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Hi, how to set up mega menu ?

Your help pages say nothing about it…

The comments here refer to a link that lo longer exists !


you need to install mega main menu that including with the themes if you want mega menu.

Thank you

Hi, i need to translate all sentences in portfolio page buttons (Next Portfolio, Previous Portfolio, etc.), how can i do that ?

you can use plugin such as to translate your language. if you need multi language, you can use WPML or polylang.

Thank you


canito Purchased


Quick question, if i want to have a site with 5 pages (all using the same layout as this one) can i do this?

hi canito, sure you can. you will just need to create new page using those design.

Thank you

Hello, you last updated Dec 17 and wordpress 4.7, can we use this theme without any problems with 4.9?

hi Jerry. sure you can

Hello, how can I put full width google map, thank you.

Hi jerryblackjapan,

If you mean to put fullwidth google map on the landing page, please try to use JKreativ Fullwidth Map element.

Thank you

Thank you, I did it !

Hello. I have made a thread in your support forum, but have gotten no response on the issue I am experiencing. When using Visual Composer Page Builder v5.4.7 with the JKreativ theme plugin for v2.4.4, I am unable to edit pages in Classic Mode. How can I go about resolving this issue?

hi RachelKHawkins, i have reply your question on forum.

Thank you

I tested your solution and it did not work. It also broke other plugins. I have mentioned this on the forum, and once again gotten no response. Please advise.

I have problem with the installation of “Dummy Data”. When i install this item, i can`t edit the theme. I go to “customize” and the webpage doesnt load, and says “this webpage dont work”. Besides, the Dummy Data options not apear. So what can i do??

Hi crazyfaceman,

Can you please try to enable WP_DEBUG on your website? To show if there’s any error message occur. Also, please try to disable all plugins except required plugin for Jkreativ.

Thank you


The portfolio menu doesn’t get highlighted/active when viewing a portfolio item, is this normal ?

example here :

(“livre album” and “exemples d’albums” menu should be active)

hi langlais, yes its normal. because portfolio its mention on menu is portfolio page.

Thank you

Commenting again because my original issue has not been resolved and I never received a response on the support forum following up about the issue.

The fix suggested not only didn’t work, but also broke other plugins. My first post about this issue was on April 3rd. It’s May 14th and I still don’t have a solution nor have I received consistent communication regarding the issue.

Further advice on this issue would be appreciated should the Jkreativ team decide to find the time to address its customers.

hi RachelKHawkins, our staff have been answer your question on forum.

Thank you

I replied to the forum response yesterday.


I have an issue with this theme,

The problem is: the video does not autoplay sudenly… Do I have to renew the support to solve it?

The wierd thing is: If I log in the video autoplay but if not the video does not autoplay. I have tried to see in a test site to see if this was any plugin or it is the theme issue and the problem seem to be in the theme.

Could you test or check?

Again: If I have to pay for the support I will, but please check it because I think it might happen for some more people,



hi blanke, it seems on chrome, its prohibited to run video auto played. i still unable to find any workaround about this issue.


blanke Purchased


Do you think I can use a shotcode from some plugin to try the autoplay?

Or any other option to solve it?


yes sure you can. but it will need you to inject the shortcode directly to the file. and i don’t really have idea what kind of plugin that work that way.

Thank you

Commenting for a third time because the JKreativ team will only respond to my support forum comments if I make a comment here.

It has been 5 days since my last reply to which I have received no response. Here is another reminder that the issue I am dealing with originated on April 3rd and I still have no solution nor have I received consistent communication.

This is getting beyond unprofessional.

hi RachelKHawkins, we have answer your question on forum.

Thank you