Discussion on joli-sport - Progressive WooCommerce Theme

Discussion on joli-sport - Progressive WooCommerce Theme

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Thanks for the great product. I'm new to this, and trying to build my store. When following the handout, I can't seem to find the jolisport. main grid in the dropdown menu of grid selections in the backend editor. Could you tell me where it is located? sorry if thats a dumb question, just trying to figure this out.

This can only be done in the child theme by changing the functions of the parent theme.

Thanks again! Hopefully you don’t mind if I ask you one more question. I’ve got all our products up and set, I’ve adjusted the WooCommerce settings product image sizes, and regenerated the product thumbnails; but when I view the individual product pages, the images are zoomed way in. Is this a setting the code of the child theme? I’m thinking that is where I would go to disable the zoom, but just wanted to ask incase I’m missing something or being an idiot.

Hello! If you downloaded the images before making the settings, then you need to delete these images and load again. We recommend for product thumbnails add size 230×230px

When i try to change shipment option in my cart page the coupon and shipment box are duplicated. The same in your demo at http://sport.jolithemes.com/cart/

Hello, thanks for the message, in the near future we will correct this bug.

Hello, how is the right size (pixel) for the photos on woocomerce, because i have put 1233×1233 and cut the image in the product page

Hello, for the demo of the content, we used square images in the size 1500×1500

Hi Can you help me with a few issues? 1. On the homepage, how can the products reduce down to one column on a mobile? Instead of 2 columns currently? 2. In the shop single product page, is there an option to make the description section full width with the title above and content below?

Many thanks for your help and replies.



1. on mobile, with resolution 480px and below, the products are displayed one in row.

2. write us please support this question (https://themeforest.net/item/jolisport-progressive-woocommerce-theme/20250074/support)

Just wanted to leave kudos. So far so good. Love the theme layout as well as the concept and way you set it all up. We sell surveillance cameras and service. This is great. Looking forward to customizing this and so far it is turning out great. Highly recommend this theme.

Thank you very much!


I have a bit of a problem with your theme. I changed the home page to show only 3 products per column, with two rows and now, if viewed on mobile, the home page looks messed up, the products don’t align very well.

You can see here: betterthan.co

Any help please?

Message sent

Hey I bought this awesome theme. Thank you. Well how can i disable zoom function when visitor see product page? Please give me your advices.

Thank you!

Hello, i’ve just purchased your theme, it’s awesome. Just a problem, i can’t install it; i checked the compatible versions of WC and i discovered i have the 3.3.3 version…is this the reason of my issue or i’m making other mistakes? Thank you

Thank you!

new problem. I loaded the homepage slideshow and now i’m not able to see the preview of the homepage. Already removed and reinstalled the theme but it’s not working, it remains on loading. Big problem.

Hello, please write us in support of the link where we can see this problem.

After the latest update, it says it can disable zoom effect, this option doesn’t seem to effect my product image at all. Any thoughts on why?

Hello, we didn’t understand your question. Please write us in support of the link to the product where you have a problem.

Its compatible with Amazon affiliate ?

Hello! Yes, this is External/Affiliate product type

Hi, i wanna buy this theme. But in your homepage demo “Product Categories” doesnt look good.

Hi, in Theme Options you can choose to display the grid or row

hello i need change text color to billing info help help

I purchased the theme and so far everything seems good except for the fact that when I upload the demo content, the database administrator access is changed to YOUR email address. This is NOT OK!!!!!!!! This is very distasteful and untrustworthy. I’ve never had a theme change the email address of the admin user account. This means you can login to my website. Please change this in our demo content upload. I’ve already changed it back to my email.

Hello. We offer you as one of the options to download the full content, you can use the second option and download the demo content via xml file. Also, you can change the password and other site settings at any time, so this should not be a problem for you.

I purchased this theme 2 days ago and have been having issues with the initial setup. Emailed the author and haven’t heard back yet but I wanted to bring attention to these errors.

1. The demo data install with All-in-One WP Migration does not import the images for the all of the products. This leaves your site in a really strange state where every image is just a gray box.

2. The demo data import using the WordPress importer also does not work. When looking at the URLs that it tries to download the images from, you get a 403. (See here for an example: http://pro-g-f.com/themes/jolisport/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/sport_shoes_variations012.jpg) I believe this is related to the same issue as #1.

3. The product images for variations do not work as expected. If you set variation images, gallery images, and a primary product image, then the variation images won’t show when selecting options from a customer-facing product view.

4. This theme is NOT compatible with the WooCommerce Additional Variation Images plugin from WooCommerce.

5. The checkout page inputs have no labels and no placeholders, so users will have no idea what they need to type in. I thought this was an error on my part at first but after digging in, seems to be a problem with this theme.

That’s all for now. I’m sure I will find more errors over the coming days. Really disappointed because this theme is awesome in most aspects, but seems to have minor oversights.


We are sorry that you have great difficulty working with our theme.

1. Before you buy, you had to read the description of the topic, where it is written “Note: photos used in this theme are for preview purposes only! They are not included in theme files”

2. Your questions related to support WooCommerce which we do not provide.

3. Our theme is fully compatible with WooCommerce.

Thank you!

Checkout fields with no labels is BAD. We like the theme, but not to confuse customers. Have the labels been added since the latest update?


1.Please write us this question in support. 2. Please see documentation WordPress

Next Problem…the style sheet on the checkout page, does not make room to enter a credit card. How are people going to pay? We have tried everything to find the fields to enter the card info. This is NOT good if people cannot see the field to enter their card numbers to purchase.

Hello. Your question relates to a plugin that is not included in the theme. If you want to receive our help in this question, please contact us in support.

Hello I wanted to know how it would be possible to translate the theme into French? Thank you.

Hello! In the theme there is a file .pot for translation. Please write to us in support and we will respond in more detail.

I would also like to know how I can add filters in the shop? Thank you.

Hi, just a question before buying the theme, is this one is php 7.3 compatible ? Many thanks Phil

Hello, yes.

Hello. I’ve purchased and installed this theme. According to the documentation the demo data is installed via Appearance >> Import Demo Data, but there is no such option after activating the theme and installing all plug-ins. Please advise.

Hello, I found that the One Click Demo Import plug-in was not installed when I activated the theme so I uploaded it manually.

However, I’m getting this error when attempting the demo import: “An error occurred while fetching file from: http://jolithemes.com/demo/jolisport/customizer.dat! Reason: 403 – Forbidden.”

The theme is not working with Wordpress 5.5 from last week. We get errors all over the place. We have submitted two support tickets but no response on our problem.

We get this error on each product page: Warning: sizeof(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in /wp-content/themes/jolisport/woocommerce/single-product/meta.php on line 25

We get this error on the home page header: Undefined variable: /wp-content/themes/jolisport/functions/theme-functions.php on line 513

1) http://sport.jolithemes.com/ demo content works with the latest version of WordPress 5.5 and WooCommerce 4.3.3 2) http://pro-g-f.com/test/notfound.jpg – in your contacts you have a non-existent email, add a real email and write to us in support again

WooCommerce 4.41?? Update that happened today.

if you need help, add a valid email and write to us in support