JD Shop - Advanced Hikashop Joomla eCommerce Template

JD Shop - Advanced Hikashop Joomla eCommerce Template

JD Shop is a one-stop solution Joomla 3.9 template for setting up an elegant, minimalistic and a versatile E-Commerce website with hikashop. Setting up an online website has never been this easy. Packed with numerous features, it is a very user-friendly and highly responsive E-Commerce Joomla template.

JD Shop comes with inbuilt blogging system so you can present your content to your website visitor with the help of K2 or EasyBlog. The theme is fully compatible with both leading blogging extensions K2 and EasyBlog. Its customized layout is capable to increase the readership and conversion rate on your website.

It’s easy to use and customize feature let you customize this template at any level and its adaptive nature lets you use any third party extension and it will be fully compatible with all major web browsers. It is designed with clean and lightweight code which makes its incredibly fast. So if you are planning to setup an online store or want to redesign your existing online webstore, JD Shop Joomla Template is perfect choice for you.

JD Addons

JD Sale Slider

JD HikaShop Categories

JD HikaShop Category

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Key Features

  • Drag and drop page builder
  • Advanced Hikashop Product search
  • K2 and EasyBlog integration
  • Fully Mobile friendly layout
  • Built on Helix 3 Framework
  • Cross Browser compatible
  • Lightweight and Fast Loading
  • Google Fonts & Fontawesome Support

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Change Log

22-Nov-2018 v1.4

Joomla version updated to v3.9.0
Helix3 version updated to v2.5.5
Quix Pro version updated to v2.2.1
SmartSlider3 version updated to v3.3.11
AcyMailing version updated to v5.10.4
K2 version updated to v2.9.0
EasyBlog version updated to v5.2.9
Bug Fix - Responsive improve
Bug Fix - Improved overrides
Removed - Akeeba Backup Core 5.6.0

1st Oct 2018: v1.3

Update - Joomla v3.8.12
Update - SmartSlider3 v3.3.7
Update - Quix Pro v2.1.3
Update - Helix v2.5.5
Update - K2 v2.9.0
Update - EasyBlog v5.2.9
Update - HikaShop v5.2.9
Update - AcyMailing v5.10.4
Bug fix - Improved JD HikaShop Category Element
Bug fix - Improved JD HikaShop Categories Element
Bug fix - MegaMenu text separator and heading URL issue fixed
Bug fix - Undefined variable: pageclass issue fixed
Bug fix - MenuItem type External Link / URL Link Rel Attribute issue fixed
Bug fix - Article email issue fixed (Joomla 3.8.10 compatibility)
Bug fix - bootstrap.min.css.map URL is not found issue fixed
Removed - Akeeba Backup Component

24 April 2018: v1.2

Update: Joomla v3.8.7
Update: Helix v2.5.3
Update: EasyBlog v5.2.4
Update: Hikashop v3.4.0
Update: SmartSlider3 v3.2.14
Bug Fix:  Currency Symbol in JD Hikashop Category Elements
Bug Fix:  Currency Symbol in JD Hikashop Categories Elements
Bug Fix:  Improve Responsive

04 April 2018: v1.1

Joomla version updated to v3.8.6
AcyMailing version updated to v5.9.6
Helix version updated to v2.5.2
Quix Pro version updated to v1.9.2
JD Hikashop Category Elements Fixed
Improve Responsive Fixed
Slider height Issue Fixed

07 March. 2018: v1.0

Initial Release


  • You will only get a copy of the premium version for the 3rd party extension integrated with the quickstart package. You will NOT get a license key for any integrated 3rd party extensions.
  • The images used in the template is only for demo. You will not get any image within the quickstart or template.