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Very NICE!! Congrats (looks great on mobile too, and nice smooth drop down responsive menu even) Will keep in mind for a future project GRT WORK


The theme is good, but I think his appearance would improve significantly if the text and images could be placed along the entire width of the page and not only on the left side.

I can customize theme to suit your needs. Thanks


Nice looking theme. However just to try and help boost sales (and hopefully I’ll be one of them) the scrolling gallery is not working correctly when testing on smartphones.

I’ll quickly tested it on an iPhone (iPad in both portrait / landscape ok) and the when the home page pops up the scrolling gallery and you go along to the end it misses the last photo completely and only shows a 3rd of the second from last (portrait mode). In landscape mode shows a sliver of very last photo which you can just about select though you can’t see it.

I hope this can be resolved.

Wishing you a great day.

thanks, updated

can i add images into copyright area? want to link some sites in this area ..greets

i found it out – it was just one image. ok, but noe i have another issue – it shows a 404 error when i try to open a portfolio item??

In order to do so you need: 1. Create a black and white copy of your image. 2. Combine color and black\white images together in such way, so that the black and white image would be on top of the color one, and the dimensions would be 361 pixels wide and 452 pixels high. You can use Photoshop for this. There are PSD files in the PSD folder, so you can see which filters were used and so on.

Read documentation: Permalinks settings


hi thanks, i send you a mail

Some of the buttons are hard to see on the Theme Options Page. the “upload” button has the name written on a weird position

Also I’m having a hard time making the images look big. I am an illustrator, and I need to show a lot of big images. I was hoping this template could show big images in sequence. is that possible? I can’t seem to find how to do this. :/

This theme does support big images, when you click on an image on slider a page with big images opens up. Read documentation: Adding a portfolio post, Adding of a portfolio page into a menu. Thanks

Does the image get bigger as you click on it? I tried putting a gallery, but it only has the thumbnails, and the portfolios create a page which resembles a blog, which makes it look not as professional. probably I’m doing something wrong.

I’m interested in purchasing this theme but the mobile version doesn’t seem to work for me. I tried it on my iPhone and the menu bar doesn’t appear at all. The loading time was rather slow as well. Is anyone else having this problem?

tomorrow theme updated

Thank you! I had to close the ThemeForest top bar & press refresh to see the changes. I will be purchasing this theme now :)

ok. thanks

It’s not working for me either. I’ve been trying to make my website look just like the sample one, in therms of accessibility, but I can’t seem to find the right commands. I have no HTML knowledge or programming, I really thought it would be a bit more intuitive. Can’t seem to make the images show up as a small slideroom, when you click over them at the menu. it just keeps sending it to the blog area… :S

Do you have any tutorial for noobs? I’m really lost, here.

First of all, read the documentation carefully, step by step. If you have any questions please feel free to write via private messages. We will help you. Thanks!

Thank you. I just found it. I didn’t see it was not a txt. If I have a problem, I’ll contact you. thanks again

Ok. Thanks

Can I put an logo in where the name appears or am I limited to text?

The gallery does always load the controls. I am using safari.

One of the best themes I have seen. Keen to purchase if I can get my logo on the front.

Of course, you can put your logo.

How do I generate multiple portfolio pages ? like wanted to build gallery1 , gallery2, gallery3. Also how do I set group of slides on page specific ?

Current version doesn’t support multi-page gallery. This feature will be available in the next release.

in the gallery demo, i see the top of a second picture below the first. even more so in the mobile display

also, is there a way to scroll between several images within a gallery?

Sorry, some bugs in the demo. Fixed.

hi i send you a mail, please have a look. i have two another issues.

1.) how i can add the pattern overlay at the homepageslider 2.) the screen doesnt fit, so i can see the whole site without scrolling? how i can fix it, so i can see footer and all other content without scrolling 3.) can i make the thumbnail scroller a little bit smaller?


have send you – hope you get it

We’ve emailed you. Please check. Thanks

pre sales question—is there a way to disable responsiveness on this theme ? a audio player in the footer would also be awesome .

Of course, in a few steps, you can turn off the responsiveness. For audio, you can use WordPress Plugins.

sent you an e-mail with some questions about the portfolio sizes and programming. thanks. also a suggestion. The tutorial is named “index”. I would change it to “tutorial”, considering I’m a noob. I would never find that if you didn’t tell me where it was.

Send mail. Thanks


Hey, I’m almost done, but I’m having trouble with two things. First, I think there’s a bug on the portfolio page, it mixes some of the pictures in random positions, which leads to my question: How do I put my pics in order?

Another thing: I tested the contact page, and the e-mail isn’t being sent to me. Any clues?

Finally how do I get the updates for the website? Is it gonna be possible to have more than one single gallery in the future? Will I have to purchase the updates or is it included by buying this version?


We emailed you. If you have questions about customizing the theme, please write a private messages. Thanks

I did write two e-mails, but nothing came back – including the answer for this issue – that’s why I’m trying here :/ Sorry for that.

We’ve emailed you. Please check. Thanks