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Hello, when you will release the new update?

The new update is out with compatibility to latest Woocommerce 3.3 and wp 4.9 versions. Please check.

Hello, I can’t upload the demo data. How can I do ???

Can you send me your login info at I’ll set it up for you.

When I download the latest 3.9 update the extracted folder is named v3.8, but the changelog.txt file says it is 3.9. Also you have not updated the changelog.txt file on the Envato salespage

Already sent up the new version update. Thanks for the feedback johnpg. New update will be available in an hour or even lesser depending on how fast they approve the update queue.

fixed – thanks for quick action

Latest version 3.9 doesn’t load Google fonts over HTTPS when using Chrome. This is because the includes/googlefonts.php file has HTTP hardcoded into the Google fonts link. This needs to be removed.

Already sent up the new version update. Thanks for the feedback johnpg. New update will be available in an hour or even lesser depending on how fast they approve the update queue.

fixed – thanks for quick action

Appreciate your time for the feedback again :)

i notice there is an update, will this totally fuck my website or is it just a good update?

No this is a minor bugs fixes update. You can update it without any problems. Please be sure to clear browser cache once installed with the latest version.

Amazing theme! Thinking to buy it. I have on particular question. Is the YouTube OR Vimeo Header Video Mobile friendly? I was highly impressed by the way the whole screen is starting automatically with the HD Video. What bothers me is that when I watch that video (the youtube demo) from the laptop and I minimize the browser so I can mimic the mobile version, the video is working perfectly and is super mobile friendly. But when I open from my phone the YouTube Demo, no video appears on my telephone. So my question is, is the YouTube Demo applicable to mobile devices and can you tell me how could I test that before I buy the theme? It’s extremely important to me to see how the mobile video version will look like. Awesome job! And waiting for your answer!

Hey Vladimir4o,

As you know the videos on mobiles always open up as a popup video like youtube and video on fullscreen. That’s the reason we still haven’t been able to make that available for mobile screens yet. But there is a backup video poster you can add for mobiles.

Is there any option to show me how the video poster looks like on a mobile version? I’m asking these questions because I want to use a video trailer of my brand straight up to the top (Header) of the website and before I take your theme, I need to see how the video as a header will show up on the mobile devices.

I’ve already seen the laptop/desktop version and I’m brutally impressed by this style. Talking about the YouTube Jarvis option here.

What bothers me is how that would look like on the mobile version. So if I see the video poster as a header, that would be awesome!

Thanks in advance.

Hey, So can you check the youtube demo on a device now? I’ve added a video poster from the video I used as a background. That should give you an idea.

Demo data is not importing for me. This is based off a fresh WordPress install.

Failed to import pa_color Black Failed to import pa_color Blue Failed to import pa_color Gray Failed to import pa_color Green Failed to import pa_size Large Failed to import pa_size Medium

The entire lists of failed imports is way too long to post here. Can i please get some help with the demo data importing?

Can you send me login info at I’ll look into that and set up the demo for you.

I have emailed you my login details and I have also posted them in private on your support forums 6 days ago. I really need to get started on this project. Any idea when you will look into my data import issue?

Hi, I like your design!! Before buying, will this work on your template ?

Am not sure. We’ll have to check that out. WE have a new version rolling out anyway. So. I’ll check in that and let you know.

Hi all,

Can somebody told me how to change size “Logo for map” in contact tabs? I’ve been looking everywhere and I do not know.. :(


Any link to your site? Also, Have you purchased HTML or WP version of the theme?

The main image is not showing once i have uploaded the theme.

i mean the image of the building on your demo site

Can you send me your site login info? I’ll look into that. Send me at

hello, is it possible to mute the video after scroll down home slider?

it’s not possible with our current video scripts.

Hello. Can I know what’s happen with “Enter” in Home Page and all buttons in “Menu”? The buttons do not react to the anchors, the side does not scroll. I have not touched the page code for more than 11 months and suddenly the menu does not work. My page:

We purchased Jarvis Parallax theme for Wordpress two years ago and want to update it, but it is not in the Themeforest Download options. I can post the purchase code here if you want.

You could make the original code available in the “contact forms” field. I erased it by mistake.

Jarvis 3.9 and Simple Calendar – Google Calendar Plugin not working

We have submitted a support ticket in your forum and emailed direct. We’ve sent login credentials to you for you to attempt to resolve the issue directly on the website, as you requested in the forum on April 5 but have not heard back. Please advise.

Hi, Is the template compatible with Yoast or other SEO/schema plugins? Thanks!

Is there a shortcode or function in this theme to display the portfolio with the options set in the theme options? I’m thinking about purchasing but wondering if I can create a “portfolio page” and easily drop in a shortcode to output it like it does on the homepage?