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Hi! We have purchased and installed the theme, but it does not work. We get a strange error when trying to preview the site. I sent you an e-mail a couple of days ago with a login. Could you please have a look?

Now I have deleted all plugins. It still does not work.

Hello, could you please help or could i get a refund? I shall work with a different theme if we can ‘t find a solution. Thanks!

HI! The plugins that you used made changes in .htaccess file. The better way is to reinstall wordpress on the clean database. Thanks

Dear Support,

I’ve read the instructions, but i’m still unable to find where or how to change the color of the font. I need to change the color on the home page mouseovers and the portfolio header text.

Any help would be appreciated.

You can change colors in the style.css and main.js ( js folder ) files. The best solution is to open the text editor (preferably Dreamweaver or Notepad++) and replace all the instances of ”#01dcff” with your color in the entire theme folder using the Find and Replace tool (usually the Ctrl+H hot key). Thanks

Hello there, great template, thank you! some questions: how should i updating manual with filezilla/zip or import without loose my data, because in wordpress is no update available in this time? can i upload/override john_smith_wordpress_theme.zip? where can i change footer right side-text: “stay in touch” ? where can i change the name of link: “privacy policy” at footer-left-side? where can i rename the homelink: /#!/splash-page to /home?

best regards

Hi! Unzip the john_smith_wordpress_theme.zip file to any folder on your hard drive and upload to the server (to the /wp-content/themes/ directory). You can change footer right side-text: “stay in touch” and the name of link: “privacy policy” in the footer.php file. You can not rename homelink: #!/splash-page to /home. Thanks.

Hey Fxoffice, great theme. Is there a way to change the order of images (thumbnails) on the front slider? Thanks.

Hi! Thumbnails are displayed only in reverse order of posts date. Thanks.

Hi, Just purchased your theme, looks great. But I have one question. How can I add different portfolios with different pictures on the front slider? For example portfolio a with picture 1,2 and 3 and portfolio b with picture 4, 5 and 6? Thanks

Hi! The front slider displays all thumbnails from ‘front-slider’ category. Thanks.

So there is no possibility to add portfolios with different images on the front side?

Hi! Yes, it is possible! Please check documentation ‘Adding a portfolio post’. Thanks.

Hi, i know this is a customization question but hoping you can lead me into a direction! http://www.motherhoodincorporated.ca/heatherb/#!/cake-toppers what file would i work in to change what these thumbnails are sizing to? my client would like them more square

Hi! You can change the thumbnails size in the theme-init.php file ( includes folder ) and then You need to reupload your images. Thanks.


I cant seem to get the gallery working on our site. I have tried various other plugin galleries too but no joy


Your letter hasn’t been received. Please try again – contact@fxoffice.net

sent an email a few days ago. thanks

We’ve emailed you. Please check. Thanks

Hello! Before i’ll byu your theme few moments: 1. Are your theme localization ready? My site should by in Russian, 2. Can i turn off map in “Contact” page? 3. Images in background use picture from album or they upload separetly for background(better for me).

Hi! 1. Current version does not support multi language, but next release will. 2.Yes, You can turn off the map on the ‘Contacts’ page. 3. The background images have to be uploaded separately. Thanks.

I need only one language, Russian. OK, i’ll test your theme few days more and buy it. Looks great, as i want for my site!

Hi there,

I am trying to get a light-box gallery going on one of the pages but nothing seems to work, so I think there is conflict somewhere.

what plug in would you suggest to use? or is there something already build in to put a gallery page together?


thank you for that! that seemed to solve the issue.

what class do I use in order to push the gallery as a whole to the center of the page?

And another question:

theme seems to be working really slow in IE7, any idea why, and how to solve this?

I realize that IE7 is all but dead, but for whatever reason, the client wants us to comply with this as well (crazy!, I know)

Hi! 1. You can use “container_24” class and set “margin:auto” (/css/960_24_col.css file), but it will lead to the fact that all of your pages will be aligned to the center. 2. We believe that IE7 is yesterday, and to support it is a waste of time. Thanks.

