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My photo pages do not load on mobile devices. I can open on my phone without problems. But when I try to open the page ‘spontane fotos’ Nothing happens. I have this on all my jegtheme websites. & The photos are small sized (500kb) and The page is set to only load max 25 images per load.

Please help

I just solved the issue myself. A plugin (called retina) caused this issue

great MrIpkiss :)

not super stoked by how VC never seems to come properly packaged with theme updates… when will you be releasing VC 4.12?? because it’s NOT in the june theme update… that one is still VC 4.11.2….......

hi powherhouse, we surely going to upgrade vc version in next update. we are focusing more to our themes, how it work the best with our themes. we are not focusing too much on VC it self. as we use vc only for building landing page, and we previously have our legacy page builder that have ability to do that too. we use vc mainly to make user easier to build their landing page. upgrading vc to add their feature is actually not too important for our themes. while it may cause another issues raised because incompatiblity.

what we focus here is compatibility, and stability of our themes as our experience, many product having their stable release after several update. latest issues we encountered is woocommerce update to version 2.6. it having another issues with paypal checkout. older version doesn’t have those issues.

we use to be early adopter. but the problem is, for production product, you need to have very stable product.

hopefully you understand. Thank you


My client is suing your theme, but I get this screenshot on the theme, is this a legal copy?

One of my clients asked me if I can host his website, I asked for the login details, and I was checking everything but I found this my client is saying that he doesn’t know anything, he paid someone to design his website.

The screenshot of the theme is here

This looks like a pirated theme, right?

I am not hosting it in my server, if is not a legit theme…

yes its pirated themes. beware with it. it may stole your password or do you so much harm on your website.

Thank you, we are not hosting this website.

The featured image has been uploaded to the correct area (image cover) but it will not show in the standard post slider area.

hi 2crhoades, can you send your question on our support forum at

Thank you

Hi, i have an error with google map -> google-maps-api-error-missing-keymap-error how can i add my api key on your template? In the jkreative Map Wrapper

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Thank you

Hi Author I sent a request on July 23. Could you respond ASAP? My thread number is 21388. Thanks for all support

hi farshidsaffari, we will take a look at your question.

Thank you

Will your theme be updating to fix the google map’s need for an API key as of July 22, 2016? I just moved my site to a new domain and the map is broken and I’m not sure where to put the api.

hi 2crhoades, we notice that you are not buying this themes yet. btw if you have another question, please post your question on our forum at

Thank you

This is a general question, and one that should be answered before purchase. I’ve bought the theme under a different account name. All new domains are going to have a broken contact page without an API update.

ah sorry. yes sure we surely will update it. we already update almost all of our themes, we already have update for jkreativ too. but we need to update jkreativ compatibility with woocommerce before we submit it to themeforest.


canito Purchased


No matter what I do (the background on Blog layout clean doesn’t change of colour, I tried adding the code with the child theme, nothing, change the background color on the theme, nothing, change the colour on the page and nothing,,

Any idea what I am doing wrong? This is the page and the colour I need in the background is #e69000

Thanks for the help

hi canito, you can try to add this code, and put it on jkreativ dashboard > Additional Style > Custom CSS :

.blog .jviewport {
    background: #e69000;

Thank you


LoMarie Purchased

how do you add a portfolio parent

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Thank you

Hi, I want to show footer section in blog and blog post page. But I am not able to show it. Please tell me how I can show it. Waiting respond. Thanks!

hi itcompany, please send your question on our support forum at also i notice that your support package is expired. can you please renew your support page.

Thank you

hi, with yuour bundle is it possibile a multilayer parallax effect when scrolling? i would like to build a site similar to this:

Hi photospherical,

Sure, the parallax effect works when scrolling certainly. This theme has feature to add multi-layered (unlimited) parallax background, you could see the actual parallax effect work on our demo:

Thank you

Hi for some reason the website url is being added before the social media url on the icon menu? any ideas?

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Thank you