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Hello! When I on Schema Data then my single job display like Tablet mode Please see this screenshot https://prnt.sc/syctxz please solve this issue

Please I have not support solve my issue one time in last support I have not check this issue

Please check again if your problem not resolved, please kindly contact with our support team to help you.

I have expired my support tenure

After importing demo with WP Bakery, is it possible to import the Elementor templates without loosing all other settings ?

Thank you.

The settings not lose but I think you should use one page builder WPBakery or Elementor.

Best regards.

Pre-sales Question – is it possible to create website registration function,Interface,Design like this – https://bit.ly/3cVkJ1A

And will it work with the Gravity Form (Multi step form Submission)

Sorry, We still have not tested the theme with Gravity Form.

Best regards.

Pre-sales Question – is it possible to create website registration function,Interface,Design like this – https://bit.ly/3cVkJ1A

using Elementor

Sorry, i can’t check your demo, please check again.

Hi, I want to buy this template but I have two questions, 1) I dont want it for jobs, its to manage documents and follow up on them, and then look for those documents. 2) In the information to Post resume, can I change all the fields in the categories or are already defined without being able to change them? Thanks a lot

Dear, because the Jobmonster theme is job board theme and it can’t use for manage documents because in theme have some special fields only suitable for Job type.

Best regards.


Nice theme. On mobile the filter doesn’t open at the top https://prnt.sc/szgn7z – so the user has to scroll up to get to the start of the filter – is there a way to fix this?


That only style issues, we’re will check to fix it.

Best regards.

Ok thanks, I will purchase this theme then, it seems nice and the only problem I see. I think the filter needs to appear under the filter button, not above it, that would solve the issue


Purwo87 Purchased

Good day! First I can’t verify purchase code on your Forum, it says it’s not valid, but it is for sure. Second I have real problems with new users registration as it bugged , and when new users trying to register it doesn’t allow them inside but again asking login and pass details especially on MAC and Iphone devices. PLEASE help to solve this ! Thx

Dear, please kindly check your topic on Support forum again.


brb24 Purchased

Please look at topic n. #1123304 in nootheme.com/forums and resolve it, this theme is not usable at the moment for me. Also the support forum is not usable because it is hiding the purchased item i had registered and if i insert the purchase code again that give me an error. I cannot use it anymore with a valid purchased license.


brb24 Purchased

Yes, i wrote ‘Job location bad behavior’. The license i had registered in support forum is disappear, so i can’t write on your forum anymore. In first view this line in function.php resolve the problem, is changed something?

the custom code will change your site to use chosen js, please add custom code and check your site again.

Well, now it not works in mobile version. The select element doesn’t get display. How can I solve?

Hi guys, how to hide job posting date from the front page listings? i am getting layout issue when displaying two rows

To hide it, please add custom CSS on your site
.jobs-shortcode .job-date-ago {
    display: none;

Best regards.

Feature suggest: The indeed job import need to have a control of the freshness of jobs to avoid importing old jobs. When I import jobs, I check the keywords first in the indeed relevant country site and try to import the same in the plugin but it doesn’t import exactly same jobs as the search result of indeed and also mess up the dates and imports even one year old jobs sometime. Kindly improve the plugin to control the freshness of the jobs by bounding the search and import of jobs between two sets of dates and not import old and expired jobs. Hope this will be a good feature and be appreciated by others.

Thank you for feedback! Please remove noo jobs import old version on your site then download Noo Jobs Import v1.1.6 and install your site again then check Indeed job imports.

In Indeed import of new version is support ‘fromage’ parameter to get job by published day, you can read API document more in HERE

Best regards.

Is there a way to change the Advanced Search title font color? Like, the title for each desired search criteria field? Right now mine is white but my background is white there too, so you can’t see it. see remotemedicaljobs.com – Thanks!

Dear, Please add custom CSS code on your site to fix your problem.
.noo-job-search-wrapper .job-advanced-search.vertical .control-label {
    color: inherit;

Thank you so much- really appreciate it.

Hello, I want to know if it’s possible with a normal plan that has max this:

max input vars – 300 – maximum value post max size – 128M – maximum value memory limit 512M – maximum value

this is the maximum in 99% of hosting companies under a shared hosting plan or cloud hosting or wordpress hosting.

It seems that all the themes for job recruiting require settings that are only possible with vpn hosting or dedicated hosting which costs between 70$ and 150$ a month (first year can be cheaper but when you renew after 1 year it’s really expensive)

It seems like these themes are all a SCAM because this is NOWHERE clearly visible in your publicity, people are NOT getting refunded and I was following the reviews from different Themeforest themes and it seems like your website (themeforest.net) is deleting a lot of bad reviews when people complain about this.

You also need this for jobmonster theme?

max_execution_time= 600 max_input_time= 1200 max_input_vars= 10000 post_max_size= 8084M memory_limit= 8084M

please respond honest


Dear, the Jobmonster theme work with Wordpress requirements But when use, your site have big data and you need use a higher configuration system, that is reason why themes for job recruiting require settings that are only possible with vpn hosting or dedicated hosting

Best regards.

