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I am having a lot of trouble using portfolio categories. I have 3 categories created under “Portfolio Categories”. I assigned a portfolio post to category “Photography”. I have a page called “Works” that is set to the 2 column theme. All portfolio posts popup there, but I do not have the option to change or select a category. I only have the option for “all”. How can I add more categories?

Hi! Please check documenation carefully. You need to create parent category (for example “portfolio”) and sub-categories (for example “works”, “friends”, “albums”). Add a new page. Select page template and enter parent category slug to the “Category include” field. Thanks.

—Issued resolved.—-

I apologize for the continued questions, but I set the “lightbox” metadata URL to the direct link to the JPEG that I want on a portfolio post. Portfolio post is set to “image”. I am still getting the image directory error message. I really appreciate your help.

Hi! The best solution is to upgrade the theme to the latest version (1.3+). In the new version it is not necessary to set the path to the image, just simply upload image using the “Choose Image” button. Thanks.

I have downloaded and tried to manipulate your John Smith template.

I followed the directions for loading them template and also the demo version.

I’ve read all of the documentation.

The first thing I’m trying to do is replace the turquoise with a deep orange and then I’ll personalize with photos/copy/categories, etc.

Issue 1. When I click on gallery, it goes to this link: http://themes.fxoffice.net/js_wp/#!/portfolio_category/front-slider

When it goes there, I get the cool tool to change everything to orange, which is great, but I don’t know how to get that back to the site I’m working on. To change the colors on the site I’‘m working on, the only way I can do that is to go to THEME OPTIONS/Styles and change the color. I also don’t have the option to change the Background Pattern at all the way it’s set up, if I’m interpreting everything correctly. So, if I do that by using THEME OPTIONS/STYLE, I change the color to the orange I want and most of the elements turn to the color I want, but if you hover over the main tabs, they’re still turquoise.

Issue 2. The loader thingy is turquoise too. If you go to the following link, you’ll see what I mean:


Item 1: The words of the title of the site are ALL orange, and I’d like the white and color combo like your John Smith example. Item 2. If you go to GALLERY and click, it goes to your site. Item 3. If you go to ABOUT, SERVICES, or CONTACT, it stays on http://caradcohmd.com/wordpress, BUT the colors of GALLERY, ABOUT, SERVICES, and CONTACT are all defaulting to turquoise.

I’m frustrated, as I love a lot of the elements of the theme, but some things just aren’t jiving. I’m not too far into it that I couldn’t wipe everything out and start over, but I’m not sure how to do that. Would I remove everything from my ftp site? I tried totally wiping out my wordpress installation for this site, but all the old things I tried just came back.

Please help.

Correction. Now that I exited out and got back in, the orange is now working on the tabs, etc. I still need the front slider to be orange, however. Also, when I click on GALLERY it still goes to http://themes.fxoffice.net/js_wp/#!/portfolio_category/front-slider

If I click on Portfolio_02, 03, 04, it stays on my site. Thanks!

We’ve emailed You. Thanks.


I just purchased your theme, which is nice :) But I can’t find how to get square thumbnails like in your “portfolio 4 columns” demo page. Could you please help me?

Thx a lot!

Hi! You need to create thumbnails 230×238. Create portfolio posts as shown in the documentation. Create a new page and choose a page template “Portfolio 4 columns”. Thanks.

Ok thanks i’ll try this and will let you know.

I have another question

Is it possible to remove the #!/ from the url rewritting rule? (if yes, how?) Because my multilingual plugin WPML is not working with this.

Thx again

Hi! We are working on a multilingual version. Please wait for updates. Thanks.

Hi guys. Do you have any news for future multilingual feature? Because I have to see my client by the end of the week and I have to make a decision for the use or not of this theme that I bought and that they liked. Thx a lot!

Hi! We think to finish in a few days. The frontend is ready now. Thanks.


concerning the 4colums page… is there any way to move showing “all” on the template without having php skills?

my costumer want direkt links to two different gallerys without showing all images from both gallerys after loading the page..

best regards


Hi! No it will be hard to do without php skills. Thanks.

hi, i will get help by php modification, can you give me a generaly tip how i can set the first category as activ and only this pictures are visvible? thats the only thing i need..



Hi! Try this: 1. Open the page-portfolio_4col.php file and remove the lines 10 and 12. 2. Create portfolio posts with different parent categories (do not create the sub-categories). 3. Create two pages – gallery1 and gallery2, then choose a page template “Portfolio 4 columns” and set the appropriate parent category for each of the pages. Thanks.

the lightbox isnt working for me, could you drop me a line and take a look into it what i’m doing wrong? If i upload an image or trying to choose the image for a lightbox, it keeps frozen after the upload with an blank page.

theme is already updated to 1.3

Hi! Can you give a url to your website so we could help you. Thanks.

Nevermind, I already got the problem, was my fault _

Just purchased the template and love it, thanks!

One question: I love the front slider and have it working properly. I want to know if there’s a way to NOT have the drop down “caption”/image description or even the image scrolling down on hover (so it stays stationary without the image scrolling down and without the caption.) I can live with the image scrolling down on hover, but I’d really like to know if there’s a way to get rid of the black box that comes down holding the image description.

Thanks for your help!

Hi! Please open js/main.js file. Find line 113 – //Slider hover and remove lines 113-136. That’s all. Thanks.

P.S. And remove line 50 also!

perfect, thanks!

Great theme!

1. Have you had an issue with anyone not being able to use text breaks
in text fields, either with the HTML editor OR the WYSIWYG editor? I have not been able to use a text break anywhere with this template. JUst wondering if I’m missing something. Everything just jumbles together in one big text block.

