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Hi how can I put a slideshow on just the home page? Thanks

HI, first of all add slideshow type posts and set for them featured images. They will be your slides. Then go to Appearance -> Widgets and on Slideshow widget area add TEXT type widget. Paste into the widget content slideshow shortcode like: [slideshow num="2" custom_category="" autoplay="5000" blankwindow="true" pagination="true" effect="fadeUp" custom_class=""] and then below, from the ”visibility” section choose “Show on checked pages” option, on the list below find your page and select it. Save the widget.

Thanks, can the size of the slideshow be changed?

You can customize the slides dimensions by editing the following line: add_image_size( 'slideshow', 1170, 427, array( 'center', 'top' ) );

1170 it’s a width

427 it’s a height

in the includes/theme-init.php file. You can access it via Appearance -> Editor. When you perform these changes please install regenerate thumbnails plugin http://wordpress.org/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/ and regenerate all of your images. Go to Tools -> Regen. Thumbnails section and click Regenerate All Thumbnails button.

Is there demo data with this theme and if so where do I go to upload it?

Hi, of course. Demo data it’s in the All files & documentation package, under “Sample-data” folder.

I have the demo data, but how do I upload it to the site, sorry that was my main question, where do I upload it at??

You don’t have a “purchased” badge next to your username, so I can’t help you.

I have this saved in my shopping cart ready for purchase, but I need to ask you something before I do. Does the site work on mobile/ipad? Thank you!

Hi, of course. If you have a visual problems on mobile just remove themeforest purchase frame.


Instagram recently changed its API and now the Instagram widget doesn’t work anymore. Can you help us with a guide to generate new Instagram User ID and access token for this widget?

Thanks! Have a nice day!

Hi, yes we’ll fix it within one day.

Hi! I’ve been using the theme for more than 1 year but suddenly my facebook like box widget stopped working. My blog address is www.livisk.com How can I fix it?

Hi, try to go to Appearance -> Widgets, edit Facebook Like Box widget and enter to Width field 300 and to height 500 without % or px.

yea, it worked! Tks!!

Hi there,

This is probably really simple, but I have created a header image for my blog and I am trying to set this as the background for my blog. I created the image at 1170×241 and for some reason the image is really zoomed in when I set it as the background. Could you tell me where I am going wrong?


Hi there. How do you center the accordion text as a title, not the content inside? It looks weird having all the white space on the center of the top bar. Thanks!

Hi, to center accordion titles go to Theme Options -> Theme styles -> Custom css and paste there the following css code:

.accordion-heading .accordion-toggle { text-align: center; }


brvale Purchased

Hey! This theme is amazing, I’m loving it.

How can I remove the big “CATEGORY >” in black, so that it only says “GELUK” in grey?

Page: http://vlewa.nl/onderwerp/geluk/

Like “PERSONAL GROWTH” on this page: http://liveanddare.com/category/personal-growth/

Hi, you can remove it here: Theme Options -> Blog -> Category word


brvale Purchased

Ah nice, no coding needed (: Thanks a lot for the great theme and great support!

i keep receiving and invalid zilla upload when trying to add the plugin

I’ve sent you an email


omniraj Purchased

Hi there, The category menu links are suddenly not working anymore. If you go to http://liveanddare.com and click on “Meditation” or “Category”, it shows no blog posts, even though there are many posts with those categories.

Hi, please just refresh permalinks. Go to Admin Dashboard > Settings > Permalinks. Save the custom permalink strucutre and since you are using Wp Super Cache plugin delete the cache.


omniraj Purchased

Hi, I just tried that (refresh permalinks and empty the cache) and still it’s happening. On all browsers… Any other idea? I’m running the latest version of WP and of your theme.

Please send me at support@hercules-design.com login details to wp-admin panel. I’ll take a look.

Hello, we previously purchased this theme and are trying to migrate our Wordpress to a server using php 7. The theme we have is incompatible. Do you have a fix or later release for this theme we can use? Thank you.

I sent you an email

I would like to have two blog pages where each one only shows certain categories in the filter and neither one shares or has the same categories as the other. How can I create a blog page and choose what categories show up in the filter menu?

I’m sorry, I don’t think I was being clear enough. What I’m trying to do is create multiple blog roll pages that have the category filter buttons, except on each blog roll page I would like to only show certain categories and their buttons in the filter above. If you visit my site www.whatthefam.com and you click BLOGS, you will come to my blog page. I want to know how to create multiple blog pages and edit what categories are shown in the filter and on the particular blog page.

Your instructions above show me how to create a page that only shows one category and has no category filter because It’s just a single category page. I’m trying to create a few other blog roll pages that I will add to the menu but with each one only showing certain categories of blogs in it and the filter only showing those options I chose to be available. Is there a way to add or remove categories from EACH blog roll page I create and have it reflected even in its category filter above?

Sorry if I sound repetitive. I’m trying my best to articulate. Looking forward from hearing from you! Thanks so much!

Hi, I sent you an email.



brvale Purchased

Hey, how can I change the “CONTINUE READING…”-button text. I want to translate the button into my language.

Hi, I think that the easiest way to translate the theme is to use a plugin like this one: https://wordpress.org/plugins/loco-translate/

Also the most common text elements for the theme you can find in the file called locals.php for manual translation. To change every word or sentence you have to edit includes/locals.php file.

Go to Appearance -> Editor and edit locals.php file. Search phrase: Continue Reading… and you get something like this: 'continue_reading' => __('Continue Reading...', HS_CURRENT_THEME), and change this to: 'continue_reading' => __('Something else', HS_CURRENT_THEME), Repeat this procedure for each word or sentence.

brvale Purchased

Thanks appreciate it a lot


foxturk Purchased

Hello, Live Preview does’nt work!

Hi, yes now it works.

Hi, I recently purchased this theme and I am trying to set up a gallery just like this one http://www.johndoe.hercules-design.com/gallery/ but I have not been able to do so. Could you please provide me with the steps for this.Thanks!!

HI, To create a gallery page, navigate to WP Dashboard > Pages > Add New. Enter a page title. From the drop-down menu on the right, choose a Gallery Page template. Publish this page.

Then add this page to the main menu and navigate to Gallery tab where you’ll be able to add images and assign them to categories.

Every gallery custom post is a separate gallery image. Assign to every post a featured image.

Ok I’ve added the new gallery page, populated the menu and added the images as individual galleries. Now how do I populate the gallery page. It is currently showing all the blog posts.

When you created a gallery page, are you sure that you have chosen a “Galery page” template under Page attributes section ? You can always send me your log in details at support@hercules-design.com. I’ll check your configuration.

I think about buying this great theme. Currently I use another theme (Flow). Do you think an uncomplicated swap is possible?

Hi, as I recall, Flow theme is using VC plugin and here might be a problem, because we are not using this plugin.