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DoSoft Purchased

Hello, support has expired but beauty special list view has disappeared leaving only the image. could you please give me the locate so i can restore original file incase something broke

Hi, we’re not sure how you mean, can you be more specific, some screenshots?



Lucio87 Purchased

in journal 3 there is a problem in the size of the logo, the logo container for mobile menu1 is too small, this does not allow the retina logo to be displayed in exact form, and to avoid this problem it is not possible to use a logo different from that of the desktop version


Lucio87 Purchased

removing the icons I need the logo container to be over 50% of the menu, this allows me to enlarge my logo by being long in size, the container is limited to 50% to allow space for icons


Lucio87 Purchased

I did everything I could, I tried to insert a white slash over black to see the container, the problem is of the container too small for my logo, ideal header would be 70% and not 50% I do not want to change the mobile menu module, because this module has the search function with drop down menus

We need to see your setup, please send access to your store or some screenshots.

Best Regards.

Hi, in Journal 3, is there any Modules -> Blocks that allows PHP code? I’ve tried to use Content Type = ‘Code / Plain Text’, but still it doesn’t work. I just want to put date(‘Y’).

Hi, you can use dynamic blocks to display dynamic data: https://docs.journal-theme.com/v3/docs/modules/blocks/

Best Regards.

Hi, I’ve found another bug in Journal 3 at product page additional images. When I choose Position: left or right, it will display additional 1 duplicate image. For top and bottom, it doesn’t happen and works correctly. Could you please have a look why left and right mysteriously duplicate 1 image at additional image?

Hi, unfortunately we can’t replicate that on our end. Hi, please file a ticket on our support page with access to your setup so we can investigate.

Best Regards.

Hi Support, where can I put noindex in search? I already got some weird searches indexed. Thank you.

Hi, please file a ticket on our support page and consult with our developers.

Best Regards.


XYCephei Purchased

journal3_7 product page image is very big, i want to make it small but it is not going to be small after change image dimensions from styles>image dimensions product image still same size but change image dimensions affect to resolution. any suggest?

Hi, you need to adjust the page split ratio from the product page style as well.

Best Regards.

One more, is there a way to remove parent categories from subcategory tree? Right now I have the link site/category/subcategory and I want the link to be site/subcategory to be the link when I use the standard menu

Hi, that’s not possible with existing options, if you click through a parent category to get to a subcategory it will be referenced in the breadcrumbs path.

Best Regards.

Well, actually it is possible in main menu, by disabling the “load category” in main menu module and adding them 1 by 1. I found this 1 hour later after posting the question. Now my header classic main menu points to site/subcategory. I’m using Journal v3. So its fixed for me

Well, yes with custom menus, I only meant with classic parent category clickthrough.

Hi! Thank you for great theme you provide us. I am interesting what are next milestones for journal3 for next month or two? Best regards

Hi, just wrap everything up in stable, well oiled machine. We have more demos on the horizon and more docs on the way with videos. That’s our next focus for the following months.


Is catalog mode possible with Journal 3 or are you aware of an extension that is compatible. Thank you

Hi, you will find options to disable ecommerce elements in Journal > Skins > Edit > Catalog Mode.

Best Regards.

H! Opencart and latest Journal version 3.0.18. Classic header, Cart style – Count bage – Edit Count Badge Style

1. Show if 0 settings. If I set On or Off – nothing happen – count bage is always visible (also when cart is empty). 2. Hover background, text and border color do not work – I see always normal colors.

Please fix.


1. That is not currently possible for some of the elements like cart. It’s was built to hide the badge in the category listings (products within a category).

2. We will investigate that.

Best Regards.

Hi, new admin panel demo not working how to solved this problem ?

3- https://www.journal-theme.com/1/admin this but theme old design. Not working new theme design.

4- old design import / export sql file after import :

Error: Table ‘butikdua_veritb.oc_journal2_config’ doesn’t exist
Error No: 1146
TRUNCATE TABLE `oc_journal2_config`

Hi, you need to access the new demo admins. They are listed on our Themeforest page: https://themeforest.net/item/journal-advanced-opencart-theme/4260361

Click on the one you want and access its admin to export the demo.


Best Regards.