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Very nice Design, I like it so much. Good luck funcoders :)

Thank you vickystudio! ))

Sweet Design. Is a wordpress version in the plans?

Thx mate). Yes, Wordpress version in progress.

Awesome one! I buy. Good deal ;)

Hello from Ukraine! Excellent work :)

Hi nice work but is there a way to change the menu hover effect? there is too much space around menu voices and does not look good ( obviously imho )



Hi Rudy.

Yes, you can see other effect, if you click Menu > Features > Drop Down menu > Default. Thx

YEs Perfect! Thank you very much!!!

Thx nkishor, taken to improvement )

Looks awesome ! GLWS :)

Thank you!!:)

Looks really nice, amazingly stylish! Except it doesn’t work in IE8 as you advertise, bug?

I heard that may occur problems with “Media Queries” libraries in IE8. We will improve IE8 without any “Media Queries” libraries. For now we decide remove IE8 from compatible browsers list.

Thanks for the comment.

Nice work! Good luck!

I’m happy to hear that!Thx

Nice Theme, GLWS

Unable to view the demo :(

Maybe problems with hosting. Now all fine.

Good job congr. :)

Thx mate)

can u add some forms components in the next update ?

Sure, all necessary forms components, will be added soon. Thx for comment.

I love it!

Should be mine very soon :)


Thank you. )

Hi, I’m thinking about purchasing your theme, but have a question about the image sizes.

Is it possible (and easy) to change the image dimensions in the portfolio sections to horizontal, vertical or panoramic? Or are the image sizes fixed in square format?

Thanks in advance,


Hi John.

Sure, you can use any image width/height ratio. We use square only for better showing grid.

Thanks for comment.

I purchased your theme and the image sizing works perfect. Great theme. Thanks

Big thx

Great job! GLWS ;)

This is a great theme, works really well and I love it :D


does the purchased version come with the style switcher? because I bought it and couldn’t find it x_x

Hi. Sorry but we didn’t include switcher to theme. But don’t worry next update will be with this option.

Hi Funcoders,

The contact page has google maps as background, but is it also possible to show googlemaps in a single column using jquery gmap? Ive been trying for 2 days to show a map in the accordion box, but can’t get it to work.

Cheers, John

Hi John. Sorry for delay. Yes it is possible to use googlemaps single. I prepare example for you. And also soon (1-2 days) will be big update with some new power features.

Thank you very much. Looking forward to it.

Hi, How far along are the update and the example you where preparing for me coming? Im still looking forward to it.

i love the style ! Very nice theme :)