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Hi, i’m not understanding how you set up the pages under the Gallery LInk on the demo. The install didn’t come with those pages or menu items, nor does the documentation tell you how to set it up. Can you give me a quick how to? On the demo there’s a 3 column display, where when you click on an image you see a light box come up with some slides. Also there seems to be a sort function to sort between galleries.

Hello! Try this /heatherb/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/etsy-tandem-william-and-kate-b-w.jpg Thanks.

perfect, totally worked. My client’s super happy with this theme, and i’m so pleased that the support is there.


Can I use this theme for a multi language site?

This theme does not support multilanguage. Thanks

my gallery still doesnt work – please help!!

Please send a link to your website via private messages. We will try to help You. Thanks.

Hi there, I am trying to upload the theme into Instant Wordpress to work lcoally rather than in a live environment. Browsing and trying to upload/install the theme via the provided .zip formatted file, it would not work. Any recommendation or hint)

Tx in advance for your response…

Hi! Unzip the john_smith_wordpress_theme.zip file to any folder on your hard drive and upload to the /wp-content/themes/ directory. Thanks.

Hello, I am looking at the theme on an ipad and when you open the submenu, it stays open and will not close. How can I fix this? Thanks for your time.

Thank you for your notice. We will try to correct this in few days.

hi where i can translate the lightbox “next”, “PREV”, “CLOSE” ?

You can replace them in the file js/jquery.prettyPhoto.js Thanks

need also to knew where i can change color of navigation – when hover on it. thx

The color should be changed in the file main.js in the function hoverIn – jQuery(’>a’,li).stop().animate({color:”#01dcff”},10);

sorry another issue. can i create a frontpage without slider – just the fullscreen-background. i would like to create a menu “galerie” and use the slider there..greets

It will be difficult without special knowledge. But we can do this for you as a custom option. Please contact us through private messages. Thanks.

Hello, I have another item with your theme on an ipad. http://www.hetrijkvanommeren.nl/ – I am not able to see my footer when I scroll down. When I look at your lastest example website I am able to scroll down. Which file is not ok. Or what file do I have to adjust to be able to scroll down and see the footer? Hope you have time to look at the issue with the buttons. I have 5 submenu buttons and they stay open on the ipad ones clicked, also in your version. It is now impossible to read the text of a page.

note: I have the lastest version of your theme

thanks for your time!

We will try to help you. Thanks.

Hi! You need to install our latest theme version. Also You can save and then reupload your style.css file to save your styles. Thanks.

Hi, I received the notification of the theme’s update, but when I went to the wordpress dashboard, no update warning was given. Should I download and re-install the theme, is the theme automatically updated, how should we proceed?

I’m just worried that if I upload it again, I’ll lose my configuration or I’ll get a bug or something for having uploaded the same theme twice :p

sent another one :)

I did follow all the instructions, still got problems with the gallery. Sent an e-mail to you guys. thanks

We’ve emailed you. Please check. Thanks

Well, i voted five stars after a quick install. But this theme is not for beginners. The admin panel sucks. The themes color cant be changed without some serious changes to CSS and JS.scripts, no settings in the admin panels at all. Awoid if you´re a beginner. The loader is just an old time animated GIF, without Photoshop or some other photo editor impossible to change. This is old time. Awoid if you´re are a beginner. This is just old stuff. The admin panel is just a joke. If you like the turquoise color – it´s just OK. Want to adjust it – select another theme.

Hello, first of all thank you for purchasing our template and thanks for your comment. Second thing is, even if you buy the very best car in the world, you’ll have to spend some time to learn how to drive it. Third, loader indeed contains animated gif, as this is the only cross-browser solution for today. Forth, please try to read documentation first, it clearly describes how you can customize everything – starting with font color and finishing with page content. It also contains video tutorial for beginners. And fifth, in case you encounter any problems, you can always contact our technical support and we’ll cheerfully try to solve all the issues together. Thanks

Hi sorry my English is bad.

Who can i spaces to the Text on the Blog?

Hi! We did not understand what you mean. Please try in different words. Thanks.

i send you a mail, with request for customization. did you receive it?

Your letter hasn’t been received. Please try again – contact@fxoffice.net

I just downloaded your latest version of the theme. But this trick is not working.

URL: http://www.hetrijkvanommeren.nl/portfolio_category/front-slider

The front page slider is working I checked all the pictures so they will below now to category front-slider. But I can not link to the gallery.

What is wrong? Hope you can reply quickly as this website is already online !

Thanks for your time.

Hi! We apologize for any inconvenience. These were necessary steps for enhancing functionality. You need to go to Settings -> Permalinks Settings -> And click “Save Chages” button and add post format – ‘Gallery’ to your portfolio posts. Thanks!

just an addition to the above. When I click on all the images in the portfolio I cannot see the big image. For example when you click the images in the slider of the first. I would be handy when you just add an addition in documentation especially concerning what to do when you upgrade. And which files have been adjusted. It takes a lot of time to do the upgrade.


Hello. Theme is great. Is it possible to add photos to portfolio in vertical position? I was try to do this but it croping the photos to horizontal. What is the max dimension of photos in portfolio? Thanks for help.

Hi! If you mean the ‘Gallery’ page on the demo, the max image dimension is 930×582 px. Thanks

I want to change the MENU fonts from Anton to one of my choice how is this done, also reduce the size of the menu fonts.

Also I want to change the default ‘Aqua/blue’ loading and roll over colours to one of my choice. I have managed to change this in the main.js for the menu items but cannot change the other instances, please advise.

Great template thank you.

Thanks, I worked out how to fix the ‘loader’ but it was the 2 ‘blue’ lines (above and beneath ) on the post featured images on the front that I couldn’t find… Where is this #ref ?

Hi! File style.css line 282 and 302. But the best solution is to open the text editor (preferably Dreamweaver or Notepad++) and replace all the instances of ”#01dcff” with your color in the entire theme folder using the Find and Replace tool (usually the Ctrl+H hot key). Thanks

; )

Hi! Please specify what you mean. Thanks.

If you see the new (Link) above everything together… can you see it?

You can edit the link. Open your post, find ‘Permalink’ and click ‘edit’ button.Thanks


Trying to follow the video tutorials but when you have only two options, I don’t see any of them and have lots more?


Please help?

Options that you see are from installing the previous themes. New options have to be entered manually as described in the documentation. Thanks.

I bought it yesterday and love the theme, but I’m having a lot of difficulty with your gallery tutorial. I feel like I’ve followed it to the tee, but I keep getting a 404 instead of a prettyphoto lightbox with my designated images.

I fixed that. Thanks. But the gallery isn’t working. it shows all the images I inserted into the content field without giving me an option of lightbox navigation. Also I noticed you had Video as well as images in a gallery. How do you accomplish that. I couldn’t find it in the documentation. Thanks.

I figured out why I wasn’t seeing the navigation. If you have an image that exceeds than the screen size of the browser it pushes the navigation to below where the image dimensions would be, where you can’t see it. I have one question of what I’m trying to accomplish. I’m trying to have multiple galleries live on the splash page with featured thumbnails on the slider representing individual galleries. Is this possible with this theme? I was under the impression that this was possible with the preview, but I’m looking for confirmation so I’m not trying to accomplish something that’s not possible. Thanks again.

1. Check documentation ‘Adding a portfolio post’. You need to add a post format to your portfolio posts: Link, Image or Gallery. 2. No, this is impossible. Only posts with the category ‘Front-slider’ may be displayed on the splash page.