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Unable to install this theme. wordpress says ” the package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed. “

It is located in WP_v1.1.735 folder “jd”

got it, thank u :)

Thanks for choosing my product :)

Can i have videos in the homepage slideshow?

Hello! Only photos.

Can a user remove the dot screen that is over all the full screen images in your example site?

And can a user change the background color of both the main screen as well as the text pages that come up?

Thank you.

A couple other pre-sale questions: Can I change the font and font size of the menu items?

Is there a way to see the backend, and what options there are for users? (I see a couple partial screenshots, but that’s it.)

Does the logo tab at the top center change size depending on the size of the logo (or the preference of the user)?

Please send a request to my email which is help at themedev dot me and I will send you all the screenshot you need.

I sent you an email, thanks.

Hello could you tell me the size leggings for maximum template thank you in advance for your answer

Did not get what you mean.

I want to know what the maximum size for the image, for example 600 pixels by 300 pixels width and height

I would recommend to use no higher than 1900px I use 1200 max.


i cant sett up blog, something wrong happend in my blog read more dosn’t work!

Can you check it and tell me whats wrong? If you need i can give you admin login and password.

Here is my site

Thank you in advance With regards Maria

i have already solved this problem thank you

Nice to hearing that.

hi again

i want to create a page for guest book but when i create it there is no comments on it. Noone can leave comments there.

The only page where people can leave comments is blog page. Othere pages are without comments! How can i create page for guest book so that people could leave comments there?

With regards Maria

The theme does not support this.

Hi, I’m using wordpress 3.5 and I’ve installed the theme but I’m unable to add in a gallery an image as URL, when I press insert into post nothing happens. Does the theme need some other plugin? Regards zad

Can you please PM your site details on my support forum and I will take a look. Also please explain the step by step on how you do that.

sorry , but what does PM mean? anyway I registered in your forum. Here the step by step explanation: After a clean WP 3.5 installation I installed and activated the jd theme. 1) create a new gallery using the gallery menu 2) add a new image using “add from URL” , insert an url, a title and then when I try to finally insert the image nothing happens. It seems that an image can be inserted only using the “from computer” dialog.

The thing is that you have to post all your questions to my support forum. This comment form is only for the pre-sales and general questions. PM means private message via a forum.


As i understand, the theme doesn’t supports multi-languages am i right?

That’s correct.

Dear good day! Congratulations on a great job. Please, I want to modify two things that I find as: keep the logo always low in the background and Wed portfolio did not click for larger image. Please, please, help me. Best regards

Hello! Thanks for the purchase. Can you please repost these questions to my support forum and I will get back to you asap.

Dear, use that as support? I went there and did not understand anything. Do I have to register?

Sure, you have to register as an existing customer.

is html selfhost video is possible?

Ok i see in the Credits so do ue it for video? Other question, is it possible to change the verticaly thumbs navigation to horizontaly navigation? thank you

1. I use it for audio. 2. Only as a custom solution

In gallery template, is that possible to display images with a (max-height) fixe center of the page (exemple : max-heght 500px). Is that easy to put thumbnail verticaly? i don’t know witch theme buy HQ photography or this one. music and ajax for this one are better but HQ is really great and the page builder could be interresting

Friend, I would like to change the language for notices by sending email contact page. Where do I change this?

Please post this question to my support forum and I will get back to you asap.

I’ve purchased and installed this theme but am hitting a few bugs, most likely because I’m on Wordpress 3.5.x

Any idea when this will be upgraded to be compatible?

Hello! Thanks for the purchase. Please confirm that you have the latest version of the theme, which is 1.1.735

Images are not displayed on the blog. The sidebar does not display preview images. Help please. In what could be the problem?

Thank you! Sorry to bother you. Helped here is: Make sure the folder wich contains TimThumb is set to 777 and also / timthumb / cache.

Just do not read the forum, was inattentive.

Got it, thanks for choosing my product :)

it is possible to display the images added to a gallery in grid format on a single page?

or is there a shortcode we can use to manually add thumbnails on a page… producing larger images onclick?

There is no way to add the images in the grid format.

hi, ok.. but is there a way to add image thumbnail to a page and have the larger version open up in prettyphoto when clicked?

This theme does not support lightboxes because it is limited by ajax.

Hello. I did my portfolio’s page as you can see here :

For the moment when you re clicking on the image you are going to image comment, don t need that, would like to link to the gallery corresponding with the image, to use one image per gallery like a menu. I would like to have that instead of

Thanks Christophe

Sorry for my english…am french

Hello Christophe! Please repost all your questions to my support forum and you will be assisted.

i allready posted my question to the support forum without reply, i really need to solve my problem !! my post :

hello wp-admin section of WordPress version 3.5.1 I keep refreshing the page continuously. Waiting for urgent help! version WP_v1.1.735

What exactly you save?

Gallery portfolyo post page But other theme activate not problem

Works like a charm, just added the new gallery and uploaded one image. Maybe there is an issue with the browser, try chrome or firefox. I do not see any issue with the save settings option.

Hi there, I got your theme – it’s really nice:)

I don’t know why but when I installed the theme and added pages for the menu it’s not showing in a line it’s weird.

Please help!

Hello! You did not activate the menu in the Menus section, please read the documentation.

Thank you!

Hello, I bought this WP theme but I have a problem. It’s appending a /#/ in the menu URLs so logout and other functions don’t work until I manually remove the /# in the browser URL. Any way to change this behavior ?


It should work fine within wordpress admin panel, /#/ can’t be removed because this theme is ajax based