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I can’t install the Evento Market extension

I have this error message:

object(WP_Error)#15263 (2) { [“errors”]=> array(1) { [“plugins_api_failed”]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(17) “Plugin not found.” } } [“error_data”]=> array(0) { } }

Something went wrong with the plugin API.

please help me

I am blocked I can no more advanced in the installation of the theme

Hello, I replied to you in the support system with a question. Please answer.

The issue with installing a plugin is not related to the theme support.

I am blocked I can no more advanced in the installation of the theme

I don’t understand what you mean here?

Thank you.


bareman Purchased

why i can’t install some plugin and can’t import demo?

Your support license is over. Please extend the support and create a ticket on https://coffeecream.freshdesk.com/


This is pre purchase query 1. Is there option to post job w/o login 2. Is there someway to add video and messaging on front page just like Linkedin 3. Is there any option to check linking just like linkedin


1) Yes.

2) There is a field for video URL from job page, but it not an upload field. Must be from YouTube or other such platforms.

3) Sorry, not sure what this means?

Thank you!


Do I have the opportunity to login and see your themes wordpress dashboard where all the settings are made? I wonder what changes can I make about the theme with my admin title.

Thank you

Hello, unfortunately, there is no demo of the dashboard. You can jut install the WP Job Manager plugin on your WP installations and get a basic understanding of how jobs are managed: https://wpjobmanager.com/ Thank you!

where is the contact form added as in your demo? https://prnt.sc/tocnqr and https://prnt.sc/tocoev and where are they added from?

Did you install Contact Listing for WP Job Manager?

yes installed. https://prnt.sc/tqtekr https://prnt.sc/tqtepi and demo data installed but not show.

I do not see this plugin in any of your screenshots, its called “Contact Listing for WP Job Manager”: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-job-manager-contact-listing/

In the Basic demo, the applu job button shows the pop up with a contact form information, but after installing the theme, it is only showing the email address.

should i change any other things to fix this issue?

Hello, you need to have the Contact Listing for WP Job Manager plugin installed. Then you need to have a form created with one of the form plugins (Contact Form 7) – it must be imported since you installed, called Contact Employer. Then you need to select this form in the Job Listings > Settings > Job Listings > Contact a Job Form. Thank you!

Hi There,

I really would like to use this for my new job search website. However before making the purchase I was wondering if it was possible to have access to the WP-admin so I can have a look and feel of how the back-end works. It would also be viable for me to download a trial version to be installed on my local test machine if that is available.

Also, just tried to share a post using the share with facebook. The sharing mechanism works fine, however the company logo is oversized compared to the image container so most of the logo is out. The post I used is http://www.coffeecreamthemes.com/themes/jobseek/v2/job/senior-account-executive/?fbclid=IwAR0n4bub6aW2Tk_0MYhpBSwZ8k_A3SmoSZZqYX-jcarrvIwcDeLYrKGYaAA . Is this something which can be adjusted in the back end?

Thank you

Hello, unfortunately, we do not have demo access. If you like to see how the backend works you can just install WP Job Manager on your WordPress installation. About the FB sharing – I think it’s how it works, the image can be of different proportions than FB require, so it scratches it to cover the preview space. Thank you.

Hi I submitted request on support got no reply its almost 2 days. I installed Jobseek theme but importing demo data is giving erorr ” i think error 500” something. your support page asks to login there is no sign up option ? what is the login info. seems NO support just dummy page?

Please respond with solutin thanks Vijay

I imported demo data for you manually. I do not know about any issue with our import, nobody reported such an issue before. You can see the theme sales, as well as the One Click Demo Import plugin installs – over a million. This is not possible these things are broken.

BTW, you have WP version 5.0, while the latest is 5.5.1. For some reason your WP install does not see there is an update available, saying “You have the latest version of WordPress.”...

thank you for importing manually that ways i can see block better to update. you may be right about not having complain…you have good theme so I bought:) but people like me will get stuck if theme/wordpress/hosting dont sync. but thanks for providing support much appreciated

Thank you, let me know if you will have other issues. Also recommend you to update the WordPress.


We just purchased your theme. how can a end-user or client can create his account and upload cv as when we click on login/signup it doesn’t do anything. It just refreshes the page.


Hello, go to Job Listings > Settings > Pages and make sue all pages are set. If you have WooCommerce installed, also make sure all pages set in the WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced. Thank you!

Hello Team,

Could you please let us know why Login/Signup “My Account” Page redirects to woocommerce dashboard? Where can I change it, so that it goes to jobs page.


Do you need a WooCommerce, I mean are you going to sell anything, like subscriptions or job / resume postings? If not then you can just deactivate WooCommerce and it will redirect to jobs dashboard.

Another solution – you can just use the same page as job manager dashboard and WooCommerce dashboard.


can you post an update of the plugins associated with the theme because the wp backery page builder plugin is vulnerable to attacks (version 6.1) ??

Thank you

Hello, I just uploaded an update, you can use it. Thank you!

2.17 – October 20, 2020

  • WPBakery plugin updated
  • Slider Revolution plugin updated

Hello Team,

We bought JobSeek theme and we’re trying to integrate with wpjobboard plugin(https://wpjobboard.net/demo/). So, is job seek theme compatible with wpjobboard.net plugin?

Hello Team,

Thanks for your response. The WP Job Board Plugin has employer and employees dashboard built-in with in the plugin. With job Manager, we have to use woo-commerce for employer and employees login., Its clear from your statement that you recommend us to use Job Manager Plugin but what we wanted to know is if the theme is compatible with job board plugin so that we can make our necessary changes.



the theme is compatible with WP Job Board in terms of any other theme. You can install and use this plugin with the theme. But it will not look anywhere close to what you see in our demo. Because this plugin will have different CSS classes, different shortcodes, which you will not find in the page builder as predefined elements, and many other small features lacked. This is what I call deep plugin integration with the theme. We integrated Jobseek with WP Job Manager, not WP Job Board, they are not self-replacable.

If you do not like that we use WooCommerce, then you can remove it. It is not required. Then your users can be redirected to a WordPress login page (which you can style with some plugin). Or you can use any other special plugin for that purpose.

Believe me, WP Job Manager is a better choice, because its this niche most well know and popular choice. You get many plugins, themes, ready solutions, and many developers that ready tow rok with it. WP Job Board is not even in the WP repository for some reason.

If you still would like WP Job Board, you can request a refund.

Thank you.

I still have the same issue thats gone on for months. In job list settings i change “show categories” to ON but this does not show in frontend. Its failing to change can you please tell me how this can be rectified as i tried this now on diffrent domains and servers with same outcome :( Thank you

Hello, I never heard about such issue before. I just tested on the demo site and it also works without a problem. Please renew support and contact me via profile page or support system. If you can provide the site login detils that will be the easiest and fastest way to solve the problem. Thank you.


Import Data not work., plz check mail

Hello, please see now. Thank you.

Pre-Sales Question:

Is it possible to submit an application on one page (either a job or another page) instead of applying on the pop-up? That is, instead of the form being on the pop-up, it is on one page.

Or instead of having the button for application, have the form directly on the job offer page. Will this influence any other functionality in the application process?


yes it’s easily achievable with a simple CSS fix. I could provide that for you when you contact me via support system.

Thank you!

Can you replace “location” with “category” in the search engine? For me, the keyword and the category are more important than the location.

Hello, you want to replace the order of the fields, or you want to disable location completely? Thank you.

I want to replace “Location” with “Regions”

I want to replace “Location” with “Regions”

I know it. I am asking for the main page on the slider. Is it possible to replace?

You are right… This options is missing. I wonder why nobody ask about that for all these years. I will update the theme tomorrow with the option for the Regions for the standalone search for.

I will wait…


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