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Hi, I recently purchased both this theme and Archer. Firstly i must say, great templates!

I am struggling to adapt the Jetsam template due to the responsive feature. Is there any advice you could provide me with how to remove this responsive nature? Basically strip the code down to plain html rather then html5? similar to that in your Archer template?


Thanks for the praise. it’s greatly appreciated. When it comes to stripping Jetsam what do you mean? Is there a certain aspect or part you’re having trouble with or are looking to remove? Let me know a few more details and we’ll see if we can’t get what you’re looking for. Thanks!

I would like to remove the responsive nature of the template. As i have found that when you try and move sections around (sort of mix match features on the page) often the four column sections don’t stay aligned.

I was thinking that if i could remove the responsive css the template will be easier to chop and change to my requirements. If you think you can advise that would be great, if not no need to worry.


It was built so that you have rows of content. A row would contain 4 columns, or a half and 2 quarter columns. I’m thinking your problem might be not including the parent div or containing element. Do you have an example you can post online? That way I can better help.

Hi There, I asked this question a few weeks ago. But is the wordpress version of this template available yet? Also, I haven’t been able to view the different layout of the site within different sized browser windows. Is the site responsive?

No wordpress yet. And still not responsive. I have been occupied with a separate project for a couple months now. It’s coming to and end so hopefully I’ll be back on the jetsam wordpress conversion.

Hi Marcfolio,

Thanks for the amazing template. Is there a help file for this template? The file; I am not able to open it on my mac.

Hi Marc,

I’m having trouble trying to switch the background image for the ‘flexslider’. I see that I can replace the text (rasterized png) in index.html. Where do I replace the background image (eg. img/jetsam_water.jpg).

Thanks in advance!

In the style.css there’s a section that’s sets all the styling for the homepage slider. It’s denoted with

/* Slide Styles ******* 
and then each slide is styled based off the element’s ID. Line 1151 is where it starts. Let me know if you need anything else.

Hi again,

I have another question. Where do I change the background color? I found how to change the ‘header’ background in style.css in LINE 414. But I would like to change the entire background including the top navigation bar background color.

Thanks again in advance for your quick response!

For the very top bar in the style.css line 418:

header .top_bar{
That’ll change the top bar color. As for the rest of the main content area it’s on line line 613:
You can change the background image or set a background-color.

Thanks alot!

How do I change “play”button to function “a href” function? I would like the “play” button in flexslider page to redirect to a portfolio page instead of playing a video. Thanks!

Could you visit please? On the main page (index.html), on the “3rd” slide, how do I relocate the “Dynamic Terrain” dialogue box to the bottom left corner so that it is located in the white background?

It looks like you got this solved. Let me know if that’s not the case.

Hey Marc, the problem is not solved yet. I have two questions!

In the “dynamic terrain” text is on the ‘park’ background. I would like to have this moved towards the bottom-left where it is on the white background.

Secondly, I would like to know how to change the “play button” to function as a “a href” – relinking function. Rather than playing the video, I would like to use the button to redirect to a portfolio page instead.

Thanks Marc!


this site does NOT work in IE..!!

is there a code line I am missing..?

good in Mac (of course) NOT good in IE..

can you suggest something?



What part isn’t working? can you be more specific? My tests show it’s working fine.

Hi Marc..

Thanks for the theme..

Having an issue copying my final files over to a server and the maps only load when you refresh each page..

have you noticed anything to do regarding this?

could be a permissions issue?

many thanks


Sorry I haven’t seen anything like it. Do you have a link I can inspect? Should be able to better trouble shoot.

Just purchase, love!!!

How do I change the main body type from being italic to normal?

Also, is there a way to make a full screen background image?

hey marc, any chance the WP version for this template is ready?

Wow Awesome.Good luck for sale.;

How do I either; delete the page transitions, or; change the color from white to a different color? Please help! I purchased this a long time ago :)

Nice Work, Good Luck With Sales !

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