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Hi, Is this compatible with Woocommerce 3.0? Your website says yes but themeforest says no. Need to know before I buy.

Yes its compatible with woocommerce 3.0.

Thank you

Hello. I bought this template in February. Support 6 months. I need help right now, but writes on the forum – “You cannot reply to this topic. It may because your support license is expire, or you haven’t bought this themes yet.”

hi VladimirBob, you can login into support forum, and go to :

on header, you will notice a button named as “refresh support due” you will just need to click those button, and your support due will be increased.

Thank you

i clicked a button named as “refresh support due”. But

hi VladimirBob, i don’t see your name on our buyers (license) list on forum. but to fix this issues is very easy. here is the way you can do it.

1. first, please log out from support forum on our support forum website (

2. then click login.

3. and then click login using envato account.

4. you will notified to login using envato account ( we use Envato API, so it will need login using your username ).

5. then click approve.

6. you will be able to ask the question again now.

Thank you

how to display the categories in shop page. I did in woo-commerce setting and display by Categories are not showing in shop page..

hi bhanu2217, our staff that keep up with jkreativ development will help you at our support froum. please send your question to our support forum at

Thank you


drkrule Purchased

I bought this theme a long time ago and I didn’t have any kind of problem,. but now I can’t see portfolio on my admin menu. The old portfolio entries show up nicely , but the new ones nothing.

hi drkrule, im sorry for late reply. May i know what do you mean new one? do you mean new themes?

Hi,seems Jkreativ is not working with https. We have changed urls to https on our website recently and as a result photos and videos were lost on our Blog page. We updated website with the last version Jkreativ, but still we have “Mixed content” problem in Web Console and photo/video is not showing on the page. I hope you can advise me how to resolve this problem.

Thanks, Alex

hi Alex, can you try to hit your image directly from browser(url of your image). and compare it with url that you get from your website (blog post), and please post the result right here.

Thank you

Hi, thank you for your answer.

The difference will be in ’s’ at the end of http and before ://

Images is working properly:

The main problem is in video, with Youtube specifically.

If I will put in a field “JKreativ Youtube Format” program will try to upload video from this address:

As the result all modern browsers will block video upload because of this changes from HTTPS to HTTP

You can check the results here:

Thanks, Alex

hi alex, here you can fix this issues :

1. go to jkreativ-themes folder > public > js > internal > jquery.jcommon.js

2. on line 184 & 187, cange http:// to https://

3. copy all of this code to jkreativ-themes folder > public > js > internalmin > jquery.jcommon.js

this will fix your issues

Thank you

Hi, i manage this theme for a customer (who buy the theme) and the site vision change to a multisite version. but sinc the multisite version visual compozer stop to work; the plugin is activate but the content box and visual coposer widget does not appera on page or article. do you know this problem and how to solve it?

hi nlaustriat please send your question to our support forum at

you can login using license your user bought from themeforest.

Thank you

Hi, the theme works very well, nice work! But can I only display the footer with the “Landing Page Builder – Visual Composer” Template?

My Site has the interior style with nav at top and footer at bottom of the page. I want to display the footer at every post and page without a diffrent version.

Best regards, Julian Hauschild

hi Lindenheimer, can you please send your question on our support forum at Our staff will help you with your issues.

Thank you

It seems this theme isn’t supporting 3.1 Woo, my cart is down, would you suggest I install an older version? Jkreativ Plugin is causing issues with Woo.

hi lifebloomcreative, we going to update jkreativ to fit with woocommerce 3.1.

Thank you

Hello, seems like I cannot post in the official support any longer as the support expired. Didn’t know it’s only for 6 months… I have 1 question that I hope you will be able to answer. Google will require sites to use https and I tried my website with https and it looks very bad… Seems like https is not supported? is that true? If so, any plans to start supporting https to comply with new Google rules?

hi dmitri1999, from our previous customer experience, they able to use https with this themes. so i think it will be fine for you to do it also.

Thank you