Discussion on Jorjatt - Multi-purpose One Page Muse Template

Discussion on Jorjatt - Multi-purpose One Page Muse Template

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Hi! Great template, but I’m having some problems. http://imgur.com/3xOQvct this is a weird error I’m receiving. you can see my site at www.mortarandpixel.ca thanks!

I love the theme. Is there anyway to get the contact section to work?

Select the contact form then open its options. You will see all the options that you need to make it work.

Hello. I love the theme.. However I can’t get the form to work. Do i need to do anything to the php form?

Hi! great template! I am usisng it but as a html at dreamweaver, I could not make the contact form work! Where I have to put my email? I there anything else to change to the php to work? Thanks you so much!

Hi, congratulations on the template !!! I’m trying to use it but I have some poblemas: - Firstly, I see a horizontal SlideBar below, and do not remove (seen at any resolution

- On the other hand, using Firefox, the large main picture is stretched more, is longer than normal

I leave my temporary link: http://www.ideatuweb-demo.com.ar/eventomusical/ I see in yours online demo, all this does not happen. You could help me with my problem?

By the way … I edited from the html code, do not use Muse. Thank you !!.

Hi again, sory… I dont Know Why, but now Only with Chrome (Versión 39.0.2171.95 m) I see the Slidebar horizontal,... and I dont see more the problem with the main picture,.. now is fine! :p

You can see the Slidebar horizontal Down with Google Chrome??

weird … the first time the page is viewed, the main image is very long, and the F5 touching picture fits and looks good !.

Hi, how can i change the rollover color from the galery buttons. i want to change to color scheme from pink to green and because the font is a sistem font it gets renderer and the pink roll over remainis. Any advice?

Can’t find that Gallery button you are talking about. Can you e-mail me a print screen ? Or some steps to change that?

I am talking about the gallery buttons for those you want to change the color.

found it. Had to click the Text link on the far right. Thank you for the fast responses.

Hi can you tell me how to change photos in different sections of the gallery slideshow? And do the photos have to be gif or psd files?

just double click on the photo and the options panel will open. You can select the option of add photos of this options panel. You can add jpg or gif photos.

Hi. It is a great template, and I am happy, I have downloaded it for free. But the overlay is not working – in fact, there are no images shown in overlay. why?

this is a adobe muse generated code, sometime it show errors on some browsers. This is the second time when i noticed something wrong on a site while opening it on Chrome on MacOSX

ok, so You generally do not know, what is going on? me either. Thanks. It is a great template anyway :)

I tried to download as well for the free download special. If it’s November where the purchaser is, the special should still hold true. No where in the fine print does it say, purchase based on Australian time zone. This is false advertisement.

Themeforest is an Australia based website. So it works according to australian time zone. Hundreds of people downloaded this theme for free last month.

The company should stated that in the email so everyone can know the details of the special. Everyone buying is not Australian based. Great job on the theme though :-)

Thanks :) anyway you can download this month’s free file. Its an html and css template.

Hi, i’m trying to download for free but I only see the purchase button. What do I do to get it for free? Thanks.

you are few hours late. Its December now in Australia. This was the free file of the month for the month of November.

Thank you very much for the amazing template :)

Can I change the section “work – graphic design, illustrations and photography” for videos? Tiks

yes but you need to do some work to make it happen

i should upload this web site in my doimain ?its free for download then also i am asking you.

yes its free to use in one website


I have used a background image with the specified size. It works ok on top of the page but when I scroll down the other views of the background are not correctly resized and the background is repeating, how can avoid this ?


Thanks for ignoring my question

show me the live link of your site

Hello do you know any other program that can edit this? My computer is 32 bit and Muse is 64! Thank you

HTML and CSS files are also available in the package. You can edit them with any html editor.

One more question! I already have an HTML editor its called coffee cup html editor and it seems good, but when I go to open file which file do I select from the folder of this project?


Hi! Is there any way to incorporate video into the main slider?

Yes you can add widget slider to the template

Hello I have a pre-purchase question How do I use Muse? I can work a bit with WP how hard is this to set up? How easy is to configure and change things around? How do i set up in server? etc. Can you please help me? I do love the theme and GLWS Thanks for your help

Muse works like photoshop. It is like a drag and drop application .You don’t have to write any coding. You just need to design your page.

Hi, good looking theme, can this theme be altered to work on wordpress? If not you should consider designing one the same style to work with WP, I would purchase it!

I am looking for WordPress developer. Whenever I will find someone to develop WordPress version I will send you the lini.


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