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Hi I have been working with this theme for awhile now… I actually switched to another theme temporarily out of frustration with this theme, but am back to trying to make it work because I do love the look.

I have tried 5 different photo gallery plugins (I am trying to create a multi-gallery page to better organize my photos by category). NONE of them seem to work with your theme. Either the shortcodes show as text, or the gallery plug-ins are blank/don’t load/or don’t function properly. I’m particularly frustrated because I have purchased two pro versions thinking that would help, and nothing! Any plugin suggestions?

Also, the theme loads EXTREMELY slow on all browsers I’ve tested, sometimes not at all. It also takes me to the home page anytime I try to click “edit page” instead of the actual page I am trying to edit.

Last but not least, it is not allowing me to change the permalinks manually… homepage looks like this: www.website.com/#!/splashpage … How do I get rid of the ”#1/splashpage” and this issue on all pages.

I have redownloaded & reinstalled the theme twice, also have deleted all other themes and plugins not in use. Still having issues.

Please help! Thank you.

Hi! Please provide access to your website. We will try help you. Thanks.

sure…. may I private email message you the log in information? I was able to find a plug in that will work for gallery now. But would still like to fix permalinks and find out why the theme is so glitchy. Right now the menu isn’t functioning properly … Wasn’t a problem before. It isn’t allowing me to visit pages on one of the sub-page drop down tabs. Thanks!

Hi! You can use contact form on our profile page. Thanks.

I’ve been using this for a year, and I agree with marlina, that this theme is rather frustrating to work on. Still, they solved my problems very well. I think the programing is rather complex, so bugs appear out of nowhere too.. plus it takes a ton of time to load, making some clients just give up on looking at it.

I just sent an e-mail thanking them for fixing some issues on my website. I uploaded new images, and all the bugs came back. Some images are cut at the main gallery and when you click on the image, it loads another.

Now I’m trying to create a video page. I didn’t do it yet, but should I have problems, I’ll contact on the matter. I’d like to propose the programmers to check this bugs because it seems it’s not happening only to me. I’ve provided access to my page, you DID fix the problem, but as I tried to upload new content, these bugs came back.

Please help.

Update: I tried to create a portfolio gallery for the videos with no success. I even created a category to see if it helped with no success…

Hi! Please check your website. Thanks.

Video is working perfect now. The galleries too. Wrong picture bug still persists, unfortunately, but the overall website is pretty neat now. Thank you for your help

How do you adjust the size of the front slider thumbnails? I want to make the width smaller.


Hi! Sorry for the delay. Please send us a private message. We will try to help you. Thanks.

Hi. I am using the John Smith theme for a site: http://michaelsly.com/

It looks great on the desktop, but is not working with the mobile. When trying to access the site from safari on iPhone, i see the message, “Site not Found”.

i do see that it is going to ” mobile.michaelsly.com” i do not see in the documentation how to setup the mobile site. Do i need to create a subdomain? and how does that access the database?

Please send a link, if this documentation already exists.

Hi! Try to test our demo website. Do you see the same problem? Thanks.

Yes, your demo site works fine. Did you look at my site?

Hi! We get same error – “Site not found”. 1. Try to disable all activated plugins. 2. Try to contact to your hosting provider. Thanks.

Would like to know if I can have a custom background for each of the pages. For ex Page a – BG a Page b – BG b

Hi! Current theme doesn’t support this feature, only “auto” background slider. Thanks.

Would love to know how to change the colour of the menu text from white to something else? All the changes I’ve made to style.css won’t reflect those changes :(

Hi! Please open js/main.js file -> line 277 -> change color value. Thanks.

Hi I sent you direct mail, please help me, it is urgent.

Hi! We’ve emailed you. Thanks.

Hey guys. i’m back. I don’t know what can we do at this point but everytime I upload a new image, it goes back to the bug where wether the switching of images doesn’t work or the images are wrongly placed or cut. Should I measure the images by the height? any ideas on the other issues?

Hi! Make all your images the same height – 582 pixels. Thanks.

Hi guys,

I installed the MailJet Plugin on your awesome template. But I’ve some issues…

I can’t add any email address with the mailjet plugin (frontend) : it pull the website down with this weard message instead my website title : CLASS=”FIRSTWORD”>

Although, the mailjet account is correctly configured in the BO.

You can try to put an email address here to test : http://www.harmony-coiffure.com/#!/promo/

Could you please give me a hand ?

Many thanks in advance…

Hi! We’ve tested and everything works fine. Maybe you’ve already found the solution.

