Discussion on Journal - Advanced Opencart Theme Framework

Discussion on Journal - Advanced Opencart Theme Framework

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x837cue Purchased

Is it possible to receive help for Opencart Journal v.3.2.0-rc.64 installation error through here? Install instruction “4. Go to Extensions > Extensions, choose Themes from the Choose the extension type selector and install the Journal Theme theme.” gives error “Journal files are missing reupload admin catalog image system folders to your server!”. The folders are present. Looking forward to official OC4 release!


x837cue Purchased

Referring to beta release installation instructions: https://www.journal-theme.com/beta-v32/

Hi, please file a ticket on our support page and consult with our developers.

For 3.2 issues you can still use the beta email beta-v32@journal-theme.com

Best Regards.


wowemall Purchased

how to add Latest products Link/URL in Main menu ?

Hi, you can point the link to any menu to the Product Catalog (All Products) page https://cln.sh/8fz1dTcg

You can also use a custom URL to that page with latest sorting already added in the URL:

Best Regards.

Hi, Where i can find the Arabic language file for Journal, So i can translate it easier than from the admin panel.


Hi, you would have to first install a language pack from Opencart store extensions, you can find free Arabic language.

Than Journal will present you with additional input fields throughout the admin so you can translate any text.

More info here https://docs.journal-theme.com/docs/faqs/opencart/language

Best Regards.

i mean the Arabic file for the theme, not the opencart I just need to know where is the file location please ..


There is no arabic or other language files included with the theme, you must install languages in the Opencart system, Journal will automatically detect when additional languages are installed and provide extra input fields in the admin for you to translate, see our demo admin for example: https://cln.sh/XLdDsmcP

User/pass: demo/demo https://www.journal-theme.com/1/admin/

hi how to enable the filter shown on mobile? Theme filters show in the desktop ver, not in mobile.?

Hi, filters on mobile are displayed in the off-canvas container (like the main menu).


You can style the mobile trigger button from Journal > Modules > Filter > Mobile Filter…

Best Regards.

Last 1 year no update release. Do you any timeline for the new update.

Is your 3.2 is a stable version? We don’t required any demo content.

Hi, yes you can use 3.2 in production and if you run into any issues just file a ticket on our support page.

Best Regards.

Thanks for your information.


Jonnoa Purchased

Do you have a timeline to when you may have an update that is comatable with PHP8.1. It is working on our site and we have fixed all the major errors that have caused issues but still the logs are throwing a lot of minor errors.

Hi, PHP 8.1 compatibility has been recently added in the latest Journal v.3.1.12 which can be downloaded from https://www.journal-theme.com/download/.

Journal v.3.2 is also compatible with PHP 8.1. Just make sure your current Opencart version works with PHP 8.1 first.

Best Regards.


Jonnoa Purchased

Thank you for your prompt service as always.

merhaba lisansım var fakat License disabled on current domain.hata alıyorum Yanlışlıkla lisans silindi

Hi, for any licensing enquiries, you can find all the relevant information in our documentation here: https://docs.journal-theme.com/docs/faqs/journal/license/

There is also a dedicated email address you can use for more detailed license questions: license@journal-theme.com

Best Regards.

How can I change “Add to cart” with another word?

Hi, you’d have to edit the Opencart language files in “catalog/language/your-language/....”

Best Regards.

KAISDev Purchased

Hi, Beta Version Disable Device Status of Tablet Not working (Tested on firefox browser), Does it work at your end?

Hi, what module is that? Can you share more details? Thanks.

KAISDev Purchased


Hi, we are not aware of such issue, please send your feedback to beta-v32@journal-theme.com email address, including details about how to replicate the issue.

Best Regards.

Hi, What’s added license check? On 3.2.0 beta?

Yes, I will get a license for each client, but 1 domain name is enough to design, right?

