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I have registered with my purchase code but I can’t post anything on your “support” website. Do you plan on making a “real” mobile menu? The current one opens like a select box and that is far from a great user experience. If you are not planning on doing so I will implement my own menu, or am I missing any option to change it? Thanks in advance for your answer.

Login to the forum, and visit this link

You can see a form below where you can post your topic. Thank you. :)

Yes, we are planning on better mobile menus and already working on the update, but it will take us time. We’ll try our best to deliver the update in the next two months. Thanks for your time and purchase. :)

hi i have purchase this theme i whant to migrate the demo installation ?

Mail us at with your website link and login credentials. we can setup a free demo installation for you. :)

Thanks for your purchase. :)

The Home Full Screen Slider is designed for full width as I understand. How can I control the height of the slider so the title ‘Programs That Inform and Transform’ below the down arrow is visible. Basically want to decrease the height by about 100px.

Thank you.

Are you saying Revolution Slider is included with Jarvis? I don’t see it.

Under Appearance->Install Plugins. You can Install Revolution Slider. Documentation for Revolution slide and sample slider templates are included in the download package too.:)

Hello Jarvis Team

I recently bought your product and love it. But I am having couple of issues:

1. I want to use your Column to design a lay out. How can Create 4 column layout or 6 column layout each other.

2. I want show image caption in lightbox. I could not find the image caption option to display it. Here is the screen shot:

please give me solution asap. Thank you

Hey, Can you please register in our forum with your item purchase code and post your topic over there. Our support staff will take care of you. It would be easy for us to send you code and recommendations over there. Also, after posting your topic, send your site credentials via private reply. Thank you. :)

Why is this background slider still showing up behind the Revolution slider? It doesn’t even exist. The slides have been removed from Home FullScreen Slider Options

The problem is obvious on full width.

I found this CSS which helped. I’m trying to show the H1 on desktop widths.

.tp-revslider-mainul { max-height: 100% !important; }

Please confirm these settings if I want Revolution Slider to show on home page.

Home Layout Type > Regular Home Section Content Type > Revolution Slider

Frontpage > Frontpage Template Assign current page as > Select a section Home Revolution Slider/ Revolution Section Slider > No slider

Extraordinary Golf page (first in nav) > Default template Assign current page as > Revolution slider section Home Revolution Slider/ Revolution Section Slider > Home tiles

jknetdesign, we request you to upgrade your support pack and register topic in our forum for continued support. we only handle pre-sales queries over here. We can take a look into your issue via forum coz we would need your credentials to look into your issue. Do renew your support. Thank you. :)

When is the update coming? In Oct 2016 you said “asap”. Surely it must be soon?

Hi, I am trying to get to your support forum and when I entered my purchase code, it said that it has been already used. It does not find my email when I am trying to recover the password. My username is fx7solutions. Can you check what email is set for this account?

Ok, so how I am supposed to receive email to jakub@fx7.couk? I can only receive email to

I’ve reset your email and password sent it via mail. :)


How can I set the carousels as autoplay? too important :( thanks


Hey. Can you send me a link to your site?? I’ll guide you exactly where to change it in scripts file.

.home-parallax .overlay, .home-fullscreenslider .overlay, .home-overlay { display:none; }

This doesn’t seem to work? Can you help?

no need of that. You can go to theme options > general settings and scroll down where you will find an option to disable parallax overlay.

If you want to remove only for home section, use this code

.home-text-wrapper {
  background: none;

durrock Purchased

I am using the homepage video background option. How do I create an alternative still background to display in mobile? Right now it’s just a blank slide with the logo in the middle.

All you have to do is add a featured image in the edit page and it will show in mobile :)


durrock Purchased

Thank you! ALSO, how do I go about removing the dotted screen over the parallax images and videos?

Oh for that, go to theme options > general settings and scroll down where you find an option to disable parallax overlay. Do that and dotted screen will be gone :)

Hi, I can’t put video background on home page. I set the youtube link but nothing happens. Any solution please? Thks!


Hi, I can’t put video background on home page. I set the youtube link but nothing happens. Any solution please? Thks!