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Menus not behaving correctly on iPhones. Sometimes the arrow spins but menu does not drop, especially once user scrolls down and up again. Opening a Megamenu and then selecting the second one will not close the first. Sub menu items should have padding on left to make it more obvious the menu has actually dropped, or change background colour. I was considering purchase but need 100% working menus on mobile devises. 18 days no reply to questions above – Sorry, not good enough. Themeforest should not have dropped prices on html templates so you don’t make enough money to dedicate more time to templates. I would easily pay $150+ but not have problems.

Differently from many authors on themeforest I who making big money I try that my themes will be excellent quality. And I always answer on questions in time. But you don’t know what happens with me and angry. Sorry for this misunderstanding. I live on Ukraine. And in my country was revolution and war.

Now more less all fine, and I will continue working and make excellent themes for all people. Thx for understanding.

Thanks for your reply. I know about current trouble in Ukraine. I was more angry with envato for making you earn less money form each sale. I sent them an email too.

The images (2560×1440) used as headers i.e. in pages-services.html, does not appear when view on an iPhone screen. How should i go about that? Kindly advise, thank you.

This is mobile browser issue. Use images less dimensions ex. 1920×1080 and all will be fine. Thx for comment


fix submit form

js/theme.js > Comment on line no. 687

make form work

Sorry for long response, Technical issues. Your bug will be fixed in new update on this week. You will be automatically notified.

I was created another form that have method=post action=process.php

why when i click submit button it have no anything on form

how do I fix it

thank you

Hi. If you use .form-validate class that form will submit serialized data with AJAX and get ‘json’ response. You need have in your php file response answer. Example:
if (!$mail->send()) {
    $result = array(
        "response"    => "error",
        "text"         => $mail->ErrorInfo
} else {
    $result = array(
        "response"    => "success",
        "text"         => "Thank you. Your message was sent successfully!" 
echo json_encode ($result); 

You can check contact.php file and see how it done. Thx

Contact Default Page: Google Map navigation is not fully visible at top. Browser window below ~767px the btn “SWITCH TO FORM” also gets cut off at the top.

Fixed. Will be in new release. Thx for comment.

Hi, I`m trying to send a form from the theme, I have change my name and email adress in PHP, I think everything is OK. But once I try to send the form, this message appears “Failed to send your message. Check settings!”.

I have checked and I can’t see where the problem is.

Form fixed. New release you will get in this week. Thx for comment.

Hi, please add - Date Picker -Tipsy - Vertical fix sub navigator in the left side like main navigator

and i have problem about require field in form, it can check but the word “this field is require” to show not hide

Thanks Cheers u and your Country

Thx, for comment. All will be added. Form foxed. Wait little bit for release.


I have a preview problem with thumbnails in portfolio section…in Chrome everything is ok, but in latest Firefox and IE11 I don’t get smooth thumb pic…it looks like it’s bad quality. Also when I hover over the thumb (Firefox and IE11) it goes like 1px down and then I get smooth thumb preview.

Where is the problem?

You can see thumb previews here:

Firefox – Chrome –

Hi, I’ve tested with all browsers and all fine. Yesterday css fix solved this problem. But if you still see this, this is your browser feature. Maybe you can try use smaller image size.

Thx, for comment

No it’s not.

I checked again and Chrome and Opera are fine, but Firefox an IE not. Also my friends checked it too and has the same results (problem).

The problem is rendering. Original thumb is 850×478 px and when it’s resized to smaller dimensions then you got bad rendering.

Can you fix this?

Hello, I read the topic. Now try to test some examples. If I will have a positive result will inform. Thx


Some assistance with the following would be much appreciated



Date picker : can I change format to 2014-07-30 (yyyy-mm-dd)

Date picker : can I change religion to TH (Thailand)

thank you

Thank you very very very much.

It’s work, I have new problem with validate when I used datepicker with TH validate not support look like this image

how do I fix it

thank you.

Hi, yes I see. Soon I will push this update. Thx


How do I get the one-pager language menu to switch from my index page to my French-language html equivalent? Right now, it looks as if the language menu items do not work.


