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Is there a way to adjust the typeface used in the dropcap shortcode?

hi RachelKHawkins, please ask your question on our support forum at

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Hello, I’ve a problem with add a portfolio item. I click on ’’add one’’, I put the title, but when I update start a message that tell me that I’m not allowed to edit this post… why? It’s the first time that it happens but I don’t know how to solve that problem, can you help me?

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hi tvet3media, i think you ask on wrong themes. btw i already reply your question on our forum.

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Hello, Ìs it possible to import the “Bike Shop” demo ? Also, is it possible to change the language on these shopping pages ?


hi Stijn_vdh. Yes you can.

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I have now updated the theme in every possible way, however each time my site breaks and I get a 500 error and a white screen. There has to be a bug in the latest version. We are running WP 4.6.1 and on WP Engine hosting. Please advise.

Hi NicoleAnthony,

We sorry for the inconvenience caused. It is an “Internal Server Error (500)”, white screen indicates that the error logs into file instead of displaying direct to screen. Could you please send the error message (from error logs file) regarding this error? Kindly post to our support forum here: for further assistance.

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Hi Author,

Could you take a look at thread #22167?


Hi farshidsaffari, we have replied it. Thank you

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Stiwano Purchased

Please vote for this website using Jkreativ theme on Thank you. Best Stephen Iwanowsky

Hi Stephen,

Sure! Its our pleasure. Good luck!

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Hi, I need to add Bandcamp icon on menu, but is not available on JKreativ dashboard.

How could I fix this?

Thanks in advance for your response.

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How can I change logo?

hi Naqvi_Adam, you can go to customizer > navigation – top. and you can change the logo right there. if you have another question, please post your question on our support forum at

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Hi.We have an issue to get one of the sections from one demo to works like is on the demo page. I speak about this demo :

and for the last section named Awesome customer support. We would like to have people images to shows in the same way like on that section but we can’t get this to works no matter we use the same code after demo import and just change the images.

So when we did demo import you know that the section even not looks like on your demo but insted looks like this: Scroll down to the section and you know how the placeholder images appear. Here is comming the bad thing – we saw how this effect is done here but it seems like one blank image is used and just the place of the black(grey) head and body of the person is changed in the place of the whole image, If you change this images they all start to comes one on the top of other and the effect is not the same. See what is coming when we did change of your images :

SO how we can get the same effect like ON YOUR DEMO PAGE wich i mention at the beginning of this comment? There is no any place in the documentation how this section is done and why after the demo import even the placeholders of the images are not the same like on the demo. Can you help as soon as possible and if you need please leave me an email where i can send you admin details for access if they are neccessery. Thank you

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Thanks. i did it

I have added the woocommerce variations with images, Variations working fine with price when Iam selecting the options. But images not changing as selecting the option.

please let me know what the hell going with it.

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Hi Jegtheme team! Hope you’re doing well.

I have a small issue with Jkreativ theme: apparently the two lines menu option can’t be activated from the “admin/customize” interface. I’d like to know if there’s a way to add it with some code in your theme files?

Thanks for your help.

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I really dont know why, but blog format image slider doesn’t work when the page is set blog normal layout. Where is the problem?

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Unfortunately I don’t have access to the account my company used to purchase our theme, so I figured I could ask my question on this forum instead. Id there’s another platform I can use, please let me know. I was wanting to know how you go about changing the content in a two-line menu, particularly the top line. I’ve looked under Menus and Widgets, but the content for the top line of the navigation isn’t there. However I can edit the bottom line of the menu, which shows up under the Menus tab.

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Updated the theme. Visual Composer is at version 4.6.2 does it need to be updated to 5.0 version? I am not able to get it to update.

Figured it out. Delete old plugin, upload prepacked version with theme

Great fluentd :)

Hi Team,

Can you please help me with changing the background color of the Sticky Menu from Black to White?

Thanks :).

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Is there anyway you can email me at I have a couple questions on this theme.

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Good afternoon! It happened that I bought the theme Jkreativ – Multilayer Parallax MultiPurpose Theme and installed it in a domain, but it was necessary to change to a sub-domain so that I develop the site and only after completing the development I will move to the main domain. In this migration Visual Composer is not active and I can not change anything on the site. I only need Visual Composer to be activated because I paid for a theme that I still can not use. The domain is currently: And soon after completing the development will be installed in:

I need this urgently. My purchase email was:

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we only provide support from our forum only.

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