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Your Great First Item.. Good Luck with the sales

Thank you, sammycorp!

Very nice but I unfortunately I do not use OpenCart. Is there any chance you will be releasing an HTML version? Cheers Kevin

We’ll consider this in the future. Thanks!

Heck, I love this theme so much I might just buy it and invest the time to convert it myself. Really the best e-commerce theme available ever in my opinion.

Thanks so much for the kind words, Kevin. We have included a PSD file in the purchase, if that helps. HTML version would do no justice to this theme as most of its power comes from the backend where you can customize everything. Cheers!

Nice looking theme, good luck with sales!

Thanks a lot, JOGJAfile!

Great theme, planing to purchase for my client soon.

Thank you immortality, appreciate it!

great theme and welcome to themeforest

Thanks a lot smartdatasoft!


Nice looking theme. Can you have multiple language selection too?

Thanks Dan

Hi Dan, yes, the third skin has another language installed and uses standard OpenCart modules (Featured, Specials, etc) Check out Journal III in de demo preview. Thanks.

is it possible to see demo of COLORBOX GALLERY ? i didnt find on page.

Hi fguler, the colorbox gallery is incorporated on the Product Page main image. You have to click on the main image. Try it here:
Click on the big sunglasses image. Thanks.


Is your theme compatible with Qahar’s news/blog manager extension. This seems to be something that is becoming more popular for a modern website.

Hi ELDecors. We have not verified this, but we’ll look into it for our next update. Cheers.

Thanks so much, Siyanie!

Perfect, this is what I was looking for.

I’m new to this and have few questions:

- Can I customize this? Color, Placements of icons and etc. - Does “opencart” have extension like “Esty” for marketplace?

Hi KaivanDave. Yes, you can customize lots of things from the Control Panel. Nearly every element’s color and yes, you can upload your own icons to top menus and footer menus. We do not know about “Esty” extension, sorry. Cheers!

One thing that is not mentioned anywhere in your documentation or the description summary on themeforest is if your template is SEO optimized. Can you please confirm if your template coding is SEO optimized.

Thank you.


Hi Susan, yes it is. OpenCart has by default some of the best SEO for its products. You can have your product’s name directly in the URL, like this one: (notice the url ends in the product name)
Additional optimization is done on a site by site basis. Thanks!

tema çok güzel olmu? elinize sa?l?k :)

Hi enverk, we don’t speak Turkish but if you’re referring to Right to Left text (RTL), we have not tested this so far but will do so for our future updates. Thank you!

Theme look’s really nice, but facing bugs while using in tab & mobile.

Thanks Mahiikbr, we’ve tested the theme on all devices and it’s working fine. Please send us a message from our profile page with any pre-purchase questions or concerns and we’ll look into it immediately. Thanks again!

Dude, This was nothing to offend you, its was like testing before purchasing the theme, I’m not denying that you may have tested, just try n open on iPhone n proceed to the payment while adding the item to the shopping-cart.

Hi Mahiikbr, no offence at all :) We were in fact able to add products to cart and proceed to checkout on an iPhone, please follow up with more details in an email and we’ll look and fix any potential issues right away. Thanks!

Hola he revisado la plantilla, y he encontrado un error cuando se utiliza con una tablet. No es posible desplegar el carrito de compra

seria incorporar a la plantilla la busqueda refinada

Hi, apparently Google translate got us confused. Are you referring to the cart in the header, or the Categories Menu. The categories menu would take you the main category page, from which you can click on other sub-categories. Thanks!

Hi again.

I have purchased your theme and got it all set up last night. I am working on a xampp local host until I have everything setup. Downloaded lastest version of opencart last night, loaded it and then loaded your theme. Very easy and everything went very smoothly. Great documentation and I am up and running and starting to modify your skin#3.

I only created myself one problem…that’s what happens when you stay up until 2am in the morning when I should have gone to sleep 2 hours earlier…lol…Somehow I have managed to delete the upper menu tabs that were linked to “home, wishlist, my account, shopping cart & checkout”. If I load skin #1 or #2 they reappear, just not in skin #3. I tried to retrace my steps and even tried the return to default option but I cant get them back yet. So right now I have a blank bar with no menu links. How do I get the original top menu bar back and where to I go to set them back up. I thought by looking at skin 1&2 I could find out but so far haven’t been that lucky.

I know its probably something very simple and I cant see the forest for the trees but I would appreciate any assistance. Best way to learn is to make mistakes and fix them.

Thank you.


Hi Susan, I think you probably created a custom menu item but didn’t name it and left it there. Just hit the Remove button and the default OpenCart menu should reappear.
The default OC menu disappears when you add a custom item because you can still add them by hand, and perhaps next to a phone number or something.
For now remove any custom item and it should be ok. Hope this was the issue.
Please visit our support page and submit a ticket for any other issues, we’ll get on them right away.
Thank you for buying Journal!

Thank you. That was exactly the problem.

Nice theme. Do you have this for Zen Cart?

Thank you techace. No, we don’t. Sorry.

Es posible visualizar una subcategoria perros— piensos— adultos—

seria incorporar a la plantilla la busqueda refinada

In the Categories menu. I want to have several categories and subcategories nested. Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 ect ..

Hi, it’s not possible at this time. OpenCart does not allow this by default so a custom solution is needed. We’re working on such feature but can’t tell you an exact timeframe. Thanks!


I got a message

Notice: Error: Could not load model journal/cp! in /home/e/engroom2ru/shop/public_html/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-system_engine_loader.php on line 51

I use Version + VQMOD

Can you help me with this?

Hello valerabardin, thanks for purchasing our theme. Please submit a support ticket here:
and it will be addressed promptly. We may need temporary admin access to your installation. Thanks again!

Hi DigitalAtelier, First of all congratulations template is very successful and I want to buy it but I have some problems. In internet explorer 8 it does not work properly and when i turn on compatibility for older browsers is a mess. Think you can solve this problem?

Best regards Alin

Hi Alin, thank you for your comment!
We do support IE8 and it’s working properly with some minor differences like rounded corners and other non-essetial CSS3 effects. If you have issues with IE8 we’ll fixem them right away.

As far as compatibility mode for older browsers goes, most modern HTML5 sites don’t look right in older browsers, so in an effort to embrace the future we will only focus on providing the best experience for roughly 99% of users out there. (IE7 being at 0.9%