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Hi! When waiting for Journal 3?

Hi, we don’t have an ETA unfortunately, it is a work in progress with many new features still in testing.

Best Regards.


dalagupa Purchased

Hi guys !

I found couple of bugs.

1) First about the logo.I upload the correct size of my logo in PNG but looks very small and also cannot modify the size of the logo inside Journal (Before it was that option), i was looking for that option but now it is not anymore.

2) About the menu. When i write like “Contact us” in the Top menu or secundary menu they are not in the correct position.

Please, check the image that i am attaching.

I need your help. what is the solution about it.


I have the lastest Journal (2.11). I cleaned the cache of my browser (Google Chrome on Mac) still having the same issue. All the time in each new version of Journal has the same problem something wrong happen. I cannot pay everytime for your support. I regret to upgrade the newest version.

Hi, that’s not really fair. First of all if these were theme issues everyone would have them and we would be able to reproduce them. Second, we know for sure that is a cache issue with the top menu because we’ve seen it before. You are definitely using server caching or other 3rd party extensions.

All issues reported are fixed right away, however when you have isolated issues that only happen on your end because of your own modifications or 3rd party extensions you use we have to look into it on your server so you need to share access.

If you can’t file a ticket you can always report bugs or send access to your store in a private message via the contact form on our profile page. Paid support was introduced by Envato, not us. We simply abide by marketplace rules which apply to all authors, but I don’t expect you to understand that.

And after you realise that it’s not a theme issue we expect you to change your unfair rating.

Hello Journal,

I use 1 slider 2 side by side banner in the advanced grille system. I distinguish between 50% 25% and 25% in this 3-grid system.

This system only works normally on 1920 screens. On other screens, it does not adjust the pictures to the size.

I would appreciate your help.


You will see it on the top. Please open it from the lapto devices and open it from the desktop devices. You will see the problem.

Hi, your theme is outdated so please update to the latest version 2.11 and if you have any issues file a ticket on our support page.

Best Regards.

Hi, Great Support . Thank you.


oknepalinc Purchased

meantime of checkout session or cookies hijacked how to prevent it?

Hi, not sure what you’re referring to, please file a ticket on our support page with access to your store so our developers can assist you.

Best Regards.

Pre-sales question: I have checked Journal admin demo, and love this theme very much. But I cannot see the Opencart functions sales, marketing, system, tools, reports in your admin demo. Are they hid? How to display them?

Hi, they are not part of our admin demo, those are default Opencart features which can be found in the Opencart admin outside our admin interface.

Best Regards.


sinarmedia Purchased

hi, how to get url link for RSS blog? i see RSS menu but how to get feed URL? thanks

Hi, just click on the RSS icon in the blog page and it will open the feed page.

Best Regards.

I’m uppgare thejournal 2.11 , but admin panel all edit buttons not showing. clicking the button , but not open editing. Opencart

Hi, this is not something we can replicate on our end. Please send some screenshots so we can try to understand.


well opencart and journal 2.10 main menu is not working when i pur mouse on menu drop down doesnot work can you tell me what is the problem is that bug how can we solve

Hi, I tested this and it’s not happening on our end, it sounds like you may have some javascript errors from missing files perhaps, try to upload the entire theme package again to your server making sure all files are transferred over. We can take a look at your setup if you file a ticket on our support page with access to your store or send us a private message via the contact form on our profile page.

Best Regards.

How can i change the duration of Add to cart popup?

Hi, please file a ticket on our support page with access to your store so our developers can assist you.

Best Regards.

I bought the theme. But it is very slow. My site is Would you please check?

Hi there – could you add a theme version checker to the next release to ensure we stay on the current version?

Hey there. The company that made our website installed us your theme and we love it. We now managing the website inhouse and we have problem with ajax.

When i press the “add to cart” button, in any product or any browser it doesent animate the product to the cart. If you hover on the cart it then shows the products normaly and you can normaly buy them but the Ajax animation is completely lost and the products dont even appear on the cart if you dont hover on it. Any ideas?

My website is this ->