2. Also, I noticed that the most recent download of the files/documentation states version “1.3” as does the theme viewer in WP, while the Themeforest site shows “1.4”. Do I have the most current version?

Much thanks!

DO http://deaneogden.com

Hi! The current version 1.4 available for download. Please upgrade. We haven’t faced with such a problem of the text editor, but we will try to find a solution in the next few days. Thanks.

^ Looks as though there is a workaround for #1 above: Double-spacing. Not an optimal solution, though, obviously. I have to go back through all 400+ of my posts and double-space each paragraph to achieve a line break?

Will this be fixed in a subsequent update?


Hi, got another one problem and a question. I haven’t already updated to version 1.4, im still on 1.3 but may this can work without upgrading:

1. When I am sending a message through the contact form, which is included into your theme download, it works properly and I receive the message, but on the website it doesn’t shows any errors or success messages when sending a message. Any way to fix it?

2. I will only have 4 slider items at the front page, so is there a way to disable the slide to left and right and align them in the center?

Url of the webpage is zeltwerk.kleybor.de

Thanks in advance!

Hi! 1. Check documentation -> FAQs -> How to create Contact Form in WordPress. 2. Open style.css -> find line 259-266
    padding:1px 0; 
    top: 0;
    left: 0;
and replace with
    padding:1px 0; 
    top: 0;
    left: 0!important;
    margin:0 auto!important;

Amazing support, everything works right now. Thanks for your help.

I strongly recommend to buy this theme.


Nice theme, but i dont understand why ContactForm7 doesn’t work with your theme … When i clik on “send it” no reaction :( i try other contact form plugin, same problem, who can help me please ?

Hi! We recommend that you use the “Contact form 7” plugin. This plugin works perfectly with the theme. Thanks.

Hi, yes i know but try, the form don’t go … http://www.mytalentreview.com/#!/contact

Hi! Please check documentation -> FAQs. You need to copy and paste the code of the contact form, as shown in the documentation. Thanks.

Hy, everything works quite fine now, but I have one question, how can I create that text-popping-in-effect, when you go with the mouse over a image (not the fornt-slider thing) at the portfolio-pages?

Hi! You can put text in the ‘Image description’ field. Click Portfolio->Add new ( or Edit )->see ‘Options’ and ‘Image description’ field. Also You can use any HTML tags. Thanks.


First off, love the theme.

I’m running into an issue regarding logo size. I have an logo that is the correct size but when I upload it and use the image logo option it resizes it to the point where it appears smaller than we want it.

Any idea on how to circumvent this?


Hi! Can You provide a link to your website? We will try to help You. Thanks.

The link is platform-international.com but there’s a “coming soon” page that will show if you’re not logged in. If you email me I can set up credentials.

nlampert [at] crvdmedia [dot] com

We’ve emailed You. Thanks.

Hi, With the Submenu i got a problem on mobile devices. The submenu is fading out after a mouse out event. but on Touch devices i just have a “click”, so the submenu is still visible after the new page content is loaded. i would really appreciate for getting help to resolve this problem ;-) thanks sam

Hi! Can you provide your website URL. We will try to help you. Thanks.

hi, yes..the test-site is reachable under: http://www.dreadindustries.com/intercoiffure/ under: “Impressionen” i have de gallerypages…thanks!!

Hi! We have found a solution. Please check for updates. Simply replace files main.js and switcher.js in the “js” folder. Thanks for bug report!


Hi! 1. We have not tested this template with any music plugin, but you can try. Of course we will help you. 2. Current theme version doesnt support on/off slideshow when changing pages. Thanks.

Hey I’m trying to throw up a video on one of my pages but when click on the shortcode generator at the top nothing happens. So I went into your version of it and found the shortcode and put in my video link: [video file=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1Y7fsQFmgY” width=”500” height=”300”] This doesn’t work—> it’s trying to send me to http://www.youtube.com/embeds/http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1Y7fsQFmgY

Is there some way of making this work without that thing at the top of the content area because it doesn’t seem to work on any of the 3 installs I’ve done. Currently I have it only on my local host but can upload it to a test domain if you need to see it not working in action.


Hi! Your video shortcode should be like this : [video file=”http://youtu.be/08nJmTVDTLw” width=”500” height=”300”]. Thanks.

http://www.mikegustafson.ca/louisfisette/#!/contact—> Tried with your link and with my own youtube numersletter thing (left it youtu.be) and that is the result I get. I’ve decided I don’t need a video on any of the pages anymore so it doesn’t really matter, but just in case you wanted to see it for if anyone else has the problem. I can create a user for you to check out the back. But if you don’t really care, neither do I anymore :)

Hi! You shortcode – [video file=”http://youtu.be/f1Y7fsQFmgY” width=”500” height=”300”]. This works! Thanks.


Is it possible to put my client’s logo (see there: http://nicolas-salvi.com) a little bit more large? If yes, how can i do?

The website is a little bit slow. How can i do to have a likely open?

Sorry for my english ;-) Thank you very much for your great theme.

Have a nice day.


Hi! 1. Please open style.css -> find line 83 -> #logo{ ... width:310px; ....}. Replace “width:310px” with Yours value. 2. The site’s speed depends on your hosting. Thanks.

Great!! Thank you for your quick answer. For me that was on line 161 ;-) Have a nice day!


great looking template/theme. has anyone integrated or use this with woo commerce?

Hi! This theme doesn’t support “woo commerce”. This is a photo portfolio wordpress theme. Thanks.

no worries… ive found a fix.. we have a few items to sell as well and i found an ecommerce integrations. the template is fantastic.. TY!