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Dear doubleF,

can you tell me what kind of font did you used for the logo? I really like it, may you should include the title’s font too into the template.


Hi ftamas88 ! Of course :) The font used is Easy speech -> . Best regards F²

Hello. To choose what I want to appear on the page (eg. not appear timer and description) must make changes in. Php files? There is no admin page or something like in full_screen_preview? Thanks, Andrew.

Hi andreipantea ! Unfortunately, there is no admin page it isn’t a wordpress template…The box of customisation in the live preview is just here to show some examples of backgrounds availables or some combinations.

So, if you want to delete the timer or the description. You have to open the .php files in your text editor and delete the good “div” (commentary are here to help you :) in the file). About the backgrounds, please read the documentation :). Keep me posted if you have any other problem (my support email is here for that) ;)
Best regards,

:( Ok,Thanks.

I’m having the same issues with the newsletter subscribe and contact us form. I’m only using index.php and set the file permissions for subscribe_newsletters.txt to 777 – can you take a look and help me troubleshoot?

My site is at:

Hi edcable ! yeah it’s very weird ! It seems that there are not php scripts….Can you send me an email with your index.php ;) (find it here)


Iv deleted the index.html, but when submitting the contact form on index.php, on completion it is redirected to the .html page and so throws 404 because its no longer on the server. any ideas?

It’s weird…go to line 298 (index.php) and check if you find this <form class=”form-horizontal pull-left” method=”post” id=”form” action=”index.php”>. If the problem isn’t resolved please send me an URL . Keep me posted, Regards

Hello, it’s possible to add links in the slider icons/images?

Thanks and nice work btw :)

Hi sh3r3d3r ! Yeah of course :). Keep me posted if you have any problem

How do I change the date for the launch?

Hi Nitee, please read the documentation ;)

I have figured out how to change the date. Now I need to know how to center the “contact us” form. I have removed the google maps, but now the contact form is off, so I need it centered.

Hi Nitee ! Good work, you have to:
  • Delete the Googlemap
  • The form is in a <div class="span6" >, which is in a <div class="row" >. Find them
  • Now, you have to add some CSS to center it, so I will show you the barbarous method :p
  • Replace <div class="row" > (which contain the “span6” with the form, with <div class="row" style="width: 513px; margin: 20px auto;" >
  • It’s done ! :)
Please, keep me posted ;).

I tried this, the form is centered but not in the mobile window I’m having to scroll to the right.

Please send me the URL of your website.

Thanks for this great work ! exactly what i needed for a fas install for a client … well documented, and more fonctions than i needed ! Here is the result untill the site is on line !

Thanks ;)

Hi there. Having some problems with the subscribe box.

Followed every instruction as in the documentation but when I put an email address in to subscribe as a test I keep having the following error come up

Warning: fopen(newsletter_subscribers.txt) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in D:\hosting\10280422\html\index.php on line 70

Warning: fputs() expects parameter 1 to be resorce, boolean given in D:\hosting\0280422\html\index.php on line 72

Warning: fputs() expects parameter 1 to be resorce, boolean given in D:\hosting\0280422\html\index.php on line 74

Underneath it says Thank you You Have Successfully Subscribed To Our Updates.

But there is no txt document that is created in my hosting page so I am very confused!

The website is

If you enter an email address in the subscribe box you will see it at the top of the page.

Please help!!

Hi ! You send an email on my support but when I reply I had: “Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender”....I’m Happy to can reply at your questions ! Ok so first, your folder or files does not seem to be 777 permission (set them :) )Then if it’s not well-ordered after, can you send me your files ? keep me posted.


does this template work in a smartphone (ios and android)?

Hi ! yes of course ! :)

I´ve purchased your jDay – Coming Soon Page, and I´m having problems with the contact form and also the subscribe form.

I´ve followed all the instructions and set the website to use “index.php” and not index.html .

But still nothing works, not even the alerts, errors not even confirmations.

Here´s the website link:

Please help me out urgently!

Thanks a lot!

Hi ! So it’s seems that the alerts were deleted…Please compare it with the basic unmodified file, if you have always this error, please send me your files on my email. Keep me posted ;)

Double F, great work and your help links /files are very helpful. One thing, I’m trying to adjust text height, margins, and justification in the Slider and I am not achieving it through the Main.js file. Is this the right place to do these adjustments? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hi Tejasb05 ! Thanks :) So if you need to change something in the style of the slider, you should edit style.css ;) If you have any other problem or you need more informations, please use my support and send me your URL ;) Keep me posted, Regards,

hi guys, wondering how can we add the google analytics code to the end of the page? cheers

Hi ! You just have to paste it at the end of your page. For example, I done it in the preview page (right click > source code). Hope I will help you ;) Regards, F²

Bought this template, really liked it. Couple points that make me want to take it down ASAP.

The signup solution is not implemented properly. Writing to static files is going to allow spammers to harvest email addresses.

The email contact us / email information doesn’t have a captcha or anything so whatever email address is used gets the every lasting crap spammed out of it.!

Overall, great looking template but lacking!


Hi zcrxsir88!

Yes, and no :P Yes on this points this template can be better (I will improve these points in the next version). Thanks for the feedback. But actualy I have 350 customers (happy) and you’re the first that speaks to me about spammers. Then the system used for the contact form and newsletter was greatly appreciated for its simplicity (I had a lot of positive feedback :) ). But thanks for the feedback which will be considered in the next verion ;).

Best Regards,

Hey my index.php is not working. I dont understand why my text wont appear either. Why is this happening?

Please check the contact button doesnt even work.

Sorry, it’s a bug from the version 1.4….Just have to open “elastislide.js” -> line264 replace -> this.jQueryitems.bind('click.elastislide', function( event ) { instance.options.onClick( jQuery(this) ); return false; }); with this.$items.bind('click.elastislide', function( event ) { instance.options.onClick( $(this) ); return false; });. That’s done….I’m really sorry…:( Bug is going to be fixed this night (I’ve just sent the good version :) ).


Hi ! the new version is online and the bug is fixed :) ! Cheers

It still doesn’t work. Can you please email me the file with the correct version too .. ‘

Also, according the the online lints available for JS there are numerous errors in the code. Can you please address this. I have fixed the code you requested on my own and stiff the contact button doesnt work. Also, I can not even see the container text at all.

All (the javascript errors) are caused by elastislide.js, you will find the latest version here -> Please just change your file with this one and the problem will be corrected :) Keep me posted

I have basically taken the files I downloaded and WITHOUT editing anything I have uploaded them back onto the server and it doesn’t work.

That’s weird ! Please send me your files on my email :)

Hi 2F ! I’ve been able to do modifications I need (translation into italian language included) but there some things that are not working like: -Clicking on Contact us button nothing happens. -Social links don’t work -Slider doesn’t display text/icons (just nav arrows).

Could you please help me with these?

Thanks a lot ! I think your template is fantastic !! Great Job !!

PS: If you prefer I can e-mail you my site link

Hi ! Thanks ;) about your problems, it’s very weird….I just saw your email and I’ll respond in the hour ;) Regards,


Thanks to you ! I’ve solved social links issue. My fault :(

I was trying to install the theme and I received this messageThe package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Please advise


Hi, I’m really sorry for you but you bought a HTML template and in any way a Wordpress theme…Be carefull to buy Wordpress theme you have to purchase your item in the “Wordpress” Category and not in the “Site Templates” category… Regards, FF