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rguttal Purchased


Is there a quick way to change the width sizes in the templates? For example, I want to change the width of the “full-width template” and default template to be 75%.

Thanks, Rahul

In this case use this css code:

.flexnav li.current-menu-item a { font-weight: bold; }

The fastest way to find out which css class is responsible for a particular item is pressing Ctrl+Shift+C . This will open style inspector in your browser.


rguttal Purchased

i’m not sure what’s happened, but on my default width template…on all my pages the width is now really small (i believe 480). I have no custom css in there. when I start shrinking the page, the responsiveness still works correctly. it’s only an inappropriate width when it’s the default browser size on my laptop. really don’t know what’s changed.

Hi, are you sure that your browser zoom level is on 100% ?

Hi, how do i remove the gallery category posts from home page? I don´t want the gallery posts appear in my homepage; best regards

I found it! Change:

if (have_posts()) : while (have_posts()) : the_post(); in the loop to
query_posts('cat=-xxxx') ; if (have_posts()) : while (have_posts()) : the_post();

Hi wow You are pro :)

Hi! Still loving the theme and just decided to do an about page as my home page. I’m fighting with the parallax photo on mobile though. I can’t seem to make it where it looks right on the computer as well as on tablet and phone. It’s a photo of me and on phone and tablet it’s just my head. I read above there is a way to fix this? Also, I noticed it takes a LONG time to load -is this normal. Or, what code could I insert to make this a non-parallax photo? Thank you so much.

Hi, maybe your photo is very big and that’s why loading takes a long time. Also I’m sure that the parallax feature is disabled on mobile. You can also increase the height of the parallax photo on mobile so your picture will not be cut off . To do it please go to Theme Options -> Theme styles -> Custom css and put there the following css code:

@media(max-width:767px){ .paraphoto-overlay { height: 600px; display: flex; justify-content: center; align-items: center; flex-direction: column; } }

Of course adjust the height value

Good afternoon; I have a blog problem that I am developing with this theme. I need to use the instagram widget in two places of the site, in the sidebar and also in the footer of the blog, however when I add it in one place it works perfectly, but when I add in both places the blog stops loading and the following error appears in the footer::

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare fetchData() (previously declared in /home/nathaliadornelles/www/wp-content/themes/JOHNDOEBLOG-theme/includes/widgets/my-instagram-widget.php:32) in /home/nathaliadornelles/www/wp-content/themes/JOHNDOEBLOG-theme/includes/widgets/my-instagram-widget.php on line 32

Hi, please could you send me this message at support@hercules-design.com

Good Morning I can not access this link

This is email address. Please send this message at this address or contact with us using form available on our profile page: https://themeforest.net/user/hercules_design