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PRE-SALE question: Do you have any Video Tutorials regarding how to edit this amazing template before I buy? thanks

It’s really easy to use once you understand how it works.. There are no video screencasts.. but you can check our helpsite here :

and our support forum will help you with your queries. if you have problem understanding how to use the theme. :)

Does this theme support Wistia and 3rd Party Video Hosts or only YouTube and Vimeo? Thanks

We haven’t tested with WIstia but there shouldn’t be a problem as far as I know.

No one answer from the support!...And i should renew the support licence???? I’m just trying to install the demo…when i will start to work with the theme so i will renew the support license, but for now i spent 59$ for nothing

Not the font Awesome, but the font you use in the “service section” on the home page

I’ve used it from this site :

you can download as images too and import more icons.

If you are in doubt to extend your support. My advice is not to do this. Initially when i bought this theme, the support was excellent. Fast qualitative responses. Currently there is not response for days on the support forum and the author also does not respond on direct e-mails.

Hey pcvnes, Replied to your posts in forum. Lemme know with the changes done.

Hello, the map of my web not shown, gives a problem with JavaScript. I put a ticket in your forum to see if I could solve the problem, but still do not know anything. I have updated the theme of your theme. Please, I have more than 1 month with this problem and don’t give me a solution. I they will be able to fix?

Can you send me login info to I’ll update that. We’ve talked in the forum too, if you sent the login info there, then ignore this, I’ll directly continue discussion there.


amycotta Purchased

LOVE this template… I’m trying to update and it won’t update to newest version. I went on the support site and although I log in… it won’t allow me to post my issue. Please help. Thank you.

Can you send me login info to I’ll look into that. About support site posting, you need to select a category first and at the bottom, you will find a form to post query :)


howardpw Purchased

Hi there, does this theme have a countdown timer built in? So, similar to how the ‘milestone box’ works, but a countdown? If not, is it something you can add?

No it does not. But, you can use a custom plugin that allows that feature.

Hi great Theme!!

Thank you @fenjo1972 :)


Q: Can I have different footer on every page? Q: Can I decide to show/hide footer area per page?


No, this feature isn’t available.

Is it ok to update to 4.6? Thank you

Yes it is safe to update for latest wordpress version.

Hi guys,

Hopefully this is the right place for my questions. I’m looking up some templates for a client and wanted to ask two things to be sure:

Am i able to build a frontpage which fully consists of 100%-screen-height ‘blocks’ and parallax scrolling background images?

And if yes; is it also possible to use a image sequence or vimeo/youtube video as a background in (some of) these ‘blocks’?

Thank you.

~ Frank

Sorry, full screen height block applies only for the first section. The rest are the regular sections.

Hi, I took a month to find a solution to my problem and you still have not solved me. The support they have seems very bad, please check my ticket and help me to find the solution.

Can you update to new jarvis version?? That will surely fix the google maps issue.


ludwikc Purchased

What does this latest update cover?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
11 SEPT 2016 - version 3.7.3
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
+ Added : New Revolution Slider Plugin update
# Fixed : Google Maps New Issue Fixed
# Fixed : BLANK PAGE issue fixed
# Fixed : Twitter issue fixed
# Fixed : Portfolio load more button color issue fixed
# Fixed : other minor css/js issues

This is what we’ve fixed in the new update


crucible Purchased

Does the latest update fix issue with latest version of wordpress? I get this error in WP admin since latest WP update:

deprecated since version 4.5.0! Use add_menu_page() instead

Hey crucible, We’ve just checked with our latest version. We have no problem regarding this. Which version of theme are you using and in which page is this error being displayed?

I found the issue, had to do with WP debug mode. Solved.

I’ve been trying to install the demo content but the site still doesn’t look like the demo.. i can’t enter the forums because when i register i won’t receive any email with my login info please help!

hey mellamayne, We’ve answered your topic in the support forum. Thanks for your purchase. :)

Hello, how I can order the portfolio as I like? Thanks!

in Jarvis 3.6.1 I want to +add items to a Menu but there are no pages listed in the pages dropdown.

Hey guys, Woo commerce responded and said this is a “bug in the theme”, wondering if we could get update that fixes this. Thanks guys, details here: