Jobplanet - Responsive Job Board WordPress Themes

Jobplanet - Responsive Job Board WordPress Themes


Jobplanet – Responsive Job Board WordPress Themes

JobPlanet is a full stack job board / portal theme for WordPress. Unlike other themes that require you to buy other plugins to build a full functioning site, Jobplanet just works. No need to buy anything else, Jobplanet works on its own, check out our demo site to see for yourself. Jobplanet is perfect for recruiters, employment agencies or any business that requires employment listings.

No Additional Plugins Required

Stay under budget and ahead of schedule, with Jobplanet you have a fully functional, easily deployable employment listing website at your fingertips. There is no need to waste time or money on additional plugins or hire a developer to build your website.

HTML Email Template

We provide HTML based email templates, creating more professional brand presentation.

One-Click Initial Setup & Full Demo Importer

Our themes are not gimicks, we provide a true one-click demo install. We also provide initial setup features to help you set up your website quickly.

100% Mobile and Retina Display Friendly Responsive Design

Jobplanet is compatible with most any modern device with a screen, from small smartphones to widescreen monitors.

Social Login

User registration & login with Jobplanet couldn’t be easier. Feature rich Social Media Integration. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are all accessible tools in Jobplanet.

Ajax Search and Filter

Finding a job has never been easier. Our advanced ajax based filters make job searches fast, dynamic and extremely user-friendly.

Apply with LinkedIn, CV, or Resume

Jobplanet provides a complete, streamlined format for job seekers applying for employment openings. Users can apply via LinkedIn, CV, or with a resume created right in Jobplanet.

Job Alert

Don’t worry, your users won’t miss any job vacancies. User customized, filtered job vacancy updates are automatically sent out every day to potential job seekers. Jobplanet also provides real-time alerts for job candidates, updating them of any changes to their application statuses.

Update Log

== 1.1.1 ==
- fix address not showing when edit job
- add class on search & input job to make it easier on CSS

== 1.1.0 ==
- fix issues showing "or" on "Location to display the social login feature" setup
- update visual composer to version 5

== 1.0.9 ==
- fix issues for job expiry when used without woocommerce
- fix issues with resume filter
- fix issues maps toggle
- fix issues with category missing on job detail

== 1.0.8 ==
- fix wrong text domain on jobplanet plugin & jobplanet themes
- fix wording for salary so it can be translated
- add option to insert google map api key
- update visual composer to version 4.12

== 1.0.7 ==
- fix issues salary filter issues
- fix issues with email footer

== 1.0.6 ==
- add edit button for employer on each single page
- update visual composer to version 4.11.2 to make it compatible with WordPress 4.5

== 1.0.5 ==
- fix issues with plugin translation

== 1.0.4 ==
- fix issues with wrong upload
- compatibility with php version 5.3
- upgrade visual composer version to 4.10

== 1.0.3 ==
- fix missing menu on applicant menu
- fix issues with language selector on themes

== 1.0.2 ==
- change resume class to singleton
- fix resume search empty value
- fix language folder
- change search using google location suggestion
- add company listing page

== 1.0.1 ==
- fix issues with empty resume title