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Hello, great work…. !!!!

please take a look on ythe blog site, here is a little mistake: Notice: Undefined variable: post_id in /nfs/c05/h05/mnt/157934/domains/ on line 15

greetings olli

@also on shortcode site….


Thanks for your feedback :)

Great Theme. GLWS!

Thanks themewaves :)

Hey, nice theme. Is it possible to use a video on the start page? Regards Andi

I Didn’t get that error during my installation. But yea, there is an error in that line. I contacted the plugin author. Will fix it :)

When you will upload a new Version?

Great Theme, want to buy it, before two little questions: 1. can I change my menu colors as I like, or only prescribed colors ?? 2. can I put my logo on the start page, or only text ??? Regards Mike

Thanks for your interest :)

1. Yes, menu colors vary between white, black and accent colored versions.

2. Yes, you can put your logo in the homepage.

Also, for reference sake, wordpress version of jarvis supports everything that is available in HTML version.

thanx i love the theme

When i save theme options the typo with Bebas font will disappear and no option for that in settings. Is it a bug or a feature?

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve checked it. Missed a line of code. I’ll update now. But if you are in a rush, I can tel you what to change :)

I rarely comment. Your work made me have to say that: “I love it”. :)

Thanks :) Really appreciate it :D

Love this theme but noticed the sort function was missing in the portfolio section. Will you be adding that in?

Yea you can enable and disable that :)

Now it’s available. Check it out.

last questions:

can i center the menu ??? love the theme, will buy it

Menu cannot be centered. May be we’ll add that in the future updates :)

Hi I install theme and work on but.. maybe im stupid.. impossible to found 2.1.3 Styling the sections: “Background Settings” and “Section Settings” metaboxes at the bottom. this not appear for me… where my mistake? Thanks

Other thing, slide between page don’t work, and all the page i add in menu work only if i check “Open as a Separate Page”....

If you were following documentation , then yes there was one screenshot or so that had our other theme’s screenshot where there were background settings.

But yea, This theme has only one metabox names “Page Settings” in the edit section.

If you are having any other issues or queries, raise a post in our support forum and our support team will take care of it.

Hello, thank you for making this theme available for Wordpress, I’ve been eagerly awaiting it!

I just had one question: for the Portfolios page, is it possible to embed a slideshow (i.e. more than one image) per project entry? If that’s doable, it will be an instant purchase for me. Thanks!

You meant a slideshow for project single like this?!portfolio-item/sed-et-diam-mi

Then Yes. You can add vimeo, youtube videos too for your project entries.

Perfect! Thanks for the quick reply!

Hi, Just to reiterate an earlier post the font for Bebas has disappeared from the page titles…unless I’m doing something incorrect? The font is showing on the front page only. The typography section only allows 19px. Plus error showing up on Revolution Slider.

The update should be out in a couple of hours :)

We’ve fixed the issues regarding those errors.

Hello, I am getting this error in installation Fatal error: Only variables can be passed by reference in /data/18/1/0/141/1652956/user/1782402/htdocs/home/wp-content/themes/jarvis/includes/metaboxes/inc/fields/file-advanced.php on line 103

Yes :)

We’ve fixed that. Update coming up. Already in the process Queue.

Awesome thanks!

You can download the latest update file now :)

hi there. i downloaded your theme and followed the instructions to upload the theme onto wordpress. the upload failed for these reasons:

Broken Themes

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

Name Description Jarvis 1.0 Template is missing.

not sure what’s up? please advise! thnx

You need to extract the downloaded file from theme forest and install the file present inside the extracted folder. i.e., use file for installation.

not sure what happened b/c i did do exactly what you said. anyway i did uninstall wordpress on my ftp and then re install and now it works! thnx

Looks great!!! Question – On the top, you have to know to scroll down to get to the menu. Some of my customers are not so knowledgable! Could you add a simple icon at the bottom of the picture to pull up the menu? Or is there a way to anchor the menu at the bottom of the image?

Well, this wasn’t the first time someone asked about this :D

That’s why we are providing 3 different variations of navigation menu.

1. That stays on the top of the page fixed no matter what.
2. That stays at the bottom of the homepage, but sticks to the top once u scroll past that.
3. Default menu that you are seeing now.

Okay :o). Thanks!!!


Great theme! I’m having some issues with font sizes and stuff, though. I imported the demo data and all of the headings fonts are TINY (like, really really small). And all of the fonts are set to Arial with only a few generic font choices to pick from. Not like your demo site.

Also, I cannot get the homepage revolution slider/fullscreen slider to work at all. Please help!


About the font sizes, it was a small errors. The fixed update will come in a couple of hours for download.

About revolution slider, once you’ve created a slider, go to the homepage and select the slider name.

After that, go to theme options > home settings and select the home type to regular and select Home Section Type as revolution slider.

Thanks – But it’s still not showing any slider. There isnt any home section on my site, actually (in the menu on the top). But when I look at Appearance > Menus, the whole menu is different there.

ok message me your site login info and i’ll set that up for you :)


i have 2 questions about the video on the startpage! Would it be possilbe: 1. to use a vimeo video.. without autoplay? 2. when i use the youtube video like it is possible now… there is no option for stopping the video etc. istn it?

Regards, Andi

Video Background is like a feature which is prefered to be autoplay as we did in the HTML version. If you want you can use the video shortcode instead. Video shortcode supports Vimeo as well as Youtube. :)

i tryed it with the shortcode… but it is not realy a soultion, case the video is too small… i would need the video Fullscreen… like the background-contet / like in your youtube version! Do you know a way to embedd it with 100% width and height?

I’ll try to add youtube/ vimeo background video features by Tuesday and update :)


I purchased the Jarvis – Onepage Parallax Theme. At the time of purchase, I thought it was a WordPress theme. I made some attempts to use the non-WP theme, but failed. Since I purchased the Jarvis – Onepage Parallax Theme, can I also obtain the Jarvis – Onepage Parallax WordPress Theme license without re-purchasing this theme. It appears to be identical.

Thank you.

Wordpress and HTML versions of the same theme vary in price levels. You can contact envato about this and promising them that you are buying wordpress version, they can refund your money on HTMLversion after the purchase :)