Hello. Right side switch language option is’t only markup without functional. But I can propose do follow:

1. Ex you have 2 pages: index.html and index_fr.html

2. Change href attributes in HTML markup:
<li><a class="current" href="index.html">English</a></li>
<li><a href="index_fr.html">Spanish</a></li>
3. Comment ( /* .... */ ) follow code in theme.js from line 1490 to 1500:
$('#language-options .language-list a').on('click', function() {

     var $that = $(this),
          language = $that.attr('href');

     $('#language-options .current-language').text(language);


     return false;

Now on click you will be redirected to needed page. Thx for comment.

Hello again How I set accordion opened on first accordion Thank you

This is not possible yet. Now in progress, will be in new release. Sorry for this issue. thx for comment


and this if jQuery for while loop using php

<script> $(document).ready(function(){ $(”.accordion div:first”).addClass(“active”); }); </script>

and how to add it to > jquery-ui-1.10.4.custom.min.js

In new release added this feature.


<div class="accordion">
     <div class="active" />
     <div />
     <div />

Thx for comment</div>

Great template!! Any plans to release a WP version?

PHPMailer/PHPMailerAutoload.php doesn’t work. I need to replace it to include_once (‘PHPMailer/class.phpmailer.php’)

Just to make it work, please fix. And please add more customization on your documentation. like scrollable modal

Fixed. Will be in new release. Thx for comment

I must be missing something, but how do I increase the size of the main logo? I’ve checked the css, but nothing is changing the size?

Yes, because this is your personal changes. We left default size and we didn’t add this improvement yet. So on this last time i will send edited files to you through email.

Thx for commet


i was just about to buy this theme then i thought let me first check the speed of downloading of this theme via google. i checked with page speed for mobile and browsers is not good can we improve that?.

Also waned to know if we buy this theme and if you make any version upgrade do we get that as well with list of changes in what ever pages you do so we can make corresponding changes to our working website?


1. PageSpeed Insights I had used PageSpeed Insights before push item on Themeforest. All necessary optimized actions was done.

2. Updates. When we make update I write general list. I do not specify the exact page and element. Example you can see on bottom in theme description.

Thx for comment

Thanks for your reply. 1) But as you see now its 62/100 for deskdtops and for mobiles its 51 / 100 it should be min 90+ and for 2) lets see we buy and use in our project and site goes live.ow you fix any major bug we will not be able to know what code changes are needed to be done to fix the issue we cant download fresh copy and start all customization all over again. I don’t think any one will use as it is copy all will make changes change the content etc etc.

Hi, let me explain :)

1. PageSpeed Insights - Leverage browser caching

My server not allow files caching. Settings in .htaccess not helps. So it’s not my problem.

- Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content

I don’t want combine ALL css files in one. Because I want separate MY css with other libraries! This is correct for demo!

- Minify JavaScript I had minified MY files. I don’t touch other js libraries, in order to safely update.

- Minify HTML ??? Stupid idea in demo.

- Enable compression. I don’t want compress my demo images. This files you will see only in demo page. In archive you will have other images.

- Minify CSS Same as Minify JavaScript

Do you understand what wants google? Google want create ideally page. Page with minified all files, combined all css in one file, all js in one file, compressed all images. This is ideally solution for your OWN page not for demo.

2. Imagine if we describe each fix in detail? How much time we spend on this. Nobody do not. All use the standard common way.


Hi! I have a question before i purchase it. The contact form has validation online or is local host only? Thanks!

Hi, contact use validation which works anywhere.

Now that is a well written documentation awesome template! :D


is there a way to get fancybox to resize depending on pictures? i need it to open images 960×1280 my images are that size but fancybox doesn’t display at that size!

Hi, we use fancybox plugin.

Documentation you can read here

Edit fancybox init methods (theme.js line 544):

maxWidth    : 800,
maxHeight   : 600,


autoScale   : false

Thx, for comment

how do you change the google map location?

Hi. You need work in map.js file.

1. Find the Latitude and Longitude of your address: - Latitude and Longitude - Latitude and Longitude

2. Edit information in markers variable (ex):

- you can remove

var markers = [{
          html         : __YOUR_HTML_IN_POPUP__,
          latitude    : __YOUR_LATITUDE__,
          longitude  : __YOUR_LONGITUDE__
     latitude      =  __YOUR_LATITUDE__,
     longitude   = __YOUR_LONGITUDE__,
     zoom         = 16,
     img           = "img/pin.png";
Thx, for comment

Is anyone here to answer my questions i need to fix these issues asap fancybox size and google map address!!!

Answers below. Sorry for delay

Awesome thanks a lot!!! 5 Star