Discussion on Jollyany - Corporate Multi Purpose WordPress Theme

Discussion on Jollyany - Corporate Multi Purpose WordPress Theme

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Hello I have a problem in backens, JollyAny Theme Options if I change menu items tab nothing happens, stay always in general settings tab, I tried to send a ticket but registration confirmation email not arrive. Can I have help please? Thanks

And always in JollyAny Theme Options if a press Save nothing happens. I need support as soon as possible please. Thanks

Sorry for trouble but did you mail from profile.

Does the Jollyany nightmare continue? Last time I tried to get support it was virtually non-existent. Now I renewed support and submitted a request and am hearing back from some guy in a Jollythemes gmail (GMAIL!) who is asking for me web credentials and the link to the ticket doesn’t even work. What the heck? Please tell me what is going on asap! I’m going to request a refund of my support $ if this doesn’t get straightened out soon. I will also enter a one star review.

We did email you from template geek

Ok, please send me email at template_geek@yahoo.com

You just continue to try to duck the issue that your theme doesn’t work well and your support is awful. Why do I need to email you again? You already know what my issues were. None of them were fixed in the last update as you said they would be. I just want my money back for all the hassle and loss of revenue trying to deal with you. Do the right thing and refund my money.

Hi, I received an email from my hosting that my Jolly Any theme doesn’t support PHP 7.X and that my theme no longer will be supported by my host through October 2018. Are you planning on doing any updates in the near future for the Jolly Any WP theme for an upgrade to PHP 7.X?

I really love this theme and I would love to keep using it in the future.


We have updated the theme

Hi, I’m working for a client who purchased your theme. I sent a support email a few days ago and have not heard back. Please look for an email from abaron@gmail I’m ready to escalate through your distributors as his business is stuck without your reply about the product the client paid for. Very frustrated and I see others here on this forum also are frustrated. Pleas reply today.

It is not possible to create a ticket there based on the way you have it set up. That’s why I submitted a message to your company and need another way to contact you. The problem is that the support for the theme expired in 2016. So your system will not even allow me to submit a ticket. I can not contact you there without paying money. But the problem is that you have an update to the theme that is not working. Wordpress says “New theme update, click here to update.” But the update fails. I do not wish to buy a support package in order to get instructions on how to update a theme. If your updates do not extend to this client’s website then we would like a refund. I do not see where the terms of purchase state that after 6 months of support is over, the client is not entitled to an update to the theme. Please search your email for abaron@gmail and respond. Or, please let me know of another way to contact you. I do not wish to enter in the liscence number here, I already emailed it to you. I dont feel its legitimate to make people pay you to simply use your contact system about a product for a theme that has been paid for, I sent the request via http://www.jollythemes.com/ticket/ instead of http://www.jollythemes.com/ticket/ Please respond.

BTW, if you are not willing to discuss it without payment, because we have a license, we need a new copy of the updated version. I would like a link to download the theme and I will install it myself. I do not need support installing a theme, I just need access to a working updated theme.


Ok, please send me email at template_geek@yahoo.com , I’ll send you the download link for the latest version.


Where in the backend can Google Fonts be completely deacitivated?


Thanks for contacting the support.

I am sorry but there is no option in backend to disable the google fonts completely. You’ll have to remove them manually in the code.

Thanks :)

Hi there, I’m trying to add & remove a few images from a Projects post but I’m not seeing the gallery images under ‘Type’ (please see screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/xI0wb ). Where should I see the images because there are 8 images visible on frontend.

I don’t want to renew support for this (bought your theme long time ago), since it’s pretty basic functionality that seems to be broken.

Please assist, thanks!

Best regards

Hi, but we don’t see these images in the backend then? Where do I need to upload images into the specific post/portfolio because I can only upload 1 featured image.


Click on the media button above the editor and upload images to that post but don’t insert them into the editor, just upload the images and close media uploader. You’ll see the filteration dropdown option “images uploaded into this post”. There you can check which images are uploaded to the current post.



