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Thank you very much.

This is really nice design, I love the search box.

Any chance that you create a html/css file from it? Its awesome but my css skills sucks ;(

Great Design!

Purchased it and will use it to build up my new portfolio.

Hope I won´t fuck the code ;)

Outch! That’s really amazing. I have one doubt. This PSD has other parts, like “About Us”, “Contact”, etc?? Thanks.

Great work. You should convert this to Drupal or wordpress.

farang: We will be making this into a WordPress design very soon! It’s just a matter of perfecting it for sure.

juarezpaf: Sorry, Envato doesn’t reward you for making more than one page unfortunately! It wouldn’t be cost effective for us to continue to make and make without the sell price going up.

grendal: We’d love to see this in action my friend! Let us know!

So does this need to be changed into CSS ? if so how do I do so to apply this to my web site… I really love this design!

cool design. Sure it is an “eye stopper” as you described it.

Could you save this as XML file? To be used on a blogger site? Sorry im just updating my year old blog site that i forgot about and sorry if i sound wrong in anyway. I really don’t know what you are allowed to do after buying a product.

Dude, My bro and I just found this awesome design. It is perfect for the buddypress website we want to make. We are going to see if our friend can cut it up into a theme. I’ll keep you posted and let you know when we can put it into action. Awesome job man ;)

Thanks, -Nick and Connor

P.S. We are allowed to use this for the whole website, not just the homepage right?