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Just wanted to say Thank you for the great improvements! :bigwink:

Thx,I tried to do better )

hey man,

thanks for the update, for the registration/log in modal, currently you have the code at the end of the index.html page, can i link the modal to a seprate html file? like when you open the modal it will show the requested html file?

Hi, we use modal script from Bootstrap | Modals. He don’t allow open the modals from requested html file or URL.

But we have separated page Login / Register page.

Thx for comment.

But you can do this with Fancybox, see here

Big problem with responsive i open it on iphone and ipad and i see only the headers and long blank page between headers. Wheres the problem?

At the moment i download unrar and upload to separete folder but still not working: Could you please send me the mail? THX

I find problem in total commander ive got default convert everything to small symbols, sorry. Thanks a lot

Hello – just a couple of quick questions:

1. Is this a Wordpress theme? 2. For the revolution slider on the one-page website, how do we change the size of the images that are shown? My images currently seem to be enlarged and cut off. How do we have them just fill the div? 3. For the sticky, how do we change the size so it’s a bit bigger, then gets smaller the viewer scrolls down. Right now it appears to not be much of a difference and we’d like just as lightly more dramatic appearance.

Thanks very much, Ryan

Hi Ryan, here is your answers: 1. No. This is HTML template. WP theme will be later.

2. Example you want use slider with height 300px. You need: - prepare images ex. 2560×300px or 1920×300px (depending of screen what you have); - go to slider javascript settings in page/home.js, and change option: startheight : 300;

3. If you want make bigger header before scroll down. You need open theme.css file and change: - line 3184
margin-top: 30px;
- line 3213
padding-bottom: 30px;

Thx for comment

Hi Funcoders. You’re awesome! Thanks very much – I will try this shortly :) Again, many thanks!!!!!!

Thx man.)

Hi Funcoders,

Great template, I see some stuff is going to below screen and that’s why it become out of reach like in megamenu 1 > sub category items, in popup fortgot password submit button “Send Recovery Button”.

can you please fix this ? I am about to buy this theme. will I get updates and fixes after purchase ?


1. Sub menu items going to below screen, because we put a lot of information. Now we created more optimised view.

2. Strange. Did you checked this:
- open “Log in” popup;
- click “Forgot your password? Reset it here” link;

Below will show recovery form.

Thx for comment.

how to setting normal page to one page,because i get normal page

Hi. There is not settings normal page to one page. We have already created one page template, called index-one-page.html.

Thx for comment

To see one page, click Live Preview > One page website. Thx


mp4 Purchased

I update to the new version and have a problem. Many animations are lost.

no animaton-grow, no animation-from-right and so on.

Hi! Yes you right. Now we use new library for animation, with huge amount of effects.

Here is animate.css with all list of effects.

The principle is the same, but little bit other classes. Example:

<div class="animate bounceIn">. . .</div>

Thx for comment

how to setting action in form send message?

Hello again. :) Yes, I understand you.

Your must have follow html structure:

<div class="form-inner">
     <form action="php/contact.php" id="contact-form" method="POST" class="form-validate">
     . . . other form content . . .

When you send form (#contact-form). Form wrapper (.form-inner) adds a class “sending”. This class starts the animation.

So, you need have: 1. Form with id=”contact-form”; 2. Wrapper with class=”form-inner”;

Good and working form examples on contact.html and contact-2.html templates.

Thx, for comment.

ok .. its work .. one more .. how to add text to a successful email sent

Hi. Open php/contact.php action file and check this example.

Thx for comment.

how to edit the size of text of the input field ? i searched in css files but couldn’t find it, because currently is it small when someone writes in the input field.


You can do it through theme.css file. Just add rule “font-size: ...px;” to selector ”.form-field” on line 1533.

.form-field {
    . . . 
    font-size: 14px;

Thx, for comment.

Hello i ve got problems with font. I update to new version some fonts change but some are still bad. There ist the link to website:

Hi. Please remove in your file theme.css rule on line 36
font-weight: bold; 

Thx for comment

How can i make slider faster?

Hi, open ex. home.js, find slider script and change delay option:
     delay : 9000,

Thx )

how to disable mobile view or responsive, i want the mobile users to see the website like the normal desktop?

Hi, sorry for delay. This is not possible, on the new principle of Twitter Bootstrap grid.

Thx for comment

okay any idea otherwise, it says that you fixed some iphone ipad bugs in version 1.3.1, can it be the problem?

Can you explain more detail your problem. Thx

Hi, nice template.

It is possible to use videos with that? Please let me know how can I do that?


Not now. Sorry. Now we are working on this feature. Thx

Missing Stylesheet Issue

I’m looking at my css files in wp-content, but for some reason something is not being recolonized. I’ve tried moving files up from the sub-directory as some of the forums suggested. Your link in response to the other comment did not work. Please give me some direction.

Hi there !

We just bought your great template but unfortunately we can’t manage to get the animations on the icons working right :( Can you please have a quick look ? I’m sure you’ll manage to see where the problem comes from in a blink ! Here is the website :

Thanks in advance !

Sorry for long response, Technical issues. This bug appeared after browser upgrade. This bug will be fixed in new update on this week. You will be automatically notified.

!!!! BIG problem !!!! This template seems to function differently in Safari as compared to Chrome & Firefox. THUMBS IN PORTFOLIO SECTION NOT RESPONSIVE TO APPROPRIATE SCREEN ZOOM IN BOTH CHROME & FIREFOX. Thumbs align left leaving a big white gap on the right. This is a HUGE issue for us.

REALLY need help solving this one right away. Thank you!

Sorry for long response, Technical issues. Your bug will be fixed in new update on this week. You will be automatically notified.

Hi We wanted to purchase this theme but when we tested this on IE9 the menu isn’t working on screen smaller than 980px. you can click on the menu icons to bring down the options..

is there a way to overcome this? if you we will definitely purchase it!


Sorry for long response, Technical issues. Your bug will be fixed in new update on this week. You will be automatically notified.


I have some question

1. Font Awesome Icons, it broken it not show on your download file

2. li > class > current – it don’t has on your download file

and 3. I want to create sub navigator on the left side and fix it when scroll like main navigator on top, how do I do this, pls help me

thank you

Hi. Pt. 1 and 2 will be fixed in new release. In pt. 3 you talk about affix. You can’t do this now, but in new release I will add this feature and send example To you.

Thx for comment.

I purchased your theme and really like it. I’m running across a problem and I’m not sure how to fix. An expanded dropdown and megamenus menus when on a mobile device collapses when you touch to scroll through the menu. Any fix or help finding the code to fix this would be great.

Thx, for comment. I answered on your topic above.

Not sure I explained the issue properly but with a long dropdown or large megamenu the menus become completely unusable on mobile devices.

Hello, I had tested in all mobile devices and all fine. Can you help me, and send some screenshots with problems or site URL. Thx

The problem only seems to occur when using the Chrome mobile browser. You can see the problem at I have viewed on 2 Samsung mobile devices. A Galaxy Express phone and a Galaxy Tab and both exhibit the same problem. Any large drop-down or mega-menu that displays the expanded menu below the viewable screen area collapses when you try to scroll down.

Hi. thx for information. I see problem. Firstly update files to newest version. I had fixed this bug. New release will be on this week. Thx for comment