The website appears to be refreshing constantly.

It only happens in Internet Explorer and on mobile devices. It has rendered my website unusable.

Sorry for trouble our team will help you out

Purchased this theme thru jeannebbrac (can’t get logged on to that account) but need some help with the following:

• When the “sticky menu” option is set to “off” – it’s still sticky.

• Is it also possible to decrease the space around the logo?

Website: www.braacroanoke.org


I m sorry we cannot support , you need to reply from purchased username. Hope you understand

I bought support, but I do not get it. Not Jollythemes Correct !!!!


I am really sorry to hear about support issue.

We have replied your issue http://www.jollythemes.com/support/hey-ive-written-the-answer-3-days-ago/ and if you have opened other issues, we’ll surely answer them at highest priority.


not responding to any of them, my post is my last post.

Please email us at jollythemes.nandini@gmail.com what is your issue and login details

Your shopping demo isn’t working.

Hi, its fixed now. Please check

thank you, your last update broke my entire website! Great Job!

there are no notification, and your plugin is not installed, can you send me?

works, thank you for the support!

Hello, Great, i will use this for my new Asian Wedding Website http://www.asianweddingdirectoryapp.com/



Thanks a lot using the theme :)

I’m thinking of buying this theme but the demo doesn’t work and people seem unhappy with support times, is this theme still viable?

Yes we just updated fixing in demo as well

Hi, what should I do in order to reduce the space between lines when using VC Module “Jollyany Services (3 Columns)” and also in VC Jollyany Modules there is the Stripe Text, there is no option to change color background or text In the example page at envato seems so great this theme, but… Honestly, there are a lot of things that not match between envato’s example site antd the theme I bought, “Jollyany for WP”. Heres an Image of what I say: https://s7.postimg.org/l0o93z7qz/TO_JOLLYTHEMES.jpg Thank you in advance for your answer

Hello we don;t see you have purchased support

Hi, I bought this theme a long ago, but I have recently noticed something that I was trying to fix it but nothing. and that is because I need to use my website to sell products online, but the currency I need is US Dollars but at the right corner at the top bar it shows no matter what, British Pounds… Would you please tell me Why is that? Here an image of What I am saying https://s10.postimg.org/hlg6qgkd5/pounds.jpg Thank you in advance for your help..

It is fixed now, sorry… I think It was a plugin that was messing up with the theme… Thank you very much anyway… :)

Good to know

Hi, when I start to work on a page the Visual Composer is just blank. Do I need an update? I have v1.1.4. WordPress backend indicates there is a v1.1.5 available however when I try to update I get an error. Any tips?

i don’t see you have purchased support

Hi, I submitted a question three days ago in the item support. It says that all questions will be responded to within 48 hours. Will someone respond soon, please?

It has been 2 months on the Jollyany support forum since JollyThemes replied to anyone.

May i have support link of your question as we do reply

Yes, I have finally gotten a response but because it took so long, I figured out a work-around.

please update all the plugin, specially VC

2-month pass and I am supersize that you guys can’t even update the plugins?? It’s strange.


I am sorry for the issues. We’ll submit the update today.


i don’t see you have purchased support

Hi. The template works well, but the store is always displayed in half, no matter what you do. They are only two columns, not four. I do not know what to do. http://prntscr.com/cuse08


We are sorry for late respons. Please submit your ticket to this forum:http://www.jollythemes.com/support/ . Our Support team surelly assist you.

Thanks :)

I need same these kind of headings: http://prntscr.com/co67ys

Please let me know how can i make these heading styles?


The image you have sent to us is just a landing-page of theme. http://jollythemes.com/showcase/jollyany/landing-page/. This is the actual theme demo :http://jollythemes.com/wordpress/jollyany/ If you want your heading style same like of landing-page style.This will be done through customization. you will be pay some nominal charges for this.

Thanks :)


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