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Hello, do you have WP version?

Hi, thanks for your purchase.

Currently we do not have, but we plan to have it.


I really like your layout, and would like to purchase it. I found a little situation that I was wondering if you could address before I can make the purchase.

When viewing your page on a tablet in the portrait layout, I click the features page, then Pages. The third level navigation shows up off the side of the page. Do you have a fix for this? Is there a quick way to make the nav show up to the left instead of off the screen? My current layout requires multiple levels of navigation depth within all my nav and this layout will not work.

Thank you for this great layout.

Hi, thanks for your interest.

This is no problem, glad to resolve.

Similarly, we are planning a big upgrade to this theme.


is it possible to show youtube ( over the fancybox) in the work page?

hello, yes , plese write to support@iwthemes.com

any solution? no mail?

Hello, we have already received. at a time will answer. We have other supports in a row.


Hello ! I don’t understand why there isn’t the 5 pages of “about” on the version that I upload, could you please tell me why because I really need the page “about 2”

Thank you


Hi, thanks for your purchase.

This is an update that hopefully up maximum in two days.

And so the you can download.


Don’t works on IE 8.


On main.js, please comment:

//================================ Animations Efect ===================================//
//new WOW().init(); -> bug is here

oh ok, thanks! :)

functions above don’t works on IE 8 too:

$('nav ul li a').click(function(){
    var el = $(this).attr('href');
    var elWrapped = $(el);
    return false;    
function scrollToDiv(element,navheight){
    var offset = element.offset();
    var offsetTop = offset.top;
    var totalScroll = offsetTop-navheight;
            scrollTop: totalScroll
    }, 500);

You can find this functions on main.js.

Can you fix it?

Please see my site: http://www.instasoft.com.br/ I also includes the latest version of jquery.themepunch.tools.min.js: http://www.instasoft.com.br/js/rs-plugin/js/jquery.themepunch.tools.min.js

Hi, sorry but we have no way to test in those versions of internet explorer, for several months we have stopped support ie9 support lower versions, and it’s a little desgastate.

If you have further questions please write to support@iwthemes.com


Hi, it’s quite unfortunate, this template breaks on all latest version of IE. I have IE 11 installed on my machine. I purchased this template a few minutes ago. I can provide you with a screenshot if necessary.


hello, thanks for your purchase. gladly we will review and provide an early, please send screenshots to support@iwthemes.com.


Hi, I have a question about the php form.

I have an encoding problem when I receive mail from the clients. Is there something to do on the send_mail.php page to fix this ?

Because you can’t see the “é”, “ù”, “ô” etc etc..

Could help me to fix this problem?

Thanks and have a nice day!

Hi, thanks for your purchase.

Please write to support@iwthemes.com


The theme failed to install:

Installing Theme from uploaded file: themeforest-5172699-jekas-software-business-bootstrap-template (1).zip Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Hello, we will respond to your email.


HI. do you have WP version?

Hi, thanks for your interest in our work.

We are working on a version of wordpress, hope to have it online soon.


I have a problem with setting links to anchors in the page. The page is scrolled with the y cordinate to the top, but this is invisible because it’s covered with the header navigation menu, How can this be fixed? This is a fatal error for me. Can i put the main menu in some iframe ?

2nd, if you use the small header/info (for example work-3-columns.html) and the width becomes very small the top navigation menu does not stay on the top. I would classify this as cosmetic error. Would be nice if it could be fixed in an update.

Hi, thanks for your purchase. Please send screenshots to support@iwthemes.com and we will gladly help.


Thanks for creating a great theme!

I was wondering if you could suggest a solution for a small aesthetic issue that has arisen, and we’re not sure what the cause is, or how to solve it.

You can see the theme hosted on our Beta Server.

Notice when the page loads, the top menu is pushed down about 100 pixels, with an area of red above it, and then suddenly jumps up to be flush with the top.

We’d like to know how we can prevent this jumpiness from happening, as it doesn’t look too good for a live site.

Can’t see it? I also took a screen shot here:

We welcome any suggestions, and thanks again for all of your hard work!

I took a closer look at the demo site for Jekas, and noticed that, when the page is loading, an Ajax spinner appears in the center of the screen, and disappears when the page is ready for display.

But on our site, this spinner is not showing, which should explain why we see the strange display.

Where is the code for the spinner? I can take a closer look to see why it’s not working….

I tried sending a message to support@iwthemes.com, and got the following:

A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:

pipe to |/usr/local/cpanel/bin/autorespond support@iwthemes.com /home/iwthemes/.autorespond
  generated by support@iwthemes.com

Here’s the text of the message I sent:

Good Evening,

I recently purchased Jekas HTML5 theme for use with a new client website.

My purchase code is:

Item Purchase Code: e4b1b3ea-1c67-496e-88c0-8f0c342c797f

We ran into something weird with the theme, I found that all pages load in a weird, somewhat ugly manner, with the pieces showing all wrong, then suddenly, after a second or two, snapping into place.

I then went to take a look at the demo site for the theme:


I noticed something completel different.

When the page loads, it is whited out, and there is a spinner, so the content only shows when ready, no ugliness.

After peering into the HTML for the demo, I noticed this gem:

<!-Preloader->   <!-End Preloader->

Oddly enough, on the downloaded theme, there is no such code for preloader anywhere in the theme!

How can we add this preloader, so the theme loads more elegantly?


Hello, already received the message, we will reply to your email.


Hello, do you have WP version?

Hello there, now we dont have wordpress version, it’ll be ready coming soon, but we have joomla version here the link.


thank you

Would be great to have a admin section/page with login page.

Hi, thanks for your purchase. and your suggestion, we will consider for an upgrade.


Is it possible insert the megamenu used in joomla version in this version ? For example, dropdown menu with 2 columns

Hi, thanks for your purchase. I’m sorry but at the moment this is not possible in the html version.


This theme looks nice but needs a lot of work/fix to use. Need fixes on mobiles too. I’m not happy with my purchase. Still trying to apply to my website. Had no difficulties with many other bootstrap themes. I will continue and try to fix everything before rating your theme. My mistake I forgot to check last update date before buying.

Hi, thanks for your purchase. Can you tell us you need to fix yourself? we will gladly do, please write to support@iwthemes.com


I will write to your support the things I can’t fix if any. Basically, I recommend you test/think about websites who stores all static content on CDNs like CloudFront. In addition, I recommend you to browse the theme using an Android Phone. Thanks

Hello, we will review your email and respond with pleasure.

when I buy this template, landing page, creative, portfolio and others come together or ? I want CREATIVE one … thanks

Hi, thanks four your interest in our work, yes all demos they are include. Regards!

thanks for your interest … other things that main banner at creative demos … for firs image responsive working great but for second and third image size not looks responsive … could u check it … then I ll buy it …

Hello, we will check and perform an update. Thanks!