Hi again,

thank you i solved footer.php. Next Problem what i have, Lightbox doesn`t work: “image cannot be loaded”! I`ve read and tested so much (with fancybox..), but always same problem. I think there is to correct the imagepath, but where and why? You can the it here: http://feikus.de. I haven`t the standard “wp-content”-directory. The custom field is “lightbox” and path is: .../uploads/2013/05/feikus1.jpg. Thats the correct path when i test it in browser. I don`t solved with this solutions: “http://pexetothemes.com/support/knowledgebase/quick-gallery-image-cannot-be-loaded-make-sure-the-path-is-correct-and-image-exist/”

I hope you can help me again.

thank you very much

Hi again, i think i have solved. custom field is “big_image” + the path is correct.

hi, have i to translate a file .php or .image in template or plugin and wich one at Lightbox-button: prev, next close?

thanks again

Hi! Please open the text editor (preferably Dreamweaver or Notepad++) and replace “Next”, “Prev”, “Close” in the /js/jquery.prettyPhoto.js file using the Find and Replace tool (usually the Ctrl+H hot key). Thanks

thank you again, now i think everything is ok!

hi, it`s solved.

Hey Question!? I love this template.. am i able to use the background pictures for my website or are they copyrighted? Let me know… steve

Hi! The documentation is in the “documentation” folder. Thanks.

Not to sound like an idiot but where is the documentation folder ? I am having someone else build this site from your template… I have no real knowledge of installing in wordpress, and have no idea…. where to look.. can you please be a bit more specific with me ?

Hi! When you got the theme you have downloaded the main archive, which contains documentation, licensing, sources and psd folders, archive with the theme and readme.txt file. If someone did it for you, ask them to download the file again and provide you with the entire archive. Thanks.

Hello, My Client purchased your theme and he loves it. However, is there a way to have a soundcloud in the lightbox from the homepage slider?

Videos are working good, but he has a lot of soundclouds that he would like to put in there. I have tried all different soundcloud links but can’t seem to get it to work.

Is this possible?


Hello! We provide real help to our customers directly. Let your client login with his account and ask the same question. Thanks.

Actually I should have stated that the link works, but shows as Track not available even though it is.

Hi! One more question, can i use PNG file for logo(not text as in demo)?

Yes, of course!

Hi FXoffice,

Love the theme! One question though, does it support child themes?

Thanks, Adam

Hi! We haven’t added the child theme’s files yet, but if you know wordpress a little bit, then it will not be difficult for you to create child theme using wordpress codex. Thanks.

I have Problems with my Theme and figured out I have Version 1.0 installed in my WP. Idk how to get the new vresion though. If I dowwnload it again via this site it would always bring me the 1.0

Hi! Don’t worry about it. If you downloaded the theme from the date of the last release, then everything is OK. This is the known misprint and it will be corrected in the next release. Thanks.

Ok, thanks for this information. However I have this issue, that even when I create a gallery according to your documentation, the pictures won’t appear in the lightbox. I did everything that is described unter the point “Creating a multiple Gallery” and what happens is, that the Thumbnail appears, but clicking on it will lead to an endless waiting situation where the loading bar appears but nothing happens. Once I have created the custom field I write “big_image” into the left, and the URL of the big picture in the right textfield, right? It seems like the lightbox plugin has an error and it just doesnt load. I ve also tried to reinstall the theme, with no success. And how to add more pictures to a category? Do I create the category and add pictures over the “Add files” button and then choose “create gallery” so I can add multiple pictures? And then I click publish? I need this to get working very soon, so If you could response a bit more quickly that would be terrific. Thanks!

Hi there again, now i`ve 2 questions. 1. Where can i remove or change this link-category ”/#!”. In db i`ve nothing found. I think in some files. It`s not looking good for me and serach engines! 2. I want to make links for every ONE category of the gallery. Permalink: ”/portfolio/levis/” absolut: ”/#!/portfolio/levis/” i want: /galerie/levis and only with the category “levis” I hope you can help me one more, Thank you again!

Hi!1. You can not remove or change ”/#!”. This is important part of this template. 2.You need to make changes in the template, and without proper knowledge it will be difficult. Thanks.