Hi Guys,

is there also a version available for standard website without any cms? if not is it possible to build up wordpress?

thanks & regards,


Hi I have a pre-purchase question.

The links have the #!/ in them and load the pages via Ajax so it actually does not load each page like a normal website does.

My question is SEO/Google related. Will this hinder ranking and SEO?

My client likes this theme but he is worried it will hurt his ranking and people searching for his services won’t find him in Google Search results.

Any info you can provide will help.

Thanks, Steve

Hi! We cannot say for sure how this theme will affect the ranking and seo for the website. In this template the Permalinks are being used, the standard paths of http://demolink.org/?p=1 are replaced with http://demolink.org/home. This way of links configuration can be used by not only our blog followers but will help in SEO-optimisation as well. The effectiveness and main features of this link configuration method are revealed here – http://codex.wordpress.org/Using_Permalinks. Thanks.

Hello I bought your theme John Smith – AJAX Portfolio WP Theme, but then activate some problem On this page discovered cyclic forwarding

HI! Please check your hosting settings. Try to contact to your hosting provider. Thanks.

Hi there,

I got the theme working now, but there is a problem with embedding videos from YouTube/Vimeo in normal pages likes this: http://www.eat-music.net/#!/mustasch-2 could you please help me out here? I need to have a video player, photos and mp3 player on the same page.

Also do you know an mp3 player that works well with the theme? I need multiple players for the website.

best regards, Robert

Hi! You can use shortcodes: for Vimeo

[video file="http://vimeo.com/60070493" width="500" height="300"]
or Youtube
[video file="http://youtu.be/08nJmTVDTLw" width="500" height="300"]

thanks it worked! But sadly we encountered another problem with password protected pages! If you visit this page: http://www.eat-music.net/#!/mustasch-2 and click on “Press Kit” it’s protected. When you type in the password: “demon2014” it doesn’t forward to the correct page (http://www.eat-music.net/#!/mustasch-press), but instead sends you back to the homepage, only then you can try again and click on press kit, then it’s not protected anymore. This is quite non-practical because visitors get the impression, that the press area doesn’t work.

Can you help us out here?


best regards, Robert

Hi! We’ve emailed you. Thanks.

Hi, I’m not able to see anything in the wysiwyg view… I have to go to the text part to see anything? S

Hi! Something wrong. Try to reinstall the theme. Also try to disable all activated plugins. Thanks.

Could you tell me how I can move the homepage elements (navigation, logo, portfolio items) a little bit down on the page?

Hi! Please open js/main.js file -> line 331 -> change paddingTop value. Thanks.

I’ve created a portfolio page and I see all the items from the parent category and I also see the subcategories buttons, but when I click on the subcategories I still see all the images.


There is a parent category called boxing with 2 subcategories for pics and videos.


Hi! Please provide access to your website. We will help you. You can use contact form on our profile page. Thanks.

hello demo content included means that all images / photos are included in demo installation ?

Hi! All photos is for demo only. All custom graphics is included to the theme. Thanks.

I want to change the name of the homepage url to home instead of “splash-page”. I read ur instructions (see below). Which file do I need to edit?


1. Please open text-editor (Like Notepad++) -> Search ->Find in files -> Find what:spalsh-page, Replace with:home, Directory:”Your theme local directory” -> And click “Replace in Files” Button. 2. You can’t create second page like the spalsh-page – this is a one page wordpress theme. Thanks.

Hi! Sorry for late replay. Please provide access to your website. We will help you. Thanks.

Hello FX: i sent you a message and now i’m going to write a comment about some doubts i have: 1.Is there any calendar plugin that works with this theme? 2.I’m trying to install some accordion/tabs plugins but all the ones i’ve tested did’nt work. I can do this if i push a default theme. Can you give me a accordion/tab plugin name that works with these theme 3.according to other plugins i’d like to install later, is there any workaround to make them work? 4. I’ve just tested smart slider 2 and it doesn’t work too. Any help would be apreciated. Thanks

Hi! We’ve emailed you. Thanks.

Hello, i have a problem: google doesn’t index my page, except the homepage… http://iturl.nl/snGM7 please help me! I mailed you guys many times last weeks but no response so I hope this comment wil help…

Hi! This theme uses ajax for page loading and it looks like a single page for google bot. That’s why google can’t index other pages. We are trying to find a solution, but it isn’t simply. We’ll let you know when a solution is found. Thanks for understanding!