Discussion on Jobseek - Job Board WordPress Theme

Discussion on Jobseek - Job Board WordPress Theme

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Pre Sale Questions

A. Does your theme support:

1. Users signing up to job alert emails 2. WooCommerce Paid Listing Packages 3. Bookmarking/favouriting of jobs by users 4. Applications via a form and employers viewing the applications via a dashboard

without having to pay a yearly subscription for the WP Job Manager add ons?

B. Does your theme create location specific pages (eg www.jobsite.com/london ) based on the location of job postings as they get added by employers?

C. Does your theme automatically structure each job listing so it qualifies for Google JobPosting schema?

Now theme is built using templates (php files) and WPBakery plugin to build content.

New verison will use native WP block editor for the content and for the templates. No page builders, much less code and bloat. Just a new way to build with WordPress. Soon all themes will be built like this.

Still, some plugins does not support block editing, but it is possible to use them because block editor support shortcodes as well.

That’s useful to know – so you’ll have a whole new look to this theme then? More design options to choose from?

Design will be almost same, just updated and more flexibility. No options – you can built with block editor whatever you want (almost).

hi just want to ask if the Search widgets are customizable? and both resume and candidate search boxes can be used at the same page just like the image below?

we only need a simple search like this https://drive.google.com/file/d/15j_KOmiJL-s2h2kEDWBngECjJQyWj4xa/view?usp=share_link.. is this achievable in your theme?

Just any filter plugin that work with custom posts.

If you can tell what parameters you want to have filter for – I can tell you for sure?

I’m not really a code guy, all iwe want is a page with Jobs Search and Skill Search , im using wp job manager plugin.

In that case – all must be good.

Work in Mobile devices?

Hi, of course, you can test it on your phone. Thank you.


2jsl2 Purchased

Hello you need to update your theme now so that WPBakery & Slider Revolution can also be updated. also in version 2.33, the mobile menu has erratic behavior. also, the plugin Testimonials causing fatal error. please revisit your theme now and update as necessary.


can you be more specific about what is wrong with the mobile menu? I tested it on different devices but all is good for me.

Make sure that you have fixed Testimonial plugin. Deactivate and delete it, and install again from theme suggestion to install it. This may fix it.

I am working on a theme update, with many improvements. But if there are really critical issues I will release a smaller one before.

Thank you.

Hi there,

is it possible to disable Ajax on jobs listing page and categories like http://jobseek.coffeecreamthemes.com/find-a-job/ ?

I want users to load page 2, 3, 4 and so one, so it will loads new adsense banners each time …

thank you

Hello, yes it is easily possible to switch to usual pagination. Thank you.

Hello, I want to buy this. But when I checked you demo than candidate and employer same dashboard. But I want to employer only post a job. Why they are same access?

Any live website link send me for check finally.

Hello, sorry for the delay. Out of the box the WP Job Manager plugin does not have any separation of user role. There is an addon that can offer such functionality: https://codecanyon.net/item/dashboard-and-user-account-for-wp-job-manager-addons-and-woocommerce/34747803 Thank you.

Actually I am using masteratudy educational theme to run my institute, now i want to add this job portal in same domain

1. Is that possible? If yes, Please let me know how 2. Both designs are different, do i get any theme related errors

In this case I recommend you to install a job board plugin for your website. Theme is not what you need from your words.

Does your plugin have an option to review a job application by the admin before that application is sent to the poster?

In other words: let’s say I found a job post that I’m interested in and I decide to apply for it. Here the admin will review my application and my profile before I send it, to check if I am the right fit for that position. If my application is approved then the employer will receive a message with my message.

Hello, there is no such feature at the moment. Thank you.

my website Hamburger Menu is not showing for the mobile and tabs. please help me with this

Hello, I need to see a website, but instead I see “Sorry, we’re doing some work on the site” page. Thank you.

hi author, theme is updated to 2.32 but the WPBakery is still in previous version. Tried many times to update the plugin but still stuck on prev version. What to do? Thanks

Hello please try to deactivate and delete the plugin, and then follow the them message asking you to install it. Thank you.

2.32 – April 18, 2022

  • WPBakery & Slider Revolution updated

wp bakery page builder need to update have some issue . got access by attackers.

Updated – v2.32.

Hi, I want to be sure I can use your theme for my project. Please see details below:

1. Posting jobs is free 2. Freelancers get notifications if any job in their field and location posted. 3. Freelancers can search and filter to find the jobs they want to do. 4. Freelancers must pay and become a member to see the job details and apply. 5. I want the membership with Woocommerce 6. After the job is done, job owners can review the freelancers. 7. Member freelancers can be listed and sort by their review score.

Are these possible?

Thank you!


this is not specifically a freelance platform, but more a job board. The things you ask are possible, but with the number of paid addons and some code customizations.

Thank you!

Hi author, where to change the Menu in the Header not to become All Caps/Upper Case? I want normal Menu only and not all caps. thanks

Hello, if you don’t see job types you can just remove all of them and they will not display then. Or with CSS:

.job_listings .job_listing .job-type { display: none; }

thank you author! btw, do you know how to hide the rss link where it cannot been in mobile view? i tried this:

a.rss_link { display: none; }

the rss link is not displayed in laptop/desktop view but in mobile browser, the rss link is still shown. i don’t want to be seen this with the users/ thanks

This code must work, can you provide a page URL?

2.30 – January 25, 2022

  • Added support for MAS Companies and MAS Company Reviews
  • WPBakery & Slider Revolution updated
  • CSS improvements

Companies page: http://jobseek.coffeecreamthemes.com/company-directory/

Company page with review: http://jobseek.coffeecreamthemes.com/company/kindred-healthcare/

No color change no support at all

By our support rules, the response can take up to 2 working days, which is clearly stated in the support tab. You wrote exactly 2 days ago, and there was also was orthodox Christmas yesterday.

I replied to your support ticket.

Hi there,

Is it possible to search for a keyword as well as a category in a URL string?

Something like:


Hello, keyword – yes, category – unfortunately, no. Thank you.

Hello author! when i try to install theme I got a error called stylesheet missing. Please help me to install it. Thanks

Hello, please write from the account that bought a theme to the contact from on our profile page. Thank you.

Hi there, Your theme looks elegant. We are interested in purchase. but I have few pre sales question:

1. Are you providing option to create extra custom fields for candidate and employer dashboard? For example (video upload, other details etc.)

2. If not, it is possible to embed custom field in existing form in candidate/employer profile ? And can we use ACF for that?

3. Can we change ordering of fields in dashboard?

4. Will it be easy to make little customization?



thank you.

1) Extending job or resume forms/data is possible with either custom code or plugins like Filed Editor for WP Job Manager and others such.

https://wpjobmanager.com/document/editing-job-submission-fields/ https://wpjobmanager.com/document/tutorial-adding-a-salary-field-for-jobs/

2) Theme is a design and layout flexibility. Functionality is provided via addons for WP Job Manager. See answer #1.

3) Same as #1 – can be managed with code or plugins.

4) For sure, but you know, sometimes small requirement may need to big changes. So it depends on concrete situation.

Thank you.

hi i hope i can also get a reply in the support system. thanks

hi author. i replied with #1. Thanks for the support. I love coffeecream themes!

Hi, hmmm, I don’t see a reply from you. Can you repeat please?

Hi, I resend the email. Thanks and regards.


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