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I love your theme ut i need to have my website in french and english; When you mean translation ready – does it mean i can have it in both lange with a language selection on the home page? best, camille

moreover, can i change the image background per pages?

Hi! 1. No, You can use only one lang – english or french. 2. You can’t change the image background per pages. Thanks.

Just have a question on the mobil side of the site. I tested out your mobile version and it works just fine but the version that comes up on my site it all jacked up. Can you take a look and see what would cause it to look this way? Thanks.


Hi! Try to reduce the logo dimensions to 310×186 pixels. Thanks.

Still no luck. Now I get “Safari cannot open the page because of too many redirects occurred” on my iPhone. Thoughts?

Hello there,

I just recently bought your theme, and its really great! However, I would like to change one thing in the single page layout with left sidebar. More precisely, I would like to get a bit more space for text/image content. When I’m changing grid space from ‘16’ to ‘18’, widgets and text in sidebar goes downside instead of sitting in proper place. Is there any way to simply get some more space without ‘touching’ sidebar?

Hi! Please provide your website url. We will try to help You. Thanks.

Hi , I’m getting a bit confused about how to allocate items into a lightbox. i watched the videos within the documentation, and follow it. but the video didn’t explain how you allocate multiple items to appear in the lightbox (e.g. of 1/4 when you click to enlarge)?

Hi there, actually I can see how that works now (not 100% sure, but it is working), The question I have now is, on the splash page, how do I control the order of the front sliders, oh and how do I control the speed of the front sliders? here is site: http://baywaterpools.com.au/staging-auxiliary/

cheers -Joel

Hi! 1.Thumbnails are displayed only in reverse order of posts date. 2. You can control the speed of the front slider in js/main.js file. Line 458 and 461
 ul.stop().animate({left:0}, 2000)
ul.stop().animate({left:max_pos}, 2000) 
change 2000 to your number. Thanks.

ok cheers


Thanks for your great template !

I would like to updated my template but i don’t know about the procedure. Do you have an article about “How to updates a template?” or “Steps to update a template?”.

Thank you per advance and sorry for my english.


Hi! You should to re download and reupload the theme to server your_website_url/wp-content/themes/ folder. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Thanks.

Is there an easy way to have “related posts” be related to a certain tag? For example, I would like my portfolio posts to only show other portfolio posts under the “related” links. As of now, it’s showing blog postings.

Thank you.


Hi! Please contact us via private messages and we will send you an instructions. Thanks.

Thanks for all the help so far. Have you guys thought about putting the page title (logo) to be left aligned when the theme shrinks with window size? As of now it cuts off my name.

Hi! We’ve emailed you. Thanks.

Thanks so much for the help! It worked great.


I have downloaded this theme and when I install it though WordPress it doesn’t load up my webpage. I have also transferred it to the themes folder via Filezilla but I still won’t load. I keep on getting this message:- https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3taZfUHXrPOVnNRM3RMbmxQR1k/edit?usp=sharing

Please can anyone help.

I really need to get my website up and running.



Hi! Try to contact to your hosting provider or try to reinstall wordpress installation. Thanks.

I have reinstalled WordPress and I still have the redirect loop message. Unless you can resolve this issue I will demand a refund. There is no reason why out shouldn’t work from my side as I have gotten various other themes to work, but this one doesn’t. Hopefully you can resolve it. Thanks

Hi! Please provide access to your website. We will try to help you. Thanks.

Hello, I was just wondering for the logo, instead of text can I use PNG file?

Hi! Of, course you can use any image-logo. Thanks.

Hi I have bought the theme and have a couple of simple questions. I belive this information should be contained in the support documents.

1. What is the optimum size for background slider images?

2. What is the optmium size for front page slider images

3. Where do you get the background texture over lay flies?


Hi! 1. Background slider images – 1600×1000 pixels. 2. Front page slider images – 361×452 pixels. 3. Some demo textures you can find in john_smith_wordpress_theme/images folder. Thanks.

