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hi the theme have 1 bug can you fix it ? when use mega menu and i use sticy menu the page from mega menu no roll down move up down like bug and cant choice the category item my support its expired for that i tell here to fix it ty

Hi, that’s not a bug. Since your mega menu is taller than the screen and you use the sticky header it’s normal what’s happening. What you need to do is add a max height on the inner menu container to generate an inner scrollbar in Journal > Settings > Header > Menus > Main Menu > Mega Menu Max Height.

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i’m reading for new features in Journal 3, which will come in future.

I have two questions:

1) All we have bought the Journal 2, and we work with Journal 2 untill now, can we upgrade our websites with the Journal 3?

2) All we have bought the Journal 2, will we have Journal 3 too? Or we need to buy the theme again?

Thank you


1. You will have to remove Journal 2 and use Journal 3, it’s a completely different theme so not a direct update, it will be a new installation like any other different theme.

2. No, it will be included for free so you will have two themes, Journal 2 and Journal 3, you can use whichever you want.

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thank you for your reply.

So the suppport of Journal 2 will continue to exist?

Also if the support of Journal 2 continue to exist, i would like to suggest to you and ask you, if there is a hope at the superfilters, to can have at characteristics if one characteristic have multiple values seperated with lets say ”,” to can vewd as different values at superfilters. Can this be done?

Thank you

We’re not sure if it’s possible but we will consider it for Journal 3, however it will not be possible for Journal 2. We will support Journal 2 for bug fixes and regular patches, as needed, but no new features are being added to J2, all new features go in J3.

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Ticket ID: 95M-JP1-YZS7 team Its Urgent

Hi, our developers respond to every ticket within 24h, make sure to check in your spam folder as well.

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hi, the current version is 2.6, but the download from themeforest still says v2.15?

Hi, we’re not sure what you mean, the latest version is 2.15 as in “fifteen”.

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that doesnt match up to the releases though? The releases (on the main item page) say the current version is 2.6 ? Yet, the download is v2.15? It doesn’t make sense.

Still not sure what 2.6 you are referring to, can you share a screenshot?


how to remove the gap between top content and footer? TQ

Hello support
OC, J 2.15.3
After the last update stopped working:
1. Main manu no roll down
2. When the item is added to the cart, the status of the cart is not changed
3. Infinity scroll stopped working also
I updated 3 times, cleared all caches and nothing.
See on