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I think this is a great theme but I am disappointed that it has so few social icon links.

Hello, great theme! Can I insert widgets “categories” and “recent posts”? And Can it plays different audio files or playlists for different pages? Thank you.

The theme is not widget ready, which means that it does not support widgets because of ajax.

Does the front page have a responsive mobile format

Sure, it does.

hello, I wish that the pages within the template had a different background gallery of the homepage. is it possible ?

Hello! It is not possible within this theme. Having more questions, please post them to my support forum at

I had purchased your HTML5 version of the same theme but now I could not find the theme on how do get the support for the same file ?

Please visit my support forum for obtaining information. The theme was removed from themeforest but you can get support.

Is it possible to click on homepage images to reveal a lightbox with more information/video?

Hello! Such an option is not available in this theme.

Hi, I am having a problem for a week. I gave out the theme of any link does not work when using JDoe. At the same time as the upper end of the scale does not work I get an error in the admin panel # / wp-admin / normally need to be I could not help registering, please write it here.

What should I do?

How can I get to your wordpress dashboard, what is the exact URL?


I purchased the theme and really like it! My site is at

But sometimes the site has a bug when people just enter the site and the css seems doesn’t load properly so that the menu fonts and ajax do not work. I have to refresh the site few times and get it to work normally :(

You have any solution for that?

Many thanks !!!

Hello! Thanks for choosing my product. Just tested your site in different browsers, do not get any issue with the CSS.

Hi there’ is there way of making the jdoe logo invisible on the pages that we choose? For example in a text page the logo goes up and disappears. Is it possible to make this in the gallery page as well? Because the logo stays right on the photos, i need to solve this problem. And another question: When we open a video on the site, will the music stop automatically?


I am having the same issue as Takina with the # appearing in the url. What is the fix for this?

Thank you Mel

It is not a problem and there is no fix of this, it is ajax based template.


I have a google problem with

A lot of people find me in google via some TAGS or some pictures! If they get redirect from google and they try to click @ the menu the new url path is added @ the end of the redirect URL ! but it must be something like this

How I can change this, because I loose a lot of google traffic because people think there is a problem with my website


That issue was fixed long ago, the most recent version is v.1.1.735

thanks … perfect one update and it works! great!

Hello, social icons can be opened in a different directory?

I solved the problem, there is no need. thanks

I see a new update is out. What is the best practice to safely update. Also, is there somewhere that shows what additions/fixes were made in the update? Thanks

Yes, please download the main zip file and check change_log.txt file.


i have a few pre-purchase questions :

1) is it possible to delete the 4 black borders, so that die photos are really fullscreen ?

2) can i make the contentbox smaller ? 1/2 oder 2/3 or whatever ?

3) i dont want the content to be displayed in the middel – can i move it to the rigth or left ?

4) can i delete all the imagecontrollbuttons ? i want to display my gallery but i dont want people to skip,pause or select the fotos

5) is there a way to display fullscreen video as a website background ? (would be nice,but not important)

Hello! Thanks for your interested in my product, but please note that the theme is ajax based and it is not widget ready, so it means that you are limited in the theme customization. 1. There is no such an option, so it requires the changes in the code and it’s modification is not included in the template price. 2. You can’t do that. 3. It can be displayed only on center. 4. Yes, it is possible to do. 5. No, it does not support fullscreen video.

Hello !!

Interested by your J.doe templates would get some precisions/details before to any purchase to be sure that is I am looking for …

Q1- the top menu why is it not shared egal/egal on each side of the logo I means 3 buttons left, the logo center, and 3 buttons right ? ?

can I do this easily inside the css style or css theme ? ?

Q2- why starting directly to a slider backgrounds photos ? ? that on my side any buttons works or to pause/play as well as the side arrows ? ?

can I do easily inside the html starting page or inside css to modify this to have only one fix background photo that if well understood is fullscreen ? ?

Q3- to take advantage this fullscreen feature why such black square all around the photos who privat us to see them really fullscreen ? ?

where to modify this easily inside css or js ? ?

Waiting reading you with detailled answer to light my thoughts, thanks !!

Rgds ,


Hello Chris! 1. That’s the specific of the design. It requires the changes not only in the css but in the code as well. 2. Did not get what you mean. 3.That’s the specific of the design.


thanks your answer but you don’t reply my questions !!

your replies are generic … but my answer your question will be clear and frank :

Q1- where to go to change code to js file ? and css file ?? Q2- I mean and said you that on my side to my computers 27” apple and 17” pc NO your buttons works !!! no way to do play/pause that don’t works as well as the arrows prev/next !!! Q3- where to go to change to eliminate/eraze this black square to have TRUE fullscreen ?

See you later …


1. The changes you require are not included in the theme support, it is a customization service, you have to pay for that. 3. The same as #1 question.

Hi there,

I’m thinking of getting this theme. But currently I am using your HQ photography theme and I’m wondering how this will be with changing it, as I don’t want to remake all the pages and portfolio items. Therefore my question will the showroom theme recognise the pages and portfolio items I have made in the HQ photography theme?

I wouldn’t recommend you to do that, because they are absolutely different.


We bought about six months ago the template, and now we have installed the WPML plugin to implement the language, but we have a problem due to the # symbol to insert behind the url base. For example to select the Italian language should be the following url: instead http:BaseUrl/it http:BaseUrl/ # / it Is there any way to remove the # symbol from url?

Thanks and congratulations for the excellent template

Hello! This theme is not plugin and widget ready, because it is an ajax one. It wont work.

Hello Mad_Dog

a few pre-purchase questions

1. On the full screen slider there is a play/pauze button in the middle of the screen is this replaceable or removable?

2. There is a grit over the photo’s (full screen). Is this removable?

3. Is the audio player removable?

4. are the yellow buttons on the left and right adjustable in color?

Nice theme it looks like the theme I want.

Tnx and greets Peer

Hello! 1. It is possible but only in the code. 2. Yes, you can do that. 3. Do not upload the audio and it won’t work. 4. That’s the images.

is there possibility to have video as homepage background?

Hello! This option is not available.