Sure, you can use Journal locally in development without a license, or use on your own domain and then re-assign the license to final domain when ready to ship. Repeat with new licenses.


robchef Purchased

hi is there any way of turning the cart off in journal 3 so it use the standard opencart cart reather than journal 3 cart i turn journal 3 checkout off but need to disable the cart any advice

Hi, not sure how you mean, please share more details, the cart is already the default implementation.

Best Regards.


topy Purchased

Hello. Do you have a solution to add a number of total reviews that have product on category page? I see the starts but i want to display the numbers of review for each product in part. Can we?

Hi, there is no such option in Opencart nor Journal, please consult with an Opencart developer regarding how to add this feature to your store.

Best Regards.

htwp Purchased

Hi DA, i am thinking of buying another license for a new site. I am going to use opencart because v4 isn’t stable enough and also they stopped to support ocmod. I know you have 3.2 beta journal, is it stable to use it with What version of php do you recomend to use?

Hi, you can use Opencart with PHP 7.3, 7.4 or 8.0, soon to provide compatibility with PHP 8.1 too.

Best Regards.

htwp Purchased

thank you.


sorinhg Purchased

Hi. Is Journal 3 compatible with PHP 5.5.35?

Hi, we haven’t tested PHP 5.5 but most likely not (it was released 7 years ago), PHP 5.6 may work but definitely we recommend PHP 7.3 at least, it provides way better performance and stability.

Best Regards.

Hi, how do i change the home page featured tabs to like products under £20, products under £15 so on see picture https://prnt.sc/wU8mfqxOGATl

In that case you can add the subcategories categories selection, you can add multiple categories to pick from.

Ok i see what you mean it works that way but would of been better to have 2 options pick from all categories or pick from single categorys maybe something to think about adding.. so pick parent category it shows all whats in that category and its sub categorys as it stands if i pick the parent categorys it shows nothing so on.

It works per individual category, and multiple categories can be specified in this case.

Is it possible to setup the customer registration form to replace the newsletter popup in the homepage?

Hi, no unfortunately that is not possible without custom code modifications, please consult with a developer for this.

Best Regards.

Do you plan to release any update for Journal theme anytime soon?

Hi, yes, but we don’t have a specific date, we’re working on it constantly though, please check back.

Best Regards.

Hi my products are not showing below the subcategories see here https://prnt.sc/P_mrVmHUDgsu

Products are showing on your demo see here https://prnt.sc/mhQs26Vk3gkB

Is it turned off anywhere in journal if so where do i turn it on thanks

Hi i updated my site to the beta and now its stopped working again iv added that code but this time it did not fix it like it did before i upgraded :-(

If i change the theme back to opencart default it works so its defo the theme doing it so need to find out why.

Hi, we cannot guess what could be wrong without taking a look at your setup, please file a ticket on our support page or send an email to beta-v32@journal-theme.com if you need technical assistance.

Best Regards.


i just made update to the last version of journal theme 3.1.12- (opencart version and after the update i get this error in home page:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’?’ in /home/.sites/595/site555/web/site/catalog/controller/journal3/layout_notice.php on line 12

Note that this error is only to the home page and it shows only the error nothing else, the other pages works( product pages, catalog…).

To solve it for now, i went to - catalog/controller/journal3/layout_notice.php -- and i renamed this file to layout_notice.php-5 and it works.

Do you have any advice? Thank you

Hi, please update your theme to the very latest version available at https://www.journal-theme.com/download/ and your issue should be fixed after, but strongly consider using PHP 7.3 instead of PHP 5, it provides way better overall performance for your store.

Best Regards.


gedamin Purchased

Hello, Opencart + Journal 3.11.12. Opencart 3 used to have integrated cardinity payment module. I upgraded my store from Opencart 2.0 to Opencart 3 and right now the payment method Cardinity is not working. On checkout page it keeps Loading … And it seems it is a problem for other as well: https://forum.opencart.com/viewtopic.php?t=200630

Any suggestions?

Hi, from what we understand from that forum post, you are missing some PHP configurations, either way, if you need technical assistance you must file a ticket on our support page with access to your store so we can investigate this.

Best Regards.


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