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Hi I love this theme. I have an issue though. I have followed all steps carefully ref: twitter auth however I get a server error on pages with the twitter feed. PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class OAuthException in /home/sites/ on line 8. Any advice would be gratefully received. Toby

Sorry for long delay. Situation in my country little bit complicates support. I will answer on your question on monday . Thx

Hi, I have one suggestion:

This class already used somewhere.


You can open OAuth.php file and change all names OAuthException on OAuthExceptionSec, example.

Or you can send your email, on and I will send edited file.


Hi! nice theme… Just one question. Is it possible to have the arrow to go to the top even on the mobile phone? Thank you in advance

Hi, before I push changes to Themesorest you can send your email, on and I will send fixed js file.


hello anybody there?! I cannot understand why i do not have answer on my post? Thanks

funcoders does not currently provide support for this item. ??? how the online-help works? I am working with emerald and i have no problem having answers from it ! What i have to do ??

Sorry for long delay. Situation in my country little bit complicates support. I will answer on your question on monday . Thx

Great theme. and sill fresh as a daisy. I have a couple of problems. 1st I cant get my icomoons to display, they work locally though but this is my problem and I will find a solution (unless you spot where im being stupid). 2nd the megamenu on iphone/ipad displays and then vanishes when you try to scroll. It is the same for the demo. I only bought this a few months ago so I assume i have all the latest files. my test site is here and Im still working on the site but the index menu wont change but like I say it does the same thing n the demo. This comment has appeared a few times and I have tried everything suggested. Thx

An update planned for the theme?

I purchased your amazing theme, i worked hard on it to create my personal website, but now I realised I can not use it until you fix it as I asked on my email… Please dont leave your project, plaese go on, for you and for all your follower. Thank you CARLO

Hi Carlo. Sorry for delay. I will make all improvements on this week.

Thank you :-)

Ok , now it is clear…. You can not carry on your “creature”, what a pity!! All the best for you. Now, could you put me through to another person who is able to ultimate your job? I mean, i’m willing to pay him / her for this!! Thank you Carlo P.S. Hope all the others buyers do not have to complain, but i really need this template works!!

Hi to all of you, Nobody would like to go on with this nice template?? As i wrote in my last post I will pay for that… I’m not able to do it and i really need this kind of theme. So let me know until the next month, otherwise i have to rebuild all my job buying an other theme. Thank you all

Megamenu just does not work on iphone or iPad. Seen this requested about before. it basically does not scroll. Its the same in the demo. Pity because it is a great theme. I hope I have not wasted all my time. If anyone has a solution to this I would be very grateful and more than willing to pay.

hi tobystripp, welcome to the forum. I’m afraid we will not have any answer from him, I think that guy is not around anymore. Please anybody can help us ?

I found a guy who can support this theme and fix the bugs. He can be contacted on skype or email: altarsales email

Hi, I purchased this template and I am trying to use the index-one-page.html for my site, but when I download it and view the page on my computer the page doesn’t load the same. The headers load, but as for the text and icons floating in from the right or left with action animation, there is nothing. The text and tags are all present in the html, just as it looks like on the live version, but there is nothing but white space under the headers when viewing in IE, Firefox or Chrome. Please help.

icons,images folders are empty. how can i download icons and images for this theme. i download again from my themeforest dashboard but it have black images and icons.

Is there a wordpress version of this theme…? If yes, then can u share the link with me from where I can buy that…?

Hello, I have a problem with the mega menu, when scrolling on cell phones is hidden, how can I fix it? I can not find the solution anywhere.

How to change the logo on mobile view…please help me ASAP…my website is this


I miss the file in the php / your-action.php why is this NOT?

Greetings Günther