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Hi – I am trying to change the font on the initial slider from Pacifico to Railway. On the layer with the text, Pacifico3 is noted in Custom Class. I can change the font to Railway in the Custom Class box on the layer, but then the effect is gone, and I just have small letters. Can you please tell me where I need to make the change so that the slider has Railway, is a reasonable size, and the effect will still work? Thanks so much!!


Could you please create a ticket support on our system with your site info, we will help to check and resolve issue. http://support.drupalexp.com

Thank you.

Hi, was the issue ‘another Warning: Illegal string offset ’#children’ in drupal_render’ ever fixed? We are having the same problem that the Contact form has disappeared and these errors have appeared on a drupalexp theme.

Thank you.


Could you please create a ticket support with your site info, we will help to check and resolve problem. http://support.drupalexp.com

Thank you.

Hi, I did create a ticket 1 Oct but have still not received a response on http://support.drupalexp.com/forum/warning-illegal-string-offset-children


Sorry for delay response. I have just replied on you ticket.

Thank you.

Hi – I would like to have users for now land on a log in, with the site current homepage coming after the successful log in, via redirect. What is the best way to do this within the framework? THANKS!


Please try to install this module https://www.drupal.org/project/login_destination

It’s help you to config with page redirect after login.

Thank you.

Thanks – this will work for the redirect, but how can I force the login to the first thing that a user sees when they hit the URL? Thanks again!

Actually- this worked out very well. No need for a follow up!

Hello, I’m using this theme for a business in the Netherlands and therefore need to use euros(€) instead of dollars($). I changed the settings and the euro sign shows up everywhere except when you’re not logged in and the shoppingcart is empty. It shows a dollar sign before the amount($0.00 instead of €0.00). How do I change this? (when I’m logged in and the shopping cart is empty it shows euros, so it is not because the cart is empty).


Thank you for your choosing our theme and sorry for that stupid issue. You can fix it in sites/all/themes/jollyness/templates/views/views-view-simple-shopping-cart-block.tpl.php file.

We will update package as soon as possible.

Thank again.

How to I add LinkedIn Field on the individual Team Pages. It only has facebook, twitter and google plus?

Hello Drupal exp. I posted an issue with the parallax effect on the jolliness theme. But it seems to be an issue with with possibly other themes of yours.

Here is the link I posted:http://support.drupalexp.com/forum/parallax-image-abuptly-jumps-position

And here is the issue: “If you look at the demo of jollyness that you have on your site and place a parallax section at the top of a page (even above a slider or a page with no slider), when you scroll you will notice that the background position of the image of the parallax block jumps abruptly/quickly to another position and then correctly does its parallax fix. can you provide a fix and update to your version so I can download?

you can see it clear here too (but I bought the jolliness theme): http://demo.drupalexp.com/shoot/home-photo-showcase

It happens only the first time you scroll after the page is reloaded.”

Can you respond and let me know if there is a solution?


Please email us to get new version of module with parallax issue fixed.

Thank you.

Hi CMS-Theme, I just emailed you now. The subject of the email is “Re: Please email us to get new version of module with parallax issue fixed.”


Just sent new version of module via email.

Thank you.


I opened a trouble ticket but have not yet responded. This does not seem serious.



Please, respond my ticket.


I have just replied on your ticket.

Thank you.


I just installed this theme and I followed all the instructions for installing it with theme only and it looks kind of broken.

Can you please help me figure out what is wrong with it?



I see the site working well. Did you reslove problem?

Thank you and Merry Christmas.

Hey. No, the icons don’t work. On desktop they dont show and on mobile they show as chineese chars.. Also the documentation is not very good at all :(


Could you please create ticket support with site info, we will help to check and correct it.

Thank you.

Our client was already purchased your theme before couple of months. Currently we’re working in progress with your theme on our development server.


We saw the vertical tab element content on following theme demo page.


We would like to change the user profile tabs(Account, dashboard etc on the user profile page) layout from horizontal to vertical layout. Please help.

Hi themeresolution,

Please help me to open a ticket on our support system.



If I bought the Jollyness theme, could I use/install the “Dexp Masonry Grid” module in another bootstrap based theme?

I only need the module “Dexp Masonry Grid” showed here: http://www.2bdoc.com/video/how-to-create-masonry-grid-with-dexp-masonry-grid-module-v331191.html

Thank you

Hello @betty44,

You can use this module in another site but one purchase for one site.

Thank you

Hello again,

I need install only the module “Dexp Masonry Grid” in one site. It is possible without Jollyness theme dependences?

Example: I buy the Theme but I only use the module Dexp Masonry Grid without install Jollyness theme

What is the meaning: Easy Masonry Grid (Only Drupalexp)?

Many thanks!


Yes, you can.

Thank you.


SidneyV Purchased

i updated drupal core, but the drag en drop disappeared


Could you please create ticket support with your site info then we will to check.

Thank you.

Im moving the whole production site to a local server and I get this white screen: Fatal error: Call to undefined function ctype_digit() in /Applications/AMPPS/www/skatar/sites/all/themes/drupalexp/includes/lessc.inc.php on line 2894

Any ideas why?


ogursoy Purchased

Please stop sending updated versions of the modules partially and release a full update of the project. Whenever there is a bug : “Oh we sent you the updated version of the module bla bla”.


Yes, sorry about that. we will update item soon.

Thank you.

Do you have an approximate date when this theme will be ready for Drupal 8?


dddean Purchased

The Twitter feed on one of my sites stopped working and I noticed it stopped working on your demo as well. Is that just an issue with Twitter?


Could you create a ticket on http://support.drupalexp.com? Our supporter will help you!


hello question before buying

in portfolio mansory. possible to be style popup projects ?

I am waiting for your Question quickly :) Thanks

wow. it really easy ?? okay . I buy this theme.

Where is support ? I send 2 email. But I dont have a replyy

Please reply my email !


Could you please create ticket support with your site info then we will help to check? http://support.drupalexp.com

Thank you.

Do you have any plans to support Drupal 8?

Hi Author, I’ve dropped a question about the Google Maps on the Support: http://support.drupalexp.com/forum/google-maps-not-loading

Shall I open a support for that? Many thanks

We like this theme but have a couple questions – Can the social links be customized to appear at the top?? The menu font sizes can be changed? And, can the background of the main menu be made transparent, such that only the menu items themselves appear?

Lastly, the demo on iphone as the same problem as the Blend theme, namely at the top of http://demo.drupalexp.com/jollyness/ is a never ending spinning circle inside a rotating square – almost like it is unsuccessfully trying to load an image. Can we expect that won’t happen with the real product?


Thank you for your interesting with our theme.

1. Yes, with our drop and drag framework, you can easy to custom where block/region appears without coding need.

2. It’s was problem with some images resource and we can make sure won’t happen with your site.



idi628 Purchased

i installed the demo full, how do i disable the the layout switcher button?


To disable layout switcher button, you just disable dexp quick settings module.

Thank you.