Nice way to avoid admitting what you guys are doing;

Why there is NO, null, zero clear information about that?

Hundreds of people got scammed like this and end up with a theme they can’t use because of the expensive hosting, needed and get NO refund. For a startup in my country that’s not possible.

Are the owners of these job board themes all friends, because looks like they all have the same illegal way of selling. But probably your company is registered in a country that keeps you safe from lawsuits.

Stop persuating people into things they can’t use please

Put clear on your publicity page:


is that hard? For you guys yes, because you only care about the money and envato deletes most bad reviews.

Please change your publicity ASAP


Is there a way to add custom fields to the profile or resumes?

Some industries, particularly in health care, in this instance require a lot more information from candidates and attachments.


Hi, how do I achieve this? I can’t see how I add custom fields to the resume? – I can’t see anything in the documentation either

Please go to admin menu ‘Jobmonster -> Custom Fields -> Resumes’ to add custom field for resumes. if you can’t do it, please kindly contact with our support team on https://nootheme.com/forums/ Our supporter will check details problem on your site to help you.

Best regards.

This is amazing!!!! Thank you!

need to add field on registration form phone number field is there a code i can add ?

Sorry, the Jobmonster not support add custom field in register form.

Best regards.

i was hoping to get the name of the file for his

Dear, it’s ‘Display name’ in register form.


Good Day, I changed the primary color of the theme from default to Green and then, Green to blue. But when I am login as Administrator then, it’s color is still Green (check here https://snipboard.io/ODmC0j.jpg) but that’s not the case when we are not login (check here https://snipboard.io/CR9xOo.jpg). How do I fix this issue?

Also open registration. I am not receiving any email

Dear, i can’t view your image, please check again.

Best regards.

Sorry, here’s are new links of images. 1. https://snipboard.io/ODmC0j.jpg 2. https://snipboard.io/CR9xOo.jpg

I check your site i see it’s display like https://snipboard.io/CR9xOo.jpg That is color you use ? If right, i think that problem because cache on your site site or your browser, please clear cache to check again.

Best regards.


jbein Purchased

Hello, I just installed your theme, however, I couldn’t find the “Apply with Linkedin” Option, how can I show it?

Sorry, the Linkedin no longer supports API for apply job, so the apply part doesn’t work.

Best regards.

Hello! My website does not currently show an icon. How can I fix it? thank http://tagsa.co.th/

Dear, please kindly contact with our support team on Support forum Our support team will check details to help you.

Best regards.

Hello, are you planning to provide android/ios app service?

Sorry, we’re not support mobile app.

Best regards.

Hello,I have tried to reach through my job monster forum account but since I forgot my password. The captcha you have does not let me retrieve it.

I purchased the support extension on 19 May 2020 Invoice No: IVIP38030217 Order No: 126284959

Joef at Envato Customer Success provided me with this link to try to see if I could reach you.

Apart from trying to access through the forum, I have also tried contacting you through https://themeforest.net/user/nootheme#contact and your facebook Nootheme page.

My name is Elizabeth Gámez of MIKALOS.com and the email address connected to the Jobmonster Forum Account is lizgamez60@hotmail.com

Looking forward to your prompt response.

Liz Gámez

We’re don’t receive any your email via profile contact, please kindly check again.

Best regards.

Thank for your response, the thing is IT HAS BEEN IMPOSSIBLE TO connect through my profile contact because I lost my password, and when I try to retrieve it the CAPTCHA FORM YOU INSTALLED FREEZES and over and over requests from me to enter my email: I do so over and over and the same problem happens again-THE CAPTCHA FORM FREEZES AGAIN, I have uploaded a screenshot of this situation to your facebook page. Someone from your team saw it, but did not respond back, all that person asked me to what to provide my login and password credentials to assist me. Unfortunately that is the core of the problem.

As I am writing to you, I have just thought of a possible solution: What is your mother tongue? Maybe I could try to find someone in my country to translate into your mother tongue what I have been writing to you over your facebook page, the envato customer service and here. It must be a matter of miscommunication, since in the past I received great support service.

Noo Team, I truly like your work, but since I renewed my support service and has not been able to receive a response I have been feeling hesitant, concerned, disappointed, and I am putting into balance whether all this effort is worth my time. With the COVID situation it has been harder to get people interested to come to my website, yet sometimes I wish they do not come, since the technical issue I have is related to you the theme owners, not the hosting.

Without your support I am in darkness, I can not see the level of the difficulty of the issue my site is showing me, I am not a technical expert at all.

These are the technical issues I have.

Error: cURL error 28: Operation timed out after 10001 milliseconds with 0 bytes received (http_request_failed)

the above error affects the rest API and the loopback request.

- there is also another problem with a wp filter.

Looking forward to your response,


Elizabeth Gámez

Please kindly send for me an email via https://themeforest.net/user/nootheme#contact i will help you to check your account.

Best regards.