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Hey there! Love the theme, quick question!

For the logo I was wondering if there was a way to reverse the text colouring. I want the bottom word to be white and the top to match the theme colour.

I found the part in .firstWord to change the top but couldn’t manage to swap the bottom to white.


HI! Please open style.css file -> line 99 -> #logoText { color:#YOUR COLOR HERE}, and open functions.php -> remove line 214: “echo ’#logoText{color:’.$color_schem.’}’;”. Thanks.

Hi there just got this going, great work. A few quick questions:

1. Where can I download the patterns for the BG? 2. How can I make the video light box larger? 3. How can I get a portfolio page to show sub-categories? Please explain in detail, I went through your documentation and it doesn’t show it. Following the instructions of including the category by ID didn’t work…. 4. The bullet points don’t work…if I make something a bullet point in the editor, it shows up as plain text on the page within the theme.

Thank you very much. Truly,


Any advice would be much appreciated!

Hi there, I am using a plugin called WP social stream in conjunction with your theme. Basically ive configured live twitter, facebook and instagram feeds using this plugin. At the top, there are buttons which are supposed to allow the filtering of different feeds (eg a twitter button at the top to filter the twitter posts).

For whatever reason, instead of applying the filter, the themes 404 page is returned inside the social feed box. I contacted the plugin author and they said there must be some jQuery which is overriding any clicks on the filter links and applying them to the themes navigation.

Are you able to tell me which code may be causing this problem and if there is a way of fixing it?

Thank you!

Hi! Please provide your wesite url. We will try to help you.Thanks.

Hi! Sorry but the theme doesn’t support this plugin. Try to use social plugins without ajax (loading or sorting) scripts. Thanks.

Dear FXoffice,

Can you please explain IN DETAIL how to set up a lightbox gallery with multiple images, like the one you see when you click directly the “GALLERY” link on your own demo? Thanks a lot!

Hi! Please check documentation: “Adding a portfolio post – Gallery Page” (first video in the category) and “Adding of a portfolio page into a menu”. Thanks.

This is applicable for one image only. I want to display multiple images. This tutorial does not work for multiple images. Also, I won’t be using any menus, only frontpage sliders so, I don’t need to add the gallery link to the menu. I am talking about displaying multiple images via lightbox. This is kinda urgent, I can mail you directly if it helps. Thank you.

Hi! Please check documentation – “Adding a portfolio post” – “Image Lightbox” video and you will get multiple images via lightbox. If you are experiencing difficulties, please provide access to your website and we will try to help. Thanks.

Hi FXOffice,

Have you had a chance to read my questions?

An update on the portfolio.

I’ve created 5 new portfolio categories, with 4 being sub categories of the main category. They are

Porfolio - TV - Video - Print

Now when I click on the portoflio page, I see all items within the parent category, and I see the tabs for the sub categories, but when I click on the tabs for the sub categories, no items load up, even though each item’s portfolio page has that sub category checked off.

You can see this at: http://vpmediahouse.com/2014/#!/portfolio

Please let me know ASAP. Thank you.

Hi! 1. Demo background patterns you can find in the images folder. 2. You can change video light by adding “&width=1000&height=600” to the youtube link. For example: http://youtu.be/ilroTI32p5s&width=1000&height=600. 3. Please provide access to your website and we will try to help you. 4. Please update the theme. Thanks.

Hi there I used the contact form to send you the login details. Thank you in advance,


Hi! We’ve emailed you. Thanks.

How do I update the theme if there is not an ‘update’ in wordpress?

I don’t want to delete everything and reupload the theme?

Hi! Please download update theme and open js/main.js file lines 8-17 (add code to the old file) and open style.css file lines: 198-248 (replace styles). Thanks.

thank you

Also, is it possible to have a small logo in the footer?

Yes, it is possible to have a small logo in the footer. You need to make changes in the footer.php file. Please send us a private message with a description of what you need and we will help you. Thanks.

will do

Hello, i want to buy you theme, please tell me can i place under slider on home page with presentation text and video about company (like the inner page)?

Hi! You can add video and text only to the slider items . Thanks.

Hi again! Quick question, Ive set up the home page slider with 25 slides, when the mouseover gets towards one side of the page, the slides move too fast to stabilise the mouse again and the middle part of the homepage slider is pretty impossible to see.

Is there a way to slow down the animation that moves the slides left and right when the mouse reaches a certain point?


Hi! You can change values in the js/main.js file – lines 458 and 461 (default – 2000). Thanks.

I want link my posts to facebook, however when I link the articles it doesn’t bring up the correct metadata, how can I fix this?


Hi! You can try to add meta tags to the header.php file

<meta property="og:title" content="Blog Title"/>
<meta property="og:image" content="<?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?>/images/facebooklogo.png"/>
<meta property="og:site_name" content="My Blog"/>
<meta property="og:description" content="Blog Description"/>

Hi again! Quick question

Am i correct in thinking that each page can accommodate a maximum of 24 width columns? Does this mean that the space on the right hand side of the pages cannot be used? If not, how can i utilise that extra space?


HI! You can’t utilize that extra space. Only 24 columns. Thanks.

Can I make the theme unresponsive?

Hi! Yes, you can. Send us a private message and we will help you. Thanks.

Urgent: Need to know how to disable the hover animation on the thumbnails. I followed prior instructions and removed some lines of code and then it wouldnt scroll anymore, the images started appearing below the scoller. I just don’t want it to drop down when I hover over thumbs.

Better yet can I make the black box still appear but the image not drop to the color version? See I can’t scale my images since they arent landscape so they wont fit that size. I just dont want the picture to move.

Hi! Plaese open style.css file and remove lines 367 – 373 (.no-animy a img { ... } ). Thanks.

hi! i need to create a simple gallery image with lighbox, but without upload a single image one by one with portofolio system. I have a lot of images (about 100) and i need to up the images in gallery in a single time (like default wordpress gallery)! i’ tried a lot of external plugin to do this, but anyone work! I tried for example the famous “Next gen gallery”. There are method or plugin to do this simple feature?? thanks a lot!

Hi! Current version doesn’t support this feature, but we will try to find a solution. Thanks.

Ok, thanks. Could you contact me or reply at this post when you ave solution?? thak you so mutch!

Of course. Thanks.

I am wondering how I can add text to the Splash page only, and not have it show on any other pages.


hi! We provide support only to our customers. Thanks

I understand, but is there a way to do this? I was told by the person who installed it for me that it could not be done, and am just wondering.

Hi! It is possible, but will be hard to do without php, html and css skills. Thanks.

How do I make my portfolio (front slider) image black and white then hover colour like in the demo?

In order to do so you need: 1. Create a black and white copy of your image. 2. Combine color and black\white images together in such way, so that the black and white image would be on top of the color one, and the dimensions would be 361 pixels wide and 452 pixels high. You can use Photoshop for this. There are PSD files in the PSD folder, so you can see which filters were used and so on. Thanks.

Hello! I need some help with our theme: 1. Need to change font, because “Anton” looking bad with Russian characters. For example i want to use one of Google fonts with Russian letters. 2. In Russia we are use “Vkontakte” social network, how i can add this social network(icon and link) in “Social Media” menu. 3. Best size for image logo. That’s my questions for first time.

Hi! 1. Try WP Goggle fonts plugin. 2. Please send us a private message – we have this icon. 3. Image logo – 310×186 px. Thanks.

I haven’t purchased the theme yet but I am looking to. Is it possible to choose the display order for the homepage postings? Say I want certain projects I worked on to be in a certain order and not the order I posted them in.



So I purchased the theme and I have to say I’m not a fan of the video documentation.

Can you please help me out with the links and details for posting video lightboxes. I’m unable to decipher the text used to creat the hover head info on the sliders and when I click on my video lightboxes I get this error: “Image cannot be loaded. Make sure the path is correct and the image exists.”

Some step by step text documentation would be great.



Hi! Please check documentation carefully! You should to select format – ‘video lightbox’ and insert video link (http://youtu.be/08nJmTVDTLw) to the ‘Video’ area. Thanks

Thanks! I managed to get it all going before your reply. I should have read more carefully and some experimentation ended up helping. Still need to look into getting the text widget to word wrap. I’m sure I can just change some values somewhere and get it to work.

Thanks again for the beautiful theme!

Hi! Thanks for bug report! Please open style.css file and add following code
.widget .textwidget {
    white-space: normal;
    word-wrap: break-word;

Really like this theme, few questions:

1. I made my logo image a certain size but it gets re-sized once I upload it, how would I change this?

2. I figured out how to open the social icons in a new tab with target _blank but how would I do the same for links leaving the site in the nav menu? Also how would I add an Instagram/YoutTube/LinkedIn icons to the footer? I can create the icons myself if needed.

3. How can I remove the portfolio gallery that appears by default on the splash/index page so that I can see the background image when people visit the page.

4. Is it possible to change the size of the blocks & text for the nav menu to make them smaller?

Ty! Also where is the preloader gif located? I made a new one via the preloaders.net site

I didn’t figure out how to have external links in the nav bar with target=_blank to open in a new tab

I figured all of the above out. I need to know how to add a dropdown menu to put the contact form, similar to here: www.christflowmusic.com

Hi! Current theme doesn’t support dropdown menu for contact form. Thanks.