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Hi guys,

I didn’t bought the theme (my client did), so he is using the version 1.5. Does this version includes the ability to display the blog on front page like in the demo page? Like this one:

Because if I place the “blog ” page on the front-end, it will display nothing. It only works if I choose to show in separated pages.

I want to the 3 thumbnails of blog post and then have a link to the main blog. How can I do that?

1) There should be atleast three blog posts

2) Use this shortcode to display blog posts.

1) The “LOAD MORE POSTS” under the portfolio, is it possible to change that wording? If so, where is it?

2) Is it possible to create the “ARE YOU READY TO START A CONVERSATION?” Button under the portfolio? Currently I have my portfolio above my twitter parallax and I want to break it up with something. How can I create this button? I deleted it by accident :-)

1) When not all of my posts are loaded and I filter, the non loaded ones wont be filtered in UNLESS LOAD MORE POSTS is selected?

1) Open “portfolio_section.php” file in code editor. Scroll to bottom page of code, you can find text there. :)

2) You can add any code before
<?php wp_reset_query(); ?>
in the same file

3) button shortcode info here:

4) Few limitations in the script and no fix available. It uses two different scripts so yea the limitation exists.

Hi! Only one question.. I bought the version 1.5 and i want update it but I have no notice in my wordpress page, how can update to new version?


I was using the 1.3 version of Jarvis and I just updated it to the latest and it has wiped out the website. Have I done something wrong or am I going to have to restore the backup version in order to get back my old website.

You might experience few coz you’ve updated after long time, also update the wordpress version.

In above link, you can find solutions for few known issues.

Menu Styling doesn’t work.

I change the font size, and change desn’t appear on the site.

Mail us your credentials, ill check that for you. :)

Do not buy this theme. Bullets (unordered list) do not work and the support board has a ticket open since November 2013. Last response from support was 26 November. Today is 14 March and no answer or follow up.

you can use lists shortcode with custom font awesome icons for that.

Sorry if we missed any topic, send me the link.

What would be causing the parallax twitter section to show the icon and the “Follow Us on Twitter” text, but not the actual tweets?? Everything in the twitter category of the theme options is filled out completely including the username.

follow these instructions properly, it will be up and running.

Hey! very nice theme. I really interested to your theme and want to buy it. but is there any RTL support on this theme?

thanks :)

No RTL support.

Hi, i bought the Theme and developed the whole website.

I am a slightly disappointed that i dont get any answer in the support board of your rock n rolla page while you answer questions here just couple hours after somebody posted them. Maybe i can remind to help me here. Thats the link to your board. Thanks:

Replied your topic.

thx. I replied too,

Replied to your posts :)


I have bought this theme, but it’s not mentioned in the documentation what maps plugin is used in the demo. I would like to use it because it’s wide and responsive. Can you specify it?


Appearance->Theme Options->Contact Settings.

You can enable and provide details for the Google maps here. It’s gonna display in the contact section. :)

I had a problem with WPML, just sent a message. Please check it out and answer soon. Thanks a lot. R

Disable the Post Types order plugin and try WPML.

The support is horrible. Have been waiting 6 days for an answer and assistance. As if they just don’t care. Nice guys.

We replied your topic in forum ruoall. Asked you to send your credentials 3 days ago, but we haven’t received any yet. We cleared all our mails today.

I have replied on the support forum and again its been days without reply. Post your email address here please so that I can resend.

I Still did not receive any mail from you mate. Did you send it to

I noticed that when viewing my site in Firefox, it shows an archaic looking arrow over the nav icon that appears when the window is made smaller. It doesn’t do this in any other browser. Any ideas? -Here is a screenshot:

That will not be a problem in mobiles, small css fix, we’ll look into that. Thanks for reporting. :)

I recently bought this theme and since really busy to get at least some site up, started modifying the ready template pages.

The website works OK on my Mac Chrome but does not open anything on Android Chrome. Just get an error: “Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to” Since I work on the mobile industry, that would really be important!

Can you please try to help? Apart from this minor issue, the template is really great! The link was

1) I’ve checked in iPhone chrome works fine. 2) You seem to have commented something and haven’t closed it properly, this caused issue in site everything after the about section is in boxed layout. Check that.


I was searching for a while for this and I need your help. I know you can only insert full background images only in parallax section But With div and css background-image: url …. is it possible to do that on a normal section? In any way can we do that with css? In this example ( the creator used a background 2400×1040px and acted as a background image. Please advise and give me some hints on how possibly can we do that.

Thank you.

That is currently not possible directly but we are adding a full width background image shortcode soon just like full width color shortcode. That will give you perfect way to use the images instead of parallax :)

hi, my client bought your theme and create a nice website, but they have 1 problem, they would like that the scrollbar on the right always is visible, in every browser. you have a solution ?

There website is :

It is visible in all browsers by default. We never changed that.

No, now it disapears after a few seconds, i must be there always

Any screenshot you can show related to this?? :)


How can i create a link that scrolls down in this theme? Thanks!

for home section or in general??

If its the scroll on clicking home logo, then its automated to scroll to second section.

If you want a link to scroll, add a class “scroll-to” to that link and it will smooth scroll :)

Ex :
a href="#about" class="scroll-to">Go to about section

If its for button, then add an attribute scroll=”true” and it will scroll :)

Congrats for the theme guys ! Looks amazing :D I’m a complete noob with wordpress and parallax & i was wondering :

Once the theme is installed, Will it create the one page parallax by itself or will i have to create it myself ? I’d like for more information before trying the experience :)

Thx !

We provided a demo xml file which on importing will give you the exact look like our demo. That should help you to kick start on your presentation. We also provided extensive documentation for creating and changing all pages and settings :)

i wrote an email to you with my login infos. i wrote it yesterday around 28hours ago from this post here. From my personal email. Please please please fix my issue with the portfolio…

I replied you and the fix has been made :)

Thanks! This is the best theme support and service i ever seen in the world. A+

Hello. I purchased your theme but I don’t find the revolution slider. Do I have to install it? Do I need to purchase it?

Thanks in advance.

Once you activate, go to appearance -> install plugins.

In that install revolution slider.

Then go to plugins tab and activate the revolution slider :)

Excelent! Thank you very much for your help!