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Great theme!

How do you lengthen the Header Title in the Category sections?

Most of my headlines are getting cut short.

I believe it’s h3 header

Example of what to make longer… meaning more available text. http://i.imgur.com/O5l4lim.jpg

Thank you very much :)

Can I disable just the (Red) pinterest box at the bottom of the page for the share function? I want to use a custom option instead. Thanks!


If you want to only the pinterest share link, that you can remove from the content-single.php file. But if you want to disable completely the share options and want to use any plugin instead, you can disable it from the theme options. If you face any difficulty and have any questions, let me know.

Hello, can you set a boxed version layout on this theme and change backgrounds? thanks


Thank you very much for your interest in the theme. This is a wide boxed layout. If you want to change it, it can be done by modifying the css. You can also easily set the background, I can help you with that. If you would need any help, I would be glad to help you. If you have more questions, let me know.

Hello, I love the look of this theme, but I simply cannot pay $45 for a theme.

I was wondering if it would be possible to get a free copy of this theme in return for free advertising on the site once it is up, as well as advertising on our social media and YouTube channels once they are up and running.

Sorry to sound so blunt, and if the answer is no, then I am sorry to have taken you time!

Thanks, Josh.

Hi Josh,

I’m afraid that’s not possible.

I don’t like the logo area on the theme. It’s too small.

I want to make it 400×100px

How do I make it bigger? What do I need to edit?


You can change the logo width and height as you want. Open the style.css file and look for this code around line #272:

#header .logo{ 

In the above class you will find the max-height and width change it as you want. If you need further help, let me know.


I need help please _ i want to translate my theme i have .po and .mo files with fresh version but wen in the website i have same words in English like Posted by, Read more, etc… I have to a default file (.po,.mo) in the server.

Thank you !


I will be glad to help you. Please note that there are a very few strings in the HTML placeholder, which might need to be changed directly. Please send me an email using the contact form in my profile and also let me know your URL so that I can help you further.

Hi! Finally I’ve decided to buy this awesome theme, it’s fenomenal!

I have a question. What is the best image size for the featured images… 1000px or more? And also for the posts too. What do you recommend me?

Thanks a lot! :)

Thank you very much for purchasing. I’m very glad to hear that you liked it. I will be ready to help you regarding the theme. About the images, If you upload over 880px wide images, it should crop them to the required sizes.

If you have more questions, or unable to understand anything, please do not hesitate to ask anytime. Also remember to check the support forums, there are many topics which might help you :)

Super!! Thanks a lot! And of course, five stars for this awesome theme ;)

Thank you so much :)

Hello, First of all, good job, this theme is beautiful. I´m very interested in buying it but I need to be sure of a few things before. 1. Is it possible to use an image in menu background? (like a ribbon texture) 2. Can I use Adsense in other formats besides the two described in the theme details page? 3. Can I have the last post from each category on the home? And it can be only the image, title of the post and short excerpt…without all the rest, comments, etc?

We will use this on a multisite, and this theme will be for the main site. We will also have a forum (phpBB3), classifieds, directory, etc. It is a very specific niche, so I will need a lot of customization.

Many thanks in advance,


Thanks for your interest. Here are the answers to your questions:

1. Yes, you can edit the menu css and use any background you wish. 2. Yes, to place ads in the sidebar you can use text widgets. For the content, you can direcly place the code in the theme files. 3. Yes, that can be done with a slight modifications.

I can help you with all of the above issues. Just send me a message after purchasing the theme and I will get back to you. Also if you have more questions, let me know.

Ok, many thanks in advance! I’ll let you know as soon as we purchase it.

Hi wellthemes,

I’m eyeballing this theme for my entertainment news and reviews website. Before I buy I have a couple of questions.

1. I can change the main blue color to any other color, correct? 2. Does this theme use custom post types? My website currently uses custom post types, but I have a plugin that is able to convert them back to a regular post.

That’s all for now. Thank you and have a great weekend.


Hi Quaisha,

Thank you very much for your interest.

1. Yes you can change the blue color to any color you wish. 2. The theme uses only standard posts.

If you have more questions, do not hesitate to ask :)

What can prevent the menu from showing on the website frontend when the menu was created correctly?


Please post your question using the same account which you used to purchase the theme and I will get back to help you. Thanks.

Hello. I just recently updated to WP 3.8.1 and it appears that my contact form on the contact page is not sending out the emails. Have you heard of any issues from others?


There is no problem with the contact form, sending the email using the contact form is not related to the WordPress. The contact code uses php mail function. First of all check your email spam folder. Make sure that the captcha is enabled on the contact form. If it says that the message has been sent, then you should receive it but if you do not, it would be because of any changes on your server.

Hello, I just purchased this theme and i am having trouble creating a child theme, can i please have some help?


Thanks for purchasing the theme. There is no problem in creating the child theme. Make sure that you are using correct parent theme name. Can you tell what problem you are facing? Please check this page: http://codex.wordpress.org/Child_Themes

If you are still having any problem, send me a message using the contact form in my profile and let me know the details.


Is it possible to show different color for tags instead of categories?


By default the colors are set for the categories. Although it is possible to set the colors for the tags, but that would require many changes in the theme.

How can we create a child theme for this theme? I tried but it doesn’t work. Yes, I did it properly including the template name and importing style.css. It still doesn’t work.

There is absolutely no problem using the child theme. I have not used the plugin you mentioned but you can check what problem it it is causing using the debugging tool such as Firebug.

Disabling W3TC minify makes the child theme work fine.

It seems that its some problem with the w3tc, as there are other people with different themes having same problem (you can search on google).


I’ve purchased Juno but I don’t see the the carousal that Solaris has. I mean the “Stories not to miss” like carousal on the homepage. Is it possible to get that on Juno?

The carousel widget mentioned in the featured list is to use in the sidebar. Is that what you are looking for? Please send me a message using the contact form.

That isn’t what I’m looking for. Nonetheless, I don’t need this carousal anymore—I substituted something else in its place. Thanks!

ok, glad that you found the solution.

For the top menu (the one next to the logo) how do we:

a) Show more than four items? b) Show drop downs?


Thank you for the help and suggestion! Unfortunately, I’ve been trying to copy the #main-menu code to #header .top-menu but to no success. Could you assist me in this issue? I’d greatly appreciate it!

I’m sorry for annoying you, I will use the contact form going forward.

I’ve made a post about this at your forums.

Ok, I have replied you there, we can continue there. No need to post at multiple places. Thanks.

Bug: if `

` is used in the start of a post, the post display bugs out.


I will be glad to help as much you need, however it will be more organized if you can kindly write a detailed message instead of such messages, as its quite hard to understand. The theme displays the post content in a standard way, so there is no problem using any characters. You can send me the direct URL to your post where I can see the problem. Please send me these details using the contact form in my profile. Thanks.

I’m sorry, I should have given you better messages.

I’ve figured out the issues:

a) When you show a post excerpt, you are limiting the number of characters. However, you need to add the strip_tags() code to remove HTML code, otherwise posts don’t show up properly on homepage that include the left-align code.

b) Showing post metadata screws for the same reasons.

Adding the strip_tags() code to excerpts and disabling post metadata solves the issue.

Great that you have figured out. For the further questions, use the contact form in my profile.

Does it support RTL ?


Thank you for your interest. Although there is no built-in support for the RTL but if you are familiar with the CSS, it can be very easily done. There are some documentation available on wordpress and other websites, and if you will need any kind of help, I will be glad to help you. If you have more questions, let me know.

What about the ‘flickering’ header with the categories? Why does this load after anything else is loaded, can’t this be changed to steady?


If you meant the menu, it loads after everything else so it it does not idisturb the layout while loading. However this behavior can be easily changed.

I converted this template to rtl. Slide images are not shown!!!



Please post your question using the same account you used to purchase the theme and I will get back to you.

Hi, This is an awesome theme :) I have a question though… If I have a category called “Perros” (dogs in spanish) and this is its section http://www.revistapetmi.com/perros/, why is it that there are articles from other categories like “Gatos” (cats) in it if I haven’t associated them with the Perros category? For example the third article in the left column…

Thanks for your support!


Thanks. The theme displays first 2 categories of the post. Just edit the post and you will see that it has the category Gatos attached to it. It will display the posts in the category archives only if it has the category assigned to it. Hope it helps.

Thanks for your quick response. The problem is that the Gatos category assigned to it, shouldn’t appear in the Perros section. The article should be display only in the Gatos section.

In each archive, the post will display first two categories sorted by the name. So, that is why you see it there. The easiest way would be to assign maximum 2 categories to a post. That way both will be displayed on the post.