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Hello! I’m not sure if you have seen the messages I’ve sent before but it’s urgent now, so I have to take this way. I’ve been trying to create a portfolio gallery page, and I do all the steps exactly as tutorial says but I keep receiving this message “This slideshow requires JavaScript.”

I just wanted to know… what am I missing? Please…

Hi! Can you provide access to your site? We will try to help you.Thanks.

Hi, a pre-purchase question: I would like to create 3 portfolio pages, each with a different category … is it possible? Thanks

Hi! Yes, of course, it is possible. Thanks.

Hi, I need to use a Newsletter in my website. I tried Wysija, but does not work with this theme… can you help me? Otherwise which plugin do you recommend? Thanks

When a visitor subscribe from website form, appears the 404 page… In the plugin page, I’ve the message: WYSIJA POSSIBLE 3rd PARTY CONFLICTS …./john_smith_wordpress_theme/includes/js/custom-js.js?ver=3.5.2 How can I do to fix the problem? Thanks

Hi, I’ve contacted Wysija support and they replied as follows: You theme might be missing wp_footer() function in the footer.php, it’s needed to display Wysija JavaScript files that handle AJAX subscriptions…. Can you help me to solve this issue? Thanks

Hi! We are trying to solve this issue. Thanks for bug report.


The theme has been working a charm until today. All pages when I click on them take me to a 404 error page. I’ve changed nothing in the past couple of weeks so any help with this is greatly appreciated.

The site in question is http://platform-international.com

Please email me for login details so you can see the site behind the coming soon page.

Thanks in advance!

Never mind. It seems to be a conflict with the W3 cache plugin.

Hello, Is there anyway that I can move the menu and scroller on splash page down towards the bottom a little?


Hi! Open js/main.js file. Line 320 – jQuery(“header”).stop(true).animate({paddingTop:100}, 250, “easeInCubic”); Change “paddingTop:100”. Thanks.

I’m trying to change the color of the loader… I went to http://preloaders.net/en/horizontal but I still just don’t get it… can I more instructions?

Thank you

Nevermind got it :)

Love the theme, but I have two, hopefully, final questions. 1. how can I change the name of the first page? In my case it is: ”#!/splash-page” and is there any possibility to get rid of the ”#!”-thing? 2. When I look at your portfolio, you added a mouse-over text on each image. How did you do that? I am not very experienced in html… Thank you very much.

Hi! Please download and install the latest version of the theme! Thanks.

Did install the latest Version, seams to work now, but now I have a problem with the menu. Before the sub-menus flipped out to the right, but now they didn’t. Look at the Galerie: http://www.nataschamaraval.com/#!/splash-page

Hi! Please ask questions using the account with which you purchased the theme. Thanks for understanding.

Hello, For some reason the background images are not showing up anymore and two of the slider images are missing. I have not made any changes. Any idea why these quit working? http://devisonphotography.com

nevermind….looks like they are working again

Hi – I have finished creating my site with the John Smith template. Throughout the process since I started creating it I’ve noticed that each link redirects to a link with a #!/ in the middle. For instance.. visiting ‘gorgeflyboard.com’ redirects to ‘gorgeflyboard.com/#!/splash-page’.

I called my hosting provider GoDaddy and they said I seem to have a subdirectory that doesn’t exist, seems to be some sort of redirect in the code. They were unable to find this anywhere in the backend to remove it. Are you able to tell me where there is so I can remove it?

One reason I ask is because I am trying to implement a plugin for the site Bookeo. It continues to redirect the url so even though the code is in the page to embed the booking widget, their end shows that the page doesn’t exist with the code on it..

Hi! You can’t remove ”/#!/” from the theme. It is very important. Thanks.


I have been trying a to get any form to work and I have tried several different different form plugins. I know you said Contact 7 works, so that’s what I’ve been mainly trying to get to work. The contact 7 form will not submit, or even bring up the error messages with required fields. Any thoughts on this?

