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Hi there – great theme – prior to purchasing I’d like to confirm that upon mouseover of the images within the slider on the homepage, where the text drops down and reads DATE:..., MUA & STYLE:..., MODEL:... is it possible to rather than display that information to instead insert an html formatted caption for each slide? For example:

This is random body text as a sample.

Please advise.

Thanks so much, Ryan.

Yes, it is possible. Thanks

Apologies, but I also meant to ask if each image in the horizontal slider can have a visible caption actually over the image?

so for example, the title of the slide would be “Home Decor” and it’d be aligned center bottom of each slide and visible at all times on the homepage slider irregardless of mousover, etc.? (I’d change the coloring on hover in CSS). I know I can edit the images themselves in adobe but that’s not ideal and I’d prefer to do within html/css…

Thanks again, I look forward to your reply(s)!


Yes, it is possible with basic knowledge of css and html. Thanks

okay, sure, I am able to work with html and of course css but wouldn’t a ‘caption’ feature require a php snippet to be pasted somewhere in one of the .php files? would you be able to provide that? one final question – any idea if a wordpress grid portfolio plugin such as http://codecanyon.net/item/media-grid-wordpress-responsive-portfolio/full_screen_preview/2218545 could be integrated into your theme?

I look forward to your reply once again and will go ahead and purchase the theme as soon as I hear back!

thanks, Ryan

We will try to help you with any questions. We have not worked with these plugins, but we’ve integrated the different shortcodes, including 24 columns fluid system. Thanks

Hi FXoffice,

Congratulations for this theme, I bought it yesterday and it looks awesome. I found it quite difficult to set it up at the first look but after reading your guidelines including video and step by step process to set it up, that was perfect ! Thank you.

I am quite junior with technical things on Wordpress (I am a marketing guy, not really a technical guy), so I was wondering if you could tell me how to change the blue color that is set up on your theme by something pink… I have seen in the “Theme options” tab and then “style” category that you allow us to modify the css file. However I tried this request that you are suggesting : “a.button{color:pink}” but nothing seems to have changed on my site… Can you please advise on this.


I have been successful to change it, however I still have an issue to change the color of the main navigation menu text. To make it clear, if I take your example here http://themes.fxoffice.net/johnsmith_wp/#!/splash-page , I would like to have words like ‘Gallery’, ‘About’, ‘services’, ‘blogs’, ‘contacts’ turning into pink instead of blue upon mouseover. Can you please advise? Thank you again for your great support.

The file – main.js should change the color to function hoverIn – jQuery(’>a’,li).stop().animate({color:”#01dcff”},10);

Best regards, Fxoffice

Excellent! thank you very much.

great theme, i find not having the ability for multiple galleries or some type of lightbox feature very limiting for various content

is there any gallery plugin you can suggest that will work with your theme without breaking it I tried the Nexgen gallery but the check says Check plugin/theme conflict No conflict could be detected

Test image function Could create image with 4048×3040 pixel

**Check theme compatibility **Missing the call to wp_head() in your theme, contact the theme author

any suggestions Thanks

We have not worked with this plugin, and don’t know why it happens, but our next release will support multiple galleries. Thanks

pursuant to your response to lalaine above, when do you expect the next release? and if I start working with the current version of the theme would the upgrade process be seamless so as to leave my work done up to that point intact?

Dont worry about it, a few changes, but it will increase the functionality. Best regards, Fxoffice

where can i find the video docs? i checked in the documentation folder but do not see any. thanks!

An instructional video is given in documentation. You need to run index.html in the folder “documentation” to watch it. Thanks

Nice theme. Congrats! Good luck with your sales!

Thanks JFthemes!

Hi, Amazing job! I would like to ask a question, the thumbs for home slider came from where, Blog or Pages ? I also would like know if possible to set custom links to pages and customize the information.


Hello! The thumbs for home slider come from Custom Post Type “Portfolio”. Of course, You can set custom links to pages and customize the information up to your need. Thanks


Great theme, thanks! Quick question regarding colors and font size. I would like to change the hover color of the nav and came across this in other forum posts: The file – main.js should change the color to function hoverIn – jQuery(’>a’,li).stop().animate({color:”#01dcff”},10);

Is this something I paste into Custom CSS and change the color there or do I need to change it in the original main.js folder and re-upload.

Also, can you point me to where I would change:

1. The color of the portfolio mouse over blue 2. The font size of Prev/Next/Close for expanded portfolio images

Thanks so much!

Hello! You need to change it in the main.js file and re-upload to the hosting server.

If you want to change other styles, do it in the style.css file. Thanks

Hey is it possible to integrate wooCommerce/shopify plugin for a shop section?


The wooCommerce plugin has not been used to test this theme. Thanks

Hi there, just got this theme. Is it possible to make the front page slider link to a video? Or at the very least a blog post instead of only a picture? Thank you in advance!

Hello! To add text or links on the home page thumbnails use custom field “slider_content”. Check the “adding a portfolio post” in the documentation. Thanks


I would like to add text similar to the demo on the home page thumbnails. I can’t seem to find instructions on how to do this in the documentation.

Also would like to link the thumbnails on home page to different pages instead of a gallery.

Thanks, Tom

Hello! Please, look previus post. Thanks

Thanks! I didn’t see that.

Great theme. Just wondering for the portfolio, I selected slider_content and added general information.

However none of the items when you click on the homepage thumbnail to make it bigger have the NEXT/PREVIOUS/CLOSE buttons as shown on the live demo example?

Hello! Big images for the slider should be 930×582 pixels. Thanks

Is there anyways to clean up the URL? I’m not a fan of the ”#!/splash-page” for SEO reasons. Is there anyway to change this? Plus I updated the theme, and now when you click on a picture I get a 404 error however the portfolio URL is the same?

There is no possibility to change the url. About 404 – Go to Settings->Permalinks Settings. Select ‘Custom structure’, add / postname /. Click Save changes button. Thanks.

Great great theme:) Just wonder…on iPad the menu is not visible on the homepage…is this fixed on your latest update?

Hello! We don’t observe this bug. Please select the version of your iPad. Thanks

This is Teamforest frame problem. You can turn it off ( up and left) and watch the working site

Is there a way to make the thumbnail gallery on the splash page auto scroll instead of on mouse over? Also if it could continuously scroll that would be great too.

Hello! We didn’t consider this possibility. Thanks

I love the look of this theme, so far. I do have an issue, however. I don’t seem to have a NEXT/PREVIOUS/CLOSE functionality on my galleries: http://demo2.infuseyourbrand.com

Also- you mention multiple galleries in the “next release”. Do you have a time frame on this? It’s a pretty important feature not to have in a gallery theme. A previous commenter asked about a gallery plugin that you know works, but you didn’t answer.

Thanks, in advance!

Hello! Big images for the slider should be 930×582 pixels. Next release cooming soon. Thanks

This template does not work! :-(http://www.publimediact.it/site5/

Hi! Possibly you made some mistake during customization process. I can also assume that you did not read the documentation carefully. In case you have any questions regarding theme adjustment, please contact us via private messages.  And please do not worry –  we will help you with any issues! Thank you.

Hi! very cool theme – big respect! Before i purchase this theme i have on question: Can i replace the fontsection( the big John Smith Title) with my own Logo(*.jpeg or *.png)?


Yes of course. thanks

I updated the template directly on wordpress. I’d like to know if I dowload it again through here, if I’ll have new tutorials for the new features.


Very important! Read the new documentation carefully! It describes the new features and settings, without them template will not work properly. Thanks.

Hello, do you provide the content of the demo site so to import it? thanks

Yes, of course we provide demo content. Thanks.