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Hello, I’m trying to organize a page on my website in columns, but I don’t find any shortcode useful for that… Could you help me, please?

Hi Piero,

Please send me more details about the page at johnny.holobest@gmail.com and I’ll see what I could do about that.



Any updates in the works?

Hi c3653,

No updates for now. If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to ask.



Hy Where to translate the “read more” and the “comments” when the article displays ? Thanks

Hi NikosSAS,

Are you referring on single article or blog page template?

Could you please provide me some more detail at johnny.holobest@gmail.com

Question pre-purchase: It’s possible to create and use personal icons? I read some comments and I think that it’s possible with your assistence.

I’m referring to the three or six icons on the homepage under the slider.

Sorry another question: is it possible to make the homepage slider responsive? The firt question is about the “top service” icons. Thanks!

Hi Mary14,

Thank you for detailing. Those icons could be replaced but is not very easy to achieve as you need to edit and modify theme’s files.

As for the Slider responsive, could you please provide me some more details at johnny.holobest@gmail.com so I might have a closer look and see how I might help you in this regard ?




Why i cant upload image for my slide? it always show broken image icon. Please advise.

Thank you

Hello solidcircle,

I don’t know where the problem might come from.

Can you please send me your login information at johnny.holobest@gmail.com along with the details regarding the problem?



I can’t seem to find a way to change the hovering icons. I don’t wont a mail icon because you can’t send a mail when you click on the photo. I wold like to change it to a picture icon instead or make the picture clickable so send a mail.

Check out the pictures at the button of the page.

http://another.mindsweep.se/pages/om-oss/?preview_id=1011&preview_nonce=7a830f649b&preview=true Regards /Fredrik

Hello goliatsfr,

Thank you for purchasing Jednotka Theme,

Please contact me via my email, and I will guide you step by step there…

E-mail: johnny.holobest@gmail.com

Cheers, Holobest Team

page edit Visual mode is not open in wordpress admin.

See below error.

TypeError: n.quirks is undefined (When i am click on Generate Shortcode button)

Error: no such method ‘instance’ for autocomplete widget instance

i am use wordpress version 4.5.1

Hello sam2017,

Did you buy the theme? Because themeforest does not recognize you as a buyer.


Hi I was wondering if this theme is going to be OK if I update our site to the latest wordpress 4.5.3?

Hello shanhard,

Thank you for purchasing Jednotka Theme,

Yes, it normally should work perfect ;)

Cheers, Holobest Team


Your welcome :)

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Cheers, Holobest Team

I see the same theme available on another site for $12. Why is priced higher here?

Hello brainolution,

can you please let us know the website where you saw such theme? This is the only marketplace we are selling the theme on.


Hi holobest,

It’s on WrapBootstrap and it’s a Bootstrap template, not a WP theme. But it says that it includes a blog template too. I’m not clear what that means.

I have an application that has a bunch of static HTML pages. But I also want to add a WP blog for the application. The blog would be hosted separately from the main website. So, I need 2 things – WP theme for the blog & static HTML page templates for the main website. But I need the same theme on both. If I buy this (Jednotka) WP template, would it also provide me the static HTML pages that I can use for my main website? Or do I have to buy the WP theme from you and static HTML page templates from WrapBootstrap?

Please help clarify.


brainolution, if you buy the theme, you will get the HTML template as well.

While importing the demo content it gets stuck on step 2. Tried multiple times, no respite. I have written an email to lisias_paul_pop@yahoo.com, pl help.


elbnetz Purchased

After updating to WP 4.5.x and all the plugs the visual editor doesn’t work correctly anymore. We already deactivated all plugins to ensure there are nor conflicts.

Any idea?


Hello elbnetz,

we are going to launch a new update of Jednotka theme that will solve all these issues and make it compatible with the latest version of Wordpress.

Please send an email to johnny.holobest@gmail.com and specify that you want to be announced when the new update will come out.


Hi, when editing a page on the visual tab it does not work. Any changes published are not saved.

Also the Jednotka Shortcode plugin appears to cause issues with the Contact form 7 plugin and the shortcode for the contact form does not display on the contact forms admin console

Can this be fixed? I emailed support but have not had a reply?

Thanks, Gareth

I am having to pay a developer to fix bugs with this. really disappointing and when I supposedly have 6 months support and get no responses this is poor!

Recommend everyone avoids this theme as clearly not supported any more even though support is supposed to be for 6 months!

Hello BusinessGrowthProjects,

indeed, the project was poorly updated so far. I understand that you have an ongoing project on this theme, so please send an e-mail to johnny.holobest@gmail.com and our developer will work directly with you to solve your issues.

Best regards.

I bought this over a year ago, just updated to the latest Visual Composer and causes JQuery errors which basically means I can’t editing using V.C. now and they blame this Theme which I think is correct.

Any chance of a fix/update please?

Oh dear, I realize now you don’t support this theme any longer as I can see I’m not alone with this problem – BEST TO AVOID this theme folks if you want to use the newest Visual Composer which is not compatible with this. I’m assuming no fix will be coming forward since you’ve not replied to other comments here.

Hello exouk,

we are going to launch a new update of Jednotka theme that will solve all these issues and make it compatible with the latest version of Wordpress.

Please send an email to johnny.holobest@gmail.com and specify that you want to be announced when the new update will come out.


Hello! I’ve just update wordpress to version 4.6.1 but now I’ve problems with Jednotka shortcodes: if I add a shortcode in a portfolio item, it seems that I can’t save that page…

Just done ;)

I’ve sent an e-mail describing the problem

I answered to your email.

Is there somewhere else i can see the demo? When i click the view demo button, I get the message that it’s blocked:(




Phishing and Other Frauds


Hello BigElsk,

the demo website for Jednotka is working fine. If you have problems seeing it please let me know.


Hello! As I said, after upgrading wordpress to 4.6.1, I can’t write anything in posts, portofolio items exc… using “visual” editor, but only with “text” editor. So it’s not possible to add shortcodes, because they works only in visual editor… Could you please help me? Thank you!!

Hello Piero,

I fixed the issues on your website. Let me know if everything is fine.


Are you still supporting this product? I have flagged up several issues without response and logged a refund request without response also

Hello BusinessGrowthProjects,

we cannot refund the money as long as you are using it.

Sorry for the inconveniences, best regards.

Hi holobest, I have a client who bought this Theme for this site: http://denisson-energy.ro/ Unfortunately shortcodes and visual editor not working and in this case I can not build his website. We use WordPress 4.7 Could you please help me to fix the issue? Thanks!

Hello Pentegos,

coudl you please send an e-mail to johnny.holobest@gmail.com with some login credentials? He’ll have a look and fix the problem for you.



khorwitch Purchased

None of my photos will upload from my Media Library – they either don’t show up on the page (ie favicon, slider images, etc) or show up as a broken image icon. This is happening on every single page. How do I fix this?