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Hi dear team, is there a possiblity not to show the transparent grid in the /home slider anymore? Link:

Thank you.

yea, just use the following css code and paste it in custom css.

.home-parallax .overlay, .home-fullscreenslider .overlay, .home-video .overlay {
  display: none !important;

How can you keep wordpress’s admin bar and the menu bar of the theme from overlapping?

There isn’t. But no need to worry as the viewers won’t see any admin bar.

The home section overlay is not working when viewed in IE. The overlay IS working on other parallax sections.

I have viewed this with IE9 on Vista and IE11 on Winodws 7 & 8. This is happening on your demo site at: and also on my client’s site at

I have created a forum topic about this and am hoping that commenting here will get the problem addressed quickly, because I need it fixed for my client.

Hey, thanks for the feedback, i’ll fix it in the new update :)

Is there a CSS fix I can implement now, rather than having to wait for an update?

Update’s gonna be out by 2morow.


Does jarvis theme support multisite (for 2 languages)?

Is it possible to have menu on the first page too, on full screen slider example:

Does it support multi galleries? How many images can you have in a gallery that it will not slow down?

Yes our theme supports WPML. It also supports multi site functionality. Yes menu position can be changed to any of top or bottom of first page or the begin of second page.

No, out theme does not support multi galleries.


Great theme!

Can portfolio image sizes be altered to show flyer size/different sizes? Please advise as I noticed you’ve uploaded all images of the same size here.


Sorry about this but ANOTHER THING lol… How do I make the subscription form mobile responsive like yours?

How do I activate style switcher? I want tomato colour… Help pls

Demo XML Setup:

Solid BG Color: Each section has unique ID, you can add custom styling for the parallax section and add it into Custom CSS.

Mailchimp Setup:

Reponsiveness is handled automatically. Styling can be done via theme options. Thanks for your purchase. :)

Hi, can you upload a few printscreens from the theme-adminpanel? Can i change the CUSTOM colors of the layout in the admin? Or only by CSS?

You can change the accent color, typography and many other options via theme options. Anything which isn’t available in theme options, you can always add your own styling into Theme Options->Custom CSS.

Here’s screenshots for theme options:

Home 15 also Come with WP files or not .

Yes, it does. After purchasing the theme you can follow up the instructions here to get that look:

Is there someone who can set this up for me? I have it installed. I tried to register on the support site but never got a confirmation email.

Your account hasn’t been registered. Follow these instructions:

1) Find Item Purchase code:


3) Register with your themeforest username(in your case ‘pastorcarl’) and item purchase code

Just did it for the second time

Okay, haven’t you received any mail.?? Mail us your License certificate via mail through the form in our profile page. We’ll set up for you. :)

Help needed ! My website has disappeared and i now have a blank page. Was supposed to release it today so its really urgent

Blank page… again ! Reset the theme options but still not ok

Mail us your credentials, We’ll take a look into your issue. :)

Hi – I have a client who has this theme and doesn’t want to change the theme, but wants to change it to multi-page instead of a one page scrolling site, so when you click on the menu items, separate pages open up. Is this possible with this theme?


You can have separate pages but there are limitations. Parallax, Portfolio sections cannot be set in separate pages. You can have normal content in separate pages.

Hi, I have installed your theme and followed the instruction to get the text slider working but it doesn’t show. It still shows a quote.

Have added the shortcode, changed the regular with padding and full width as it states in the documentation.

Can you advise? thanks

I upgraded this theme and the admin options panel no longer displays. Do you have any suggestions?

Have you followed this: ?? If not let us know, you may lose the options data if you haven’t followed the instructions in above topic.

Hi again RockNRollaDesigns,

Thanks for your response. I’m in need of some help though…

1) I have no coding knowledge so I can’t do the custom css for the tomato style backgrounds. Can you please provide me with some help or at least the code to enter? I thought the theme came with this set up.

2) My mailchimp set up looks like yours on my computer but on mobile it looks different to yours. Not like responsive. Do I need to upgrade to pro?

