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Live Preview EXTREMELY slow loading.

Hi, Sticker!

Just called to Mediatemple (the hosting provider). They have apologized for the slow download problem. It should be fine now.

Hi Odincov,

Nice clean design, couple of questions:

1.The header, is that html text or image? 2. Can I integrate ISSUU ? That is a publishing system for books and magazines, integrating means inserting a html code somewhere in your code and being able to read my magazine online on this template instead of going to ISSUU first. 3. How many of each module can I use? ie the module “websites”, can I use that like 5 times in the code? 4. In the module “websites”, is it possible when viewing the images, to have a next and previous button, instead of now, closie image and then click the next one.


Hi TMW ,

Thank you very much!

1. Yes, the header is a text and you can change it from the html files. 2. Yes, you can integrate ISSUU . Here is an example for you http://template.odincov.net/site/johnsmith/tmw.html#issuu. (Integrating embed objects keep in mind it’s width should be less or equal to 900px.) 3. 5 pages will be fine. Actually, you can have 10, 20, 30 if it’s reasonable. Javascript will render it fast. But the amount of images can affect the loading time. 4. Yes, it’s possible to have a next/previous buttons. You just have to add the same “rel” tag to each link of the group. Here is another example for you http://template.odincov.net/site/johnsmith/tmw.html#websites.

All the best!

Hi there! :)


Only thing is that the animation is very choppy for me. Firefox 3.6

Hi artliq,

Thanks for pointing me. I see the difference but it still comfortable on my computer. There is a static version in the package (if you would like to buy it more because of design). I will study this problem and I will upload update if there is a solution.

Hi Odincov,

I wanted to add an additional Print Portfolio Page to my website making to 3 Portfolios. In my case it is for photography. I went to the – Navigation Starts – section under the header and copy and pasted another href – print file remaining the href, rel to photographs.

href="#photography" rel="photography" class="nav">Photography

I then copied and pasted the an additional print page changing the id=photography.

div class=”b-page page” id=”photography”

I can travel to the page without any problem and modify the first Portfolio Work but after renaming the link to the next block, when I attempt to go the the next Portfolio Work it complete breaks and does not side scroll to the next one.

Not sure if this make sense. I may just need to know all the steps for creating an additional Print Portfolio Page and renaming it.

I had no trouble modifying the original 2 Portfolio Pages (Website, Print), but attempting to add another is the problem.



Hi Ben,

Have you changed the id for the sub blocks wrapper?

Find <!- Sub blocks wrapper starts -> marker in the your new section. Change the id of the next row . In this case it can be id=”photography_sub_block”.

This div holds sub blocks with your items. Each sub block has unique id. The Next / Previous navigation connected to ids of the sub blocks.

For example Next Work connected to next block with id=”charming letters_set”.

You need to add unique id to each sub block and to set each navigation link regarding the instruction in doc file.

If you will have more problems drop me a link to your site through the mail form on my profile page.

All the Best, Sergei


Sure enough, I had missed the sub block wrappers. Thanks for the help.


Used this template to format my marketing resume after a long, 9 month episode of post-grad unemployment. Edited out the portfolio section because not really relevant to my line of work. Within three weeks I nailed two interviews and landed myself a sweet SEO job working for a luxury group. Best $12 I’ve ever spent! Sergei, if you’re ever in New York, I owe you a drink.

The demo doesn’t seem to be working?

Hi Odincov,

I want to add extra menu 1 2 3 at style link.

Please advise.

Many thanks.