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Nice work! GLWS! ;)

Thank you, good luck :)

Nice work! Are you a persian really?

Thank you :)

You’re welcome,but you didn’t answer me!are you a persian? (live in Iran,or speak persian?)

yes, good luck

Hi, I like this template quite a bit and am considering buying it but I notice that on your demo version when previewing it will type over the main image does not scaled-down proportionally as it responds two different screen sizes. Is this something which can be fixed?

Hi, thank you, but can you tell me more about this issue, I can not see any problem, if there is a problem I will solve it.

good luck

I am sorry but I don’t know how to install your template. I tried via FTP replacing original elements in folder of jasper theme with yours but nothing happens… Sorry but I m a beginner :-(

Thanks you but I read it before several times. Look I explain you what I do and if you note something wrong tell me.

First I download Jasper 3-1 theme, I unzip the downloaded file and I install the jasper folder in wp-content/theme

After thar I download your template, I unzip the downloaded file and install your jasper folder in wp-content/theme

My FTP substitute all the original elements of the original Jasper theme by your template elements.

It’s correct


yes it is true, you should put jasper folder in the theme folder.

Please from my profile page form send me site url, username and password. I will check it.

Also send ftp username and pass


Just a few of questions:

1-Have you noticed that the H1 headings dont conserve the theme’s font on IE11? (they are displayed as Times New Roman) 2-Is there any way to remove the hover effect on the services heading if no link is specified? 3-How can I achieve the parallax effect within a multipage page? Is there a short code?

1- unfortunately I have not IE11 and did not test it but IE most of time work in different way. may be need to call font on usual way.

short way (theme use now):
<link rel="stylesheet" href=",i,b,bi|PT+Sans:n,i,b,bi">
usual way:
<link href='' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>
<link href=',700italic,400,700' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>

2- when you remove “a” tag (link tag) theme heading will lost hover effects. (have not any html knowledge?)

3- you put comment on the template version then tell me what is your purpose clearly, now I did not understand, did not customize it yourself?

good luck

Thanks for your quick answer.

1-I will try the usual way. What file is the one to that must be changed ? 2-I have a little HTML knowledge. Unfortunatelly, when the short code of “service 2” is used, the “a href” is automatic inserted. I have no control over this.

3-please, check my develoment site: You will see that the mouseover effect on the title of the services appears, even when no link is defined within the page content. Now Look at the footer. When the “client” and “quote” are used, they are not displayed correctly.

About the parallax effect, please check the page that I made using your HTML template here: I could like to slit it on a WP multipage site, so my question is …How can get the clients carrousel to be show OVER a parallax photo, just like in the section?

Hope I have made myself clear.

Cheers, and keep up the good work!

Happy holydays!

Hi, as I can see you have wordpress version not site template while you put your comment on the template version and I was wrong.

Ok, 1- you can find it in the header.php (around line 28)

2- go to includes > misc > shortcode.php and open it and go to service 2 section, and find heading line and remove “a” tag
<h2><a href="'.$href.'" title="">'.$title.'</a></h2>
3- I cant see “quote” but yes client is not correct, indeed as usually these designes to use in the content section not footer, but I think for solve this, you need add this for ”.clients li” in the style.css
background-image:none !important;
and for ”.clients.border li” add ”!important” like this
background:url(images/divider.png) repeat-y !important;

In the wp version use shortcodes in the parallax section to have desired content.

good luck

Hi there, I can not install the theme through Wordpress I receive all the time the following error message. That his is Stylesheet.

Please advice what to do.

Hi, you purchased site template, you must purchase wordpress theme from this url:


so i need both or at the end I can only use the 3 in 1 theme to install it ?

for wordpress you need only wordpress theme

Hi, can you please tell me, is it possible to change the color of the menu when the navigation switches to responsive view? Right now its a white bar under the image when it switches to responsive view on a mobile device, is that color changeable?


Hi, in responsive it convert to drop-down menu then NO, there is no any option in theme for it.


Houston, we have a problem!

On the portfolio/ gallery, when we click in a certain menu, the photo bellow (parallax) appears repeated/ split. It also happens in your site preview. I already purchased it, but i’m not happy with this bug.

Can you solve it?

Hi, this is not issue, it is usual on all parallax effect (this due to change upper section height – when you back to all menu you can not see this issue because this is initial value), you can check it on other template or theme.

good luck

very nice work. good sales;

Thank you

Is it possible to change the font and color change?

Hi, yes you can change font and color

Hi I have purchased the theme and now I’m unable to install it due to a fail in the installation. WP doesn’t find style.css.

I have also tried uploading the folder jasper directly to the folder themes on my hosting.

What can I do?



Hi, you buy HTML template not WP theme, WP theme is here: