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Hello Admin, Do you providing Mobile Application also with Wordpress theme?

Hi @ riveriaglobal , Yes, Android Mobile app is given for free with theme’s package. Explore demo here : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.chimpstudio.jobcareer&hl=en

feel free to ask if you have any question about theme.


On using WooCommerce Payment gateway (instead of theme), when I selected the payment via PayPal, job was created immediately along with transaction approved while I was redirected to sandbox account payment page where I didn’t make the payment and didn’t even come back through page redirect. Can you please confirm if this auto approval of transaction is intentional behavior as this looks like a bug to me :(

Hi @ jwaqas , You can place the query on Ticket where you will be assisted after looking in to the site and configurations.


Ok, I will place it after hearing back on the performance issue as thats most urgent issue and blocking our development. Dont want you guys to distract due to this new issue. One thing i noticed in this is that, order in woocommerce is still pending (as it should be because no payment done) but the theme transaction says approved.

Thanks for acknowledgement. Keep in touch with team to get all checked and sorted.

Can user select search on country or city? I see that in backend the option says Country and Cities which only allows to search by selecting city and not the country alone. For example if i have hong kong or dubai which doesn’t have city in them then they wont get selected for search.

If i enable country only then it wont search city. I want user to be able to select either and not city+country. Please advise.

Hi @ jwaqas , Please be advised countries & cities search is employed to show grouping on frontend for countries and cities.

For instance, Aberdeen, Washington VS Aberdeen, Scotland are cities with same name in different countries. So, you can see the exact hierarchy using given option on frontend.

I hope it is clear now.


Hello All !

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Can you please de-register my purchase code with current linked site? I asked for this on ticket twice in last 2 days but seems like due to my multiple messages things are getting missed/overlooked. I wish there could have been an option to edit message in your ticket system.

Your help and attentive replies are appreciated.

Hi @ jwaqas , Thanks for your followup here.

keep following your Work is already under consideration by developer. Thanks alot



Presales Questions:

1.Is it possible to have a field named “expire date” instead of post date, right over here: http://prntscr.com/t24h3u ?

2. At home screen, is it possible to have “latest jobs” listed, and look like the “featured jobs” ? http://prntscr.com/t24k27

3. If needed do you have a paid service for my own costumisation?Programming,adjustments, etc… Whats the price?


Hi @ pbarreto , Thanks for your kind interest in JobCareer Theme.

1. That can be possible via code tweaks.

2. By default sorting is already set to latest on top.

3. You can explain your customization requests along with all clear requirements, list of features, functionalities and estimated budget here: http://chimpgroup.com/crm/index.php/quotation. Customization team will be more than glad to provide you with the counts and quotation as per your requirements.



Beautiful job on your new theme. I have a few questions before purchasing.

1) If client needs to extend the fields for either job postings or resume inputs i.e. content requested from a candidate, is this hard to do?

2) Is it possible to list jobs from the admin without having to go through a payment option? This will be setup so that it’s used for client to post available jobs from companies they partner with and so there will only be one admin who has access to post the jobs that are seen on the front end of the site.

3) Is it easy to hide the option to join as an employer? Only candidates will be creating accounts. Also, is it easy to limit access to apply for a job to logged in candidates? Need to require people to create an account before they can apply to a job.

4) Do you offer freelance assistance with features that may go beyond the standard settings i.e. request listed in #1 above?

5) We need to be able to create a custom login process that would enable a candidate to fill out a form when they first sign up that asks some legal related questions? I assume this would be custom development work, just want to make sure this would be something you could help with. A lot of job sites require candidates to fill out some voluntary self identification info and client has requested this ability.

So we would need to ask these questions in the process of creating an account.

Work Authorization (HR to check with compliance) • Are you at least 18 years of age? • Are you legally authorized to work in the United States? • Will you require sponsorship for employment (e.g., H-1B, TN, E-3) now or in the future?

Diversity Questions • Ethnicity • Race • Gender • Veteran Status

Disability-Related questions

6) Apply Via LinkedIn? I am confused about the apply for job via LinkedIn option, is this just an option to login via LinkedIn? When I am logged out and see this option, I can click it to create an account, but once logged in I don’t see an option to apply via LinkedIn? Also, doesn’t show that I applied for that job under my profile. Is this just a quick way to login and apply when not logged into the portal?

Thanks again!

Hi @ brooklynkid , Thanks for your Good words about Jobcareer Theme.

1. Custom fields will help to extend jobs, candidate and employer profile fields. Built in fields modification / addition /editing will require custom work.

2. Yes, Free job posting option is given in theme. Admin can post jobs on behalf of any single employer from backend.

3. Yes, Employer registration can be set to OFF from backend settings.

4. No such options are not given.

5. That can be possible only via custom work.

6. Yes, Apply with linkedin button let user to login via his linkedin account and later apply to that job.


Thanks again! You said for #4 “No such options are not given.” does this mean you wouldn’t be able to assist via freelance work in adding a few additional required fields when applying for a job or adding a step before they reply that asks them to accept a term via drop down? In #5 you said some of this is available via custom work. I just want to make sure that I can tell the client we can extend these features and count on your team to assist, obviously for a fee for the work based on requirements. Thanks.

Also “Custom fields will help to extend jobs, candidate and employer profile fields.” Does this mean the backend already has the option to extend these 3 sections via custom fields option?

4 , 5 . Could you please explain your customization request along with all clear requirements, list of features, functionalities and estimated budget here: http://chimpgroup.com/crm/index.php/quotation. Customization team will be more than glad to provide you with the counts and quotation as per your requirements.

- Yes, Custom fields are given for jobs, employers and candidates.

Can you update revolution slider on your site? Currently your site is serving 6.2.12 while the latest is 6.2.14 due to which import checks are failing for JobCareer import. Thanks

Hi @ jwvj , Yes, New version of slider will be updated shortly on live server. Thanks


This doesn’t seem to be updated yet as your site is still serving 6.2.12 version.

Open ticket and get latest version of slier from here : http://chimpgroup.com/support

What does Job Alert feature does in the Employer Account? (It comes under profile tab menu)? It says “You did not have any job alerts.”. Isnt this feature for candidate only?

Hi @ jwvj , Job alerts are generally based on save searches and email is received against any Saved search as per their frequency configurations. Read for more detail here: http://chimpgroup.com/knowledgebase/job-alerts-save-search/


This doesn’t answer my question. What purpose job alert is serving for employer? As employers are not searching for jobs and instead this is candidate specific feature. In your demo, employer has the job alert menu (on left) and notification menu (right top) option appearing, which shouldn’t be visible for users with employer roles. Why its showing up for employer?

This is builtin for both type of frontend users. Employer can be a small company looking for jobs from big company. Incase you dont want it on your site you can hide it via code customization for employer.


Hi @ nazar000 , Could you share me email address and purchase code via use contact form given on profile page where i can de-register for you.


thanks done

Welcome please rate theme now. Good day

I worked according to the instructions but could not install:

2. Mailchimp API’s are required to activate Newsletter by Mailchimp

Configure Mail Chimp Key and created Mail Chimp List properly in Mailchimp account. Moreover, Selected the created list in Mail Chimp settings in: Dashboard / Appearance / CS Theme options / API settings / Mail Chimp

Please help me

Hi @ thetam1983 , Would you mind to write what is the trouble after configuration API and list now ? Can you show me screenshot where you assigned list ?



Pre-sale question,

I am interested in this theme. My question is Can a freelancer promote himself? If anyone is interested in using a freelancer service, is there a system that connects clients and freelancers? Like a “hire us button” on the freelancer page.

Vice versa, is there a system that regulates negotiations between employers and freelancers?

It might seem like a fiveer website, but we want to provide services that can provide both jobs (fulltime anda partime) and micro-job / project-based-jobs on freelancers.

Thank you very much.

Hi @ manchestermania , Appreciate your kind interest in JobCareer Theme.

There are many functions in our theme that support your idea but freelancer is a totally different concept. This theme is a jobboard theme and might not have all the features of a freelance website. But with customization, you can achieve your desired functionality.


Ik heb goede service gekregen voor de vertaling van mijn wordpress naar de Nederlandse taal. Snel bereikbaar

Hi @ el-kouch , Heel erg bedankt voor het nemen van de tijd en het waarderen van onze harde inspanningen. Goede dag

vriendelijke groeten

Hello, i think you have to change look and feel in theme. I want to know does your job theme support registration using OTP. if yes i am ready to proceed to buy.

Hi @ developerindia , Thanks for your kind interest in JobCareer Theme.

Yes, JobCareer Theme is not only a theme but a hub of huge features and functionalities required to create a perfect Jon portal site with no extra cost and plugins. OTP option is not given in theme. You may hire any freelancer / developer to create that out for you on your request.

If you have any other question, i am all ears.


Presales Query:

Where does the job posting data gets stored? Does it get stored in a database backend?

Hi @ murugansundar1 , Appreciate your kind interest in Jobcareer Theme.

JobCareer Theme is using WordPress default database tables to store its information and Jobs posting and meta data is saved in : ‘wp_postmeta’ database table of Wordpress.

Here is our live knowledge base, documentation, Faq’s and video tutorials that will help you setup your site easily.

Knowledge base

Online Documentation

Online Video Tutorials


Hi guys, great theme! Quick question – for some reason the default header with image did not import when i imported demo data. How can I get that fixed? Is there a place I can set that up? Right now my pages have a blank space where the header image would go. Thanks for your assistance.

Thanks. You can help us out greatly by rating our theme for us, visit your downloads tab and give us a nice 5 star rating

Link : https://themeforest.net/downloads

Hey guys, trying to create a support ticket but it says it is already being used. I had you cancel my original ticket so I never knew what the Ticket ID was. Can you help? HAd a few questions I need help with

Here is your Ticket No : 877400

You can follow further to check status here : http://chimpgroup.com/support/view.php

The Purchase Code is being used on another site. Please deregister it from there and then try again we are getting this error , since we are tryining to install on production domain . thanks

Hi @ surfmagix , No worries, I have de-registered it now on your request. You may use it.

You can help me out greatly by rating our theme for us, visit your downloads tab and give us a nice 5 star rating! https://themeforest.net/downloads


hi there,

when i post job link like this, instead of showing the employer logo, it is showing the website cropped logo instead. can you please help .


Your regular Support license had already been expired. You just need to renew Support license if you need support further regarding jobcareer theme. Read licensing details here: http://themeforest.net/licenses/standard

Custom work will be required to remove employer data from jobs. you can enlist developer’s help for this.

noted. understandable.

i try to reinstall the theme, unfortunately i forgot to de-register the code form my previous installation.

please help. my registration email is lochangyong@gmail.com web is for archix.org

Thanks. I have de-registered purchase code. You may use it now.

i send you a message but no answer since some days . the theme is not working good

Hi @ chefdior , Seems you missed to check the Ticket reply which was already given on 12/06/2020. Snapshot : https://prnt.sc/ta7tk1

You need to login and write them back by following Ticket No : 244345 over here : http://chimpgroup.com/support/view.php

Looking forward to assist you



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