Where can I change the font for the menue? I wanna have the Font Leroy Brown only there.

Hi! You can’t change menu font without css skills. Try to use wordpress font plugins. If you need help, please send us a private message we will try to help you. Thanks.

Can you also please explain the class=....... and marg_ ….. I never worked with that and I want to change the Text in Post and Pages.

Also I wanna know how I can get several pics into an image lightbox shown. Really don’t understand all the tutorial, they are only for one pic.

This is really annoying me.

Hi! Please send us a private message we will try to help you. Thanks.

Hi there. I got loading issues on iPad at Safari Browser. Also the loading time is really slow at some browsers. I checked all the plugins. This can’t be.

What could be the problem?

Hi! Website’s speed may depend on your hosting. Please check web hosting settings. Thanks.

I installed cachify on my webside, now it’s faster…But still have an issue with Samsung Galaxy. The Pics in the Front Slider (Chrome) just still disappear when I “klick” on then. I can see only a black bar and I have to refresh the homepage. What could it be? And another question: Is it possible to change the Social Media Icons and maybe replace flickr with pinterest?

Hi! Thanks for bug report. 1. We will test our theme with Samsung Galaxy in a few days and will find a solution. 2. All social icons you can find in the images folder and in the psd files, where you can modify your flickr icon to pinterest and save with the same name.(you need photoshop skills) Thanks.

Pre-purchase question . . . Is it possible to set up Woocommerce with this theme and is there a social sharing plugin for liking pages and posts that works as well?

Hi! Current version doesn’t support woocommerce plugin. Thanks.

Is there a social sharing plugin for liking pages and posts? You know . . . to show at top of post to share post?

We can’t recommend anything, but we will help to set up. Thanks.

me again. How can I remove “Related Posts” from the Blog Page?

Hi! Please open single.php file in the text editor and remove lines 21-26. Thanks.

Thank you


I have downloaded this theme and when I install it, my web no worked.

I have change the thema and my webpage working well. I installed again this thema, the same redirect message comes up. I don’t see what I have done wrong, the wordpress 3.7.1

I have downloaded other themes and they activate fine. What else could be causing this problem? Thanks.

My English is not very good, sorry

Hi! You can find contact form on our profile page. Thanks.

good morning the other day, send my password and my website. Have you been able to access? I need to finish the web and I’m pendinete whether or not I can install your template. thanks

Hi! We’ve emailed you. Thanks.

Hi I am trying to insert a map to the contact page but every plugin i try does not show up?

Hi! Try our google map shortcode, for example

[map src="https://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&q=Chicago+IL&iwloc=A&z=14&t=m&output=embed" width="426" height="270"]
Portfolio images should be 361×452 pixels. Thanks.

Perfect, thanks :)

You are welcome!

Hello, FXoffice, Quick question, How can I increase height on gallery page(2 col theme)? I mean I want to set thumbnail image like square. need to increase thumbnail image’s height?

Let me know Thank you!

Hi! Please open theme-init.php file (your_website_name/wp-content/themes/john_smith_wordpress_theme/includes/theme-init.php). Find line 19 –

add_image_size( 'portfolio2-post-thumbnail', 470, 238, true ); // Portfolio 2 columns Thumbnail
and change thumbnail dimensions (default height=238px). Save and re-upload file to the server. Thanks.

Yes It works. but need to re-upload images. Thank you for your great support.

You’re welcome!

Guys, I just updated wordpress, now I can’t seem to switch images in my main gallery by clicking on the controls – actually, they vanished – any updates coming up soon?

Hi! We’ve emailed you. Thanks.

wrote back again, thanks.

Hi! We’ve emailed you. Thanks.

Hi there, I’ve sent you an email with a small problem I found while configuring gallery/portfolio. Hope that you received it already ;)

Reply sent. Thanks ;]

I’ve sent you an email like a week ago. Could you please help me with this small problem? And by the way – Merry Christmas ;)

Hi! Sorry for the delay. We’ve emailed you. Thanks.