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Congratulations Great work , Good Luck With Sales :)


Very nice work!

Thank you!

Nice work:) But fix the title (it says “Hml5” instead of “HTML5”) ;)

Ok, thanks!

Really cool template!!! GWLS

Thank you!

Nice work, GLWS :)


Great work man! Good luck with the sales :-)

Thank you so much

Nice work! Good luck with sales!

Ok, thanks!

Great job with this one! All the best


awesome work…where exactly did you get the slider images?

Hello, I don’t understand your question can you be more clear?

where did you purchase your demo slider images?

oh, I understand, these images are not available for sale, are only for demonstration.

hi, great work

i give 5 stars :-)

is that posimple the mobile menu to have a design… because is without design and is look not so beautiful… can you help me please… thank you

Hi, I send you email with example link…. Thank you

ok, man!

thank you for your help!!!! great menu also for mobile :-)

Hi, can the home page be set so that the sections are not fading in and out? Is that a config option?

Hi, yes of course, this option can be disabled.

Congratulations Great work here!

thank you!

Any chance you can add an option for making the header (logo_nav) stay at the top?

yes, there is the chance

is there a way to use this design with RTL for hebrew without messing the design?

Hi, there should not be any problem.

awesome work guys.

Any chance you’re making this into a wordpress theme anytime soon?

Hi thanks, for the time you will not have the wp version, maybe in a couple of months.

Is there an option to turn off animations globally? Where can I find those settings?

Hi, thanks for your purchase, of course if you can, please write to jdrendon@imaginacionweb.net.

Hi I just had a question, how do I add a main photo to the back of the index (home) page. That initial photo? Also how do I link the newsletter form. I did it with the contact form to .php file but I can’t figure out the newsletter form in the footer. Thank you, it’s an awesome theme.

Ok, thanks.

Where exactly in the footer would the code go?

you can send the code to jdrendon@imaginacionweb.net

Great theme! Good work.

Is it easy to change the main color of the theme? I mean the yellow, blue or orange, that are the 3 defult ones.

Hello, thanks.

If it is very easy!

If you need help we will gladly help.

It’s great template, but i check on iPad, and have many bugs… like some images not loaded.. and very slow in iPad.. Can you fix it? Thanks!

Hello, thanks.

you can indicate that such errors or maybe send a picture?

Thank you!

Hi just bought this template and love the animations. Good work!

I had a probably dumb question, for the static header, where in the code can I change default background under the nav-bar and behind the text saying “Design and Development for the web.”


Hi, thanks for your purchase.
This can be changed in css / skins / default.css
The class is called .Index_static
For support questions write to jdrendon@imaginacionweb.net