3) Can you please give me the short code for the pricing tables because I want to replace the service tables with these.

4) Contact form: Do you have the code for the mailchimp demo version contact form? The one I’m seeing is slightly different.

Thanks guys. Hope to hear from you soon.

1) Navigate to Appearance->Theme Options->General Settings. Change the accent color to your desired color code, for tomato it’s #FF6347

2) No need to upgrade, It should be similar to this one in the demo site:

3) Update the theme to the latest version available, instructions over here: because pricing table is a new feature added.

Pricing Table Code here:

4) We are using the same code as available here for mailchimp:

I don’t see the new update v.2.3 – when I download I’m getting the same one I have

Sorry about that, there was internal issue with the update. So we reuploaded again 92% processed. Should be out by 2morow.


For both myself and at least one other person another theme by this developer (Versi), for no apparent reason, broke, after months of working fine.

We both contacted support who assured us it would be fixed but then, after days wait, pushed back to ask US to reinstall fresh.

We both tried reinstalling core files, fresh theme files, backups…nothing worked (except using twenty twelve- so the site itself is fine).

The other buyer Logangorilla – waited a week for support to fix but couldnt wait longer so now has gone and purchased another working theme called ALPINE – which is probably what I will do to. It looks similar but has better functionality and obviously WORKS!

For me it has been 5 days of my site being completely down at a critical point in my business.

Check my buying history – Im not a newbie and well aware themes can and do go wrong – that is to be accepted. But when a theme’s developer/support delay and shirk all responsibility to fix the theme’s problem it’s probably not a great idea to buy their theme.

A word of warning.

Fixed the issue via mail . Please check it :)

Thank you for fixing the issue

Hi there, Second time in two days that I have a blank page instead of the website and now running late for the official launch. Fixed the problem yesterday when it happened for the first time by resting theme options. Now I dont see what to do… I urgently need help

Fixed the issue. Check your mail. Thanks for your patience. :)

Thank you so much for your help ! Great service

Great. Good luck with your site :)

After upgrading, had an absolute mess…All content bunch at the top of the page, missing admin. Had to move on to another theme. Hope y’all get things worked out, as the style of the theme is really great….Just need functionality and support to match. Best of luck!

Did you check out the info we posted on helpsite?? There were a couple of changes we made for new version. We will help you out in fixing that for you :)

Our theme is working better than the earlier versions with fixed issues now.

Hi there, me again :)

I managed to get rid of the grid on the home section image with this code I found here .home-parallax .overlay, .home-fullscreenslider .overlay, .home-video .overlay { display: none; }

But since I’ve upgraded to the 2.3 version it no longer works ? Is it normal or am I doing something wrong

Thank you for your help

There was an issue with the overlay not working in IE for others. So we changed a bit of code for that.

Here’s the new code

.home-text-wrapper {
  background: none !important;

How do I upload the upgraded version without it affecting anything? :)

What’s the current version you’re using?

Version 1.5.

Hello Rock, i have upgraded to 2.3 and the transparent grid re-appered…. i have already this code on custom css

.home-parallax .overlay, .home-fullscreenslider .overlay, .home-video .overlay { display: none !important; } how to not having it again?

mmm i t hink the correct code is this .home-text-wrapper { background-image: none !important; }

your code not working it is correct?

both will work as long as there is a ”!important” after none.

ok perfect thank you


great theme and good job! But since I updated, I lost my contact form, is there any way to retrieve it somehow? I’ve tried to insert my Contact Form 7 sting, which works, but the button is not quite as nice.

Any input?

Use the code in step 2, copy it, go to dashboard and in the sidebar, you will find “contact”, click on that and go inside forms and select one that you are using, it the inputs field, paste this code and save it. That should give you the look :)

Thanks, but there has to be a bug somewhere, I still have that ugly button lol

Yea, regarding that make sure you update the theme to latest version i.e., v2.3. Use the code which is provided in this link

You will get the contact section like our demo here: