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Wich SEO plugin will work with this theme! I have use Wordpress SEO plugin by Yaost! The page titel is equal on every single page, how can I fix that? Is it possible to put some text description in my gallery pages? I have used the portfolio pages to make the galleries as you described in the tutorial videos. (http://mediaspace.biz/#!/portrett-bilder)


Hi! 1. We have not tested this template with any SEO plugin, but we used the correct link’s format, which is good for SEO optimization. 2. Current version do not support text description in the gallery page. Thanks.

I still have this Problem especially with the Gallery. I have uploaded you a picture how it looks like when I set the portfolia as a gallery: http://s1.directupload.net/images/130513/t4lxwqx3.jpg

If I upload a single picture and set the portfolio as “picture” only the loading bar appears and won’t go away.. I have never seen the lightbox showing my picture. Yes, I have done everything step by step according to your documentation. To set the permalink setting to how you described however is not possible. Everytime I choose this option and save it, the selection jumps to the setting above (with is basically the same setting so I doubt that this is the problem since I have also edited my .htaccess so WP gets write/ read permission)

So what is the problem with the prettypicture plugin? Any other files that may require other rights? I’ve read sth about tutorial videos for the theme in some comments. Where can I find them ? I would be happy if I would not have to wait to get 3 sentences as an answer and you could respond a bit quicker ! Thanks for your support!

Hi! Please provide a link to your website. This will speed up the search for solutions of the problem. You can use: contact@fxoffice.net. Thanks.

Thx for the quick response! I wrote you an e-mail. Please answer it. I ve already sent two mails before which were left unresponded. Thanks a lot

Hi. Love this template

However, i would like a contact form confirmation page after someone has submitted a message. Currently, once you click submit, nothing happens even though the message was sent


Hi! Please, check documentation “FAQ” – “How to create Contact Form in WordPress”. Thanks.

Hi! I send you a message via your profile, but no respond. (((

Your letter hasn’t been received. Please try again – contact@fxoffice.net

What has to be done if everything is done and the site looks exactyl like your page does but clicking on a picture that is in a gallery (p.e. PORTFOLIO_02) will leed to an error message saying: “Image cannot be loaded. Make sure the path is correct and image exist” . The link which it taken by firefox is: http://my-site/js_wp/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/image-blank.png

The error is the /js_wp/ part which does not exist on my server.

In the permalinks setting I chose Custom Structure and put in ” / postname /” => it automatically changes to the “post name” settings. (should be the same, right?)

2) Clicking on a picture in the slider on the mainpage will open the blog page showing the picture as a blog entry.

You logged into my dashboard this morning but wrote nothing, so I decied I install WP from the scratch and everything else too. Now you may find the mistake more likely. It would be nice to hear sth from you soon! Please!

Ok, forget my last post. I figured out how it works. But it makes no fun !!! I make an example and please correct me if I am wrong: Example: I travel a lot, so I create a new portfolio category called “travel”. Because I travel to the states I create another category “USA” with the parent “travel”. Now I create a new Site called “Travelpictures”. In the custom field I add the Entry “category-include” and its value “travel”. —Until this point it was nice, and it allows the user to strucutre his site very well— Now I want to add my 50 pictures from the states into Travelpictures, or more precisly into “USA”. So what you did in your preview was, you uploaded all the picture into the media library and then created a new portfolio FOR EACH PICTURE in which you chose “standard” and in the custom field you had to add a link to every single picture (big_image + link). Are you serious? There are options like single picture and gallery. So what I thought was, that I could easily choose a gallery and then choose “gallery” from the option bar on the right. But this gallery won’t show. So do I really have to create a portfolio for EACH PICTURE and manually add its link in the custom field?

We’ve emailed you. Please check. Thanks.

hi, i want to put a link back to my site as the developer but i can’t seem to put a link in the footer left area in the theme options admin by using html code. http://www.heatherboydwire.com. Is there a way i can do this?

Hi! You can put a link by using html code in Theme Options -> “Footer copyright text”. Thanks.

Yes, sorry i wasn’t clear, i tried to put © Heather Boyd Wire | Site by MINC | Site by MINC this code and as soon as i save it, it turns to © Heather Boyd Wire | Site by MINC and has no link functionality

Then try the Privacy Policy Link. Open the footer.php file, find and replace the text Privacy Policy on yours. <?php _e(‘Privacy Policy’, ‘my_framework’); ?>. Thanks.


How can I change the speed of scrolling trough the slides? I mean when you move your mouse over the portfolio-slides on frontpage it goes very fast and not so smooth :(

Hi! You can make it js/main.js file. Line 389 and 392 – ul.stop().animate({left:0}, 2000) and ul.stop().animate({left:max_pos}, 2000) – change 2000 to your number. Thanks.

Hello! Just purchased and have some major troubles with the permalink stuff. Anytime when i do the same like in the documentation (/ postname ) then the webiste is off (no access permission) and aswell i am not able any more to get in to wordpress. I need to delete the htaccess file via ftp then. then it works again, but onyl when i choose Standard. I dont know whats wrong – please help :( thank you!

Please contact to your hosting provider. They should help to restore access. Thanks.

thank you!

update: problem solved! thank you again

I’m having a strange issue happening with one of my gallery pages http://www.heatherboydwire.com/#!/cake-toppers the second row, only has one item over to the right instead of 3 across. I have 13 portfolio items in my admin, so they are all showing

Hi! As you can see the first two thumbnails have a greater height than the rest. Make the thumbnails of the same size. Thanks.

Hello, I can now change the speed of scrolling trough slides, but..

How can I get it so smooth as the demo? It’s not scrolling so smoothly.. little bit of lag there.

Hello! This effect may depend on the number of thumbnails.

oh okay.. thank you very much!

Hi. How can I change the weight of the text in the header. I can’t even read it. http://matthewjacques.net

Hi! For changing the font size of the logo you should change the values ”#logoText” and ”.firstWord” in style.css file. Thanks.

Why does it take so long to load from page to page?

Hi! The page load time depends on the weight of pages – for example many non-optimized images on the page, etc. Thanks.

I have a page created called “Works”. I have its template set to portfolio 2 column. The thumbnails of the portfolio posts show up, but when they are clicked I get an error message that states that the path is not working and should be checked. Other users are having this issue. I am looking for assistance.

Hi! For each thumbnail you must specify the path to the fullsized image using custom field “big_image”. If the path of your image “http://mysite.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/image.jpg”, then you need enter in the custom field ”/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/image.jpg”. If the path of your image “http://mysite.com/test/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/image.jpg”, then you need enter in the custom field ”/test/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/image.jpg”. Please chrck documentation “Creating a multiple gallery”. Thanks.


Thanks for your nice template!! Is it possible to put a link directly to an images category? In fact i would like to put a link which link an image situated in home page to a category situated in the “réalisations” page. Have a look here: http://www.nicolas-salvi.com/ I would like to link for example the first homepage image (stairs) to the category (stairs) situated in the réalisations page. Is it possible? If yes could you hel me please?

Sorry for my english ;-)


Hello! No this is not possible. Thanks.

Is there another way? Thanks.

Hi! For example, you can create subpages with desired portfolio categories (stairs, etc.). Main menu -> ‘réalisations’, sub-menu -> ‘stairs’, ‘ets’. In case you have any questions regarding theme adjustment, please contact us via private messages. Thanks.


In my page called “présentation”, i would like to put bullets but i can’t. How can i do to put bullets for my paragraph?

Thank you for your answer.


Hello! Please use the html

<ul type="disc"><li>Something</li></ul>
. Thanks.

I have tryed but it does no work! I have no bullet! Is there another way? Thanks for your answer.

Try this

<ul style="list-style:disc inside;"><li>Something</li></ul>

Just another thing I could not figure out. I have some troubles with the contact 7 formular. When filling out all correctly and press send button, I get the mail, BUT there is no confirmation also there are no other messages. So people press send button 10 times as they dont see its send already: houseofbeauty.at/#!/contacts/

I researched a lot now on this, including FAQ and support of plugin itself but could not figure out to solve this problem. Some tell its a theme thing, but you use the same plugin in your documenation. any suggestions? thanks!!

update: I had again a look in the documentation and could figure it out ! contact form is working perfect! so please ignore my question above – thanks :)

excuse me… I’ve read all comments, and you name repeatedly “documentation”… where can I find it? I’m having to many troubles with this theme… The portfolios don’t show any data when rollover, I don’t know how to make visible custom posts. galleries don’t show either… please, I need support http://christianvale.com/#!/splash-page

Hi! When you got the theme you have downloaded the main archive, which contains documentation, licensing, sources and psd folders, archive with the theme and readme.txt file. The documentation is in the “documentation” folder. Thanks

yes, I figured that out. Even though, I still can’t make galleries work

Hi! Please, download the latest version of the theme. Read the updated documentation and review the video instructions carefully. If you have any questions – please write via private messages. Thanks.

Hi there,

I am having a terrible time with ie. I have asked about ie7 before and agree with you that we should not support it. but in ie10 the home page loads and when you try to click to another page, it just hangs. can you please explain to me how to solve this.

why does the page hang between links, and how can you speed it



We have tested several of our clients’ sites in the ie10 and everything works fine. Possibly, there is a conflict of the plugins or incorrect hosting settings. Please deactivate all the plugins and retest your website. Thanks.