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FF, just a suggestion, in main.js, instead of d>1, h>1, etc – it’s better with d!=1, h!=1, etc – covers the 0s… :)

Oh yes you’re right :P I’ll change this in the next version :)

Hi FxF, I looked at all layers and smart objects, but I don’t see the reference to the font used for: “let’s get closer” and “open me” – they’re flat files, I’d like to modify, but don’t have a nice font for this purpose. Can you tell us what you used?

Hi, The font used is Easy Speech, you can find it here -> Regards,


Nice! Thanks buddy.

Great easy to use template, good work fella! Great suppport too!



Thanks for this feedback ;)

Hi There, Just wanted to add my comments for others. I purchased this template, and had it done, up and running in less than 2 hours See for you self

Its Great! – It Works Well – Looks Super and to top it all you get quick responsive and helpful support! – All for $5.00 – Seriously how could one complain.

Keep up the great work and thanks for your support during my setup,

Kind Regards, Aidan

Many thanks Aidan for this AWESOME comment :) And Good job for your website ;)



Hey man, thanks a lot for the great support and your great work!

See the result here

This template it’s easy to set up and customize and it looks great. Highly suggested product and author!

Thanks again!

Many Thanks, Good job :)

Super theme! But do you have a captcha/spam solution yet? My clients receive so many bot-mails now….

Thanks :) Not yet sorry…but next update ;) But you should take a look at this -> Recptcha It could be a possible issue, no ?

Regards & Thanks


Hey man, I sent you a couple of emails regarding the contact form not working both on my customized site and your untouched files both uploaded on my server. In both cases the contact form is not sending emails.

I checked my server PHP version and is currently set on version 5.3

Any ideas?

Please let me know, I’ve been dealing with this for a while now and need to be taking care of as the site is been up for a couple of weeks.


Yes, I know the file seems pretty good man, I researched the other comments and didn’t see any one else having this issue. I never seen such a problem myself either and I don’t know what to think. And yes, I also checked my spam folder multiple times, of course, nothing in there.

If you can let me know what code to change I would delete the form altogether and make the contact button a simple button that links to my email. let em know if you can help.

At this point I give up.

Thanks for the updated file man, and thanks again for the great support. Sorry for contacted you while you were gone, your help was very appreciated and have a great rest of the summertime.

I did all my best to help you but i’m still sorry for this first unexplained issue…Thanks for the good use of Jday, your website is great man ! Keep me posted for any other help,

Regards & Thanks


Just purchased this yesterday. Installation is easy enough. Had some PHP and CHMOD issues, but doubleF provided some custom support via email and we figured it out. He’s gets five stars from me.

Thanks so much !!!!!! ;)


I have a problem, when the counter reaches 0, it’s still 1 hour.

Could you help me fix this problem and then fix it?

Thank you. Pirmax.

Je pense que ça doit être du à la timezone…Il faut régler le bon UTC, êtes vous bien en UTC +1 pour la France ? Tout est expliquer dans la doc ;)

Je ne comprends pas comment adapter le fuseau horaire…

C’est vraiment bizarre comme problème… avez vous le même problème sur un autre ordinateur ? puis-je avoir une URL ? sinon par rapport au fuseau horaire vous devriez trouver des réponse dans cette vidéo -> le code viens de là. Tenez moi au courant :)

Hi 2F! Great theme, I think purchase it. I have some questions: - can I change color of timer (background and color of numbers)? - can I used new photo for background - can I remove part of page with Subscribe and Social network. Thanks!

Hello, thank you :) Yes of course you can do all, it’s easy, nothing hard to do: just a few css lines to edit, a photo to replace and some HTML lines to delete ;) Keep me posted, Cheers 2F

Hi 2F! I have bought your template. I whant to used one big background image (without pattern), it is possble? So if it possble, wich size of image better for used?

Hello, Yes it’s possible it’s just about editing a few lines a CSS, well as large as possible (like 1800px should be enough). It’s easy, open style.css line 15:
background: url('../images/patterns_dark/pattern_default.png') repeat;
Replace with :
background: url('../images/YOURIMAGENAME.jpg') no-repeat-cover;


Hi 2F, the style_responsive.css is missing!!! Could you send me that file please?



Hello, Can you please send me an email to I’m gonna send you the file ;) Sorry, it’s a mistake from the latest update … Best regards, 2F

Thanks 2F!!! Great job!! Well done…

whats the best visual html editor to edit this graphically versus wysiwyg?

Hi there,

As it’s an HTML template, to be honest I don’t have any idea but you can use Coda 2 ( to get a live preview directly in the editor. An excellent free one is Sublime Text ( All the “Visual HTML editor” aren’t good in my mind and only works when you start from scratch but there is not enough options to compare with HTML language (however some good ones should exist). I hope that helps,


Hi, interested in buying this theme; still working? what about support if I face any problem?

Hi there !

Thanks for your interest ! Yep it is. Support is here

Best regards,


One small question, How do I upload this on my wordpress. Sorry for being Silly :D


You’re using .html file… The email will never be sent. You need the .php one. I highly recommand you to read the documentation as all is explainer.

Regarding map issue, you need an API key due to recent change from Google. Here you go :

Hope that helps,


Hi Alkaweb,

I read through the entire document and that’s how I edited the website content, I stored the entire template in the public_html folder, should I move everything to php folder and delete the .html file?

Because as per documentation it only says delete the .html file and then my website shows error.

Thank you in advance. Best, Abin

Hello Abin,

I’m sorry I can’t help you a lot here as HTML template category assumes that you already have some developer background. Because you have to change the code by yourself.

But in a few words, in order to send email you need to have a .PHP file not a .HTML. Because HTML files don’t have such functions and can’t use any programmable function (conditions, functions, includes….).

That’s why you’ll find both an index.php file (with the scripts to send an email) and a index.html file. Same file but without the contact processing PHP script.

Hope that helps,


Hello, Cant I still using index.html but still want subscribe and contact form works? How? Because when I’m using the index.php it start conflict on my website.

Thank you


No…Please see :

You can proceed a form with a HTML file, that’s as simple as that ;)


in pass,we had not any problem and it worked fine. but now we don’t know why our google map not load ??! our url :


You might want to check your browser’s console ;) Probably missing the API key:

Best regards