchased

Great support!

Hello ddzc,

To change the dark theme to a different shade of black, you will have to update the CSS manually in dark.css file in theme_root/css folder. If you can mail me back at, I’ll guide you with the edited file with your preferred color.

About changing the icons in icon box, here’s the documentation for that:

Thanks, Having some issues with the homepage slider image, just sent you an email.


johpg Purchased

When is the update coming? Your last reply was end of first week of June. Surely it must be soon?

Yes. The update will be soon, am sorry for the delay but our demo design guys are making the demos. Once that is done, we will notify in support forum.

Can i move the map on the home page to the contact us page?


Ah it is actually a part of the template so no. But, our new version that we are making right now has that option as shortcode so you can use it anywhere. It will be out soon in a week or 2 :)

Hi there,

Is there any composer compatible with the theme or you’re using your own? and this new theme version mentioned in the last comment, will it be compatible with wordpress v.4.8? it seems you didn’t update the theme since the 4.6 one…


Our next update is going to be 100% visual composer compatible. It’s a work in progress and will be rolled out in another month. We wanted to release it much faster but it’s taking more time than we expected. The current jarvis will work with 4.8 update without any issues :)