Thanks for your help!

Nevermind, I see the extra code I’m supposed to put in. Works now! :)

Hi so this is the account with which I purchased the theme. Here again my problem: Did install the latest Version, seams to work now, but now I have a problem with the menu. Before the sub-menus flipped out to the right, but now they didn’t. Look at the Galerie: http://www.nataschamaraval.com/#!/splash-page thank you for your help.

Hi! Please open style.css file and add following code:

.sub-menu .sub-menu {top:0;left:169px;}

That’s it, thank you very much!

1. The screen doesnt fit, so i can see the whole site without scrolling? 2. How i can fix it, so i can see footer and all other content without scrolling

Love the theme though! Thx

I figured out the footer issue but still stumped on how to get the page to resize to fit any size screen like the demo site shows/does.

Never mind, again, figured it out…

Are y’all still getting my emails? No one has responded back…


I sent it again, please let me know if you received the email.

Hi. We got a letter. We’ll reply as soon as possible. Thank you for understanding.

Thank you as well for understanding and providing support.

How can I change the startpage to something else than the splash-page? Thx

And is it possible to create a second page in the same style like the splash-page?

Hi! 1. Please open text-editor (Like Notepad++) -> Search ->Find in files -> Find what:spalsh-page, Replace with:home, Directory:”Your theme local directory” -> And click “Replace in Files” Button. 2. You can’t create second page like the spalsh-page – this is a one page wordpress theme. Thanks.


Just a pre-buy question. Can one add sound to the main home page? As I do not see such an option or feature in the live preview.

Thank you.

Otherwise it is an awesome theme

Hi! Of course, You can use any audio plugins. Thanks!

Hello, Thank u for this theme, he’s very good ! :D

I have one little problem and i dunno how to do and what to do for that.

It’s in Portfolio page, i chose the “3 images portfolio” and i have hide the “All” for the “Portoflio category” and i want to chose in default one of them (My category).

It’s hard to explain, i’ll explain with the exemple : Here—> http://bit.ly/1doZGTD , I want when i go here, show the “Illustrations” category

How i can do that ?

Thank u very much.

Okay, so i have to do by myself, even if i BOUGHT one theme.. I think, if i asked for something, i need to have one answer for what i asked.

Hi! Please do not worry. We are trying to find a solution. Thanks for understanding.

Hi! We have found a solution. if you are still interested in, please send us a private message and We will send you the instructions. Thanks.


Just wondering what edits I need to make to page.php in order to swap the sidebar over from the left to right.


Hi! Please open page.php and : 1. line3 -> remove classes “alpha” and “blogy”. 2. line 25 -> remove class “left”. Thanks.


Just wondering what edits I need to make to page.php in order to swap the sidebar over from the left to right.

Also Contact Form 7 doesnt seem to work, even using the input specified in the documentation. The form appears to submit but no email is received.


Hi! Please provide your website url. Thanks.


Hi! Can you provide access to your site admin panel – we will try to help You. Thanks.

Hi there,

I work for a small web design firm, and my client is asking for a menu which goes up to 3 sublevels, in the theme, each submenu cascades down instead of horizontally, so it is impossible to navigate if there are more than 1-submenu, i hope you understand what I mean. I was wondering if there is a reasonably simple way of changing this?

Great theme by the way :) I look forward to your response.

js/main.js file lines 8-17 (add code) and style.css file lines: 198-248 (replace styles).

It works perfectly, thanks so much for taking the time to update the theme just for us, you have really saved us a lot of trouble.

I think we will be using more of your themes in the future :)


Nice theme.


It seems that thumbnails of blog list could not zoom to 150_137px automatically under IE10 when the thumbnail’s size are over 150_137px. But they work well under Chrome and Firefox. I wonder whether it is general. (Sorry to my poor English.)

Hi! Sometimes You have to delete the image and re-upload. And Please provide your website url. We will try to help You. Thanks.