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Hi, Is there .po file in this theme, if I want to translate without WPML?

Yes we provided the translation files(.po file) too.

Hello RocknRolla, I think I have found a small bug. When I use testimonial slider, the active link on the menu is slightly buggy on that section. You can see it in your demo too, Portfolio ( and pages under it) became active on the menu before we reach the correct section. This becomes very obvious when we have a very long testimony. I did a workaround by putting in fix height on the testimonial slider. Would you be able to take a look? Thank you so much. Great job as always. Cheers, Mel.

Thanks for the feedback :)

I’ll check and fix that in the new update :)

There’s a bug within the Portfolio section.

The category tabs are showing, but they do not directly link accordingly to the categories.

All the portfolio categories and portfolio items have already been added.

Please do advise, thank you.

any link to your site??

Hi, I just updated the theme from 1.5 to 2.2 and now the “theme optons” tab will not display any of the theme customization options. It just shows a blank white page for each tab…please advise.

Try this. That will help :

If you still could nto fix it, send me your login info at and i’ll fix it for you :)

hello, I’m really interested to buy this item, but but i need to know if there is any way to use: - IDX listing for real-estate; - mortgage calculator; - specific search bar house, above entry slide. - galery (when you put the mouse above gallery appears Price and locate, like this one

many thanks for your help.

Sorry, we haven’t tested our site with that plugin. Also that has been customized to get that look in their site :)

Our theme is compatible with woo commerce.

HI, I purschased my theme to jarvis 2.2 but the buttons doesn´t work, y put the permalinks to post name.

This is the website

Deactivate plugin and check which one is causing it.

solved, thanks

HI, the contact form doesn´t appear, do you know why?


Sorry about the mandatory removal of the default contact form for new version. Here’s how you create form for new version :

The look of the older contact form will be updated today. I’ll notify once it is ready to use :)

thanks. solved

Hi, i try to use the “full_width” shortcode but it doesn’t work, the background color finish in the middle of the page.. why? it depends on the content?


Sorry, but i don’t understand….also if i create a new page, with shortcodes in the text version of the editor and not the visual version, it doesn’t work :(

send me login info at I’ll see what I can do to fix it :)

Hello I updated to 2.2, but not, my post types order doesn’t work. After I updated, it re-arranged all of the portfolio items to the publish date, and it overrides the re-order from the plugin. I tried deleting and re-installing, but it still is not working. Any ideas?


Usually that does not happen. I’ll check in my site once and see if it’s causing the same problem there too :)

Hello, my site doesn’t look right with IE.When you scroll to the bottom, a part from the home section is showing.While with Firefox and Chrome there is no problem Here’s the link Thank you

Did you select a color for footer in theme options?? Try adding a color and check once. if it still doesn’t work, send me login info at and i’ll fix it :)

Hi guys,

I don’t know if this question was already asked, however I am trying to have WPML plug-in running with your template but everytime I enable it the sites stops working, I mean your template.

Do you know why? Can you tell me how to configure it with your theme?

Thanks for all, Ruben

About that, is the post type reorder plugin activated?? That’s one issue we’ve been facing recently. We contacted them for a fix.

Usually, this is how you setup the WPML in our site :

Hello friends, when i purschased my theme to jarvis 2.2 the contact form doesn´t appear too, i just updated the theme from 1.5 to 2.2 and now and now the “theme optons” tab will not display any of the theme customization options, the same problem described by the other users, many bugs to fix. Please, help!

Thanks, Caio.

Sorry about the mandatory removal of the default contact form for new version. Here’s how you create form for new version :

The look of the older contact form will be updated today. I’ll notify once it is ready to use :)

Hello guys,

I spotted another change. Some shortcodes changed the default font in this new version 2.2, was the case of the contact box and parallax quote, the previous source was oswald can fix??

Thanks, Caio.

Now we added an option for parallax fonts selection for headings and content. Check it in typography options only :)

You can change to any font you want.

Just recently purchased and cannot find “”. Doesn’t seem to be included within any of the folders?

I also keep getting a plugin install fail for the revolution slider

the child theme is in the same folder as the theme folder itself (package/upload folder). Installation fail happens since you already have older version installed. Delete the older version in plugins and install the new version :)

I need to make the page navigation (scroll) run page by page without having the previous image on the top of the screen until I start to see the next image…

How can I do this?

Sorry that’s not possible with our theme.

than I would like a refund, please.

you need to contact envato regarding this. It’s not in our hands.


Tried to find help with this on forum but couldn’t. Please help…

I used this theme to create this website –

I then transferred it to a new hosting space and domain – Now the folio is not working and the blog isn’t connected either?

Do you know what could of happen and can you advise how to get it functioning properly again please?


Was your old site based on wordpress too??

What issues you were having regarding the import. Could you mail me at regarding this?? I’ll take it from there :)

hi, can jarvis slider can have a mix of pictures and video ?

Sorry, not possible. Only pictures. But we included revolution slider where you can use videos and images together :)

Hi Guys,

Great theme by the way. I’ve installed everything including the dummy content and everything seems to be working fine except one issue. The functionality to show the portfolio items within the frontpage however isn’t working for me. The page jumps down a little and I get a a spinning black wheel. Nothing loads regardless of wether it’s a video portfolio or slider one. I tried creating a new portfolio item and that didn’t work either. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

HI, I would like to know, if I have a Home Video is it possible to not auto play it?? (it is a youtube vid). Thanks

Sorry, that is not possible with the script we are using.


Congrats on the theme! Just what I was looking for. Can you help me find the .po file? I need to translate the team members hover text.


Then you will find “view profile” text in po editor. Don’t know which line but its a big list.

Ok, I’ll take a deeper look into it and get back to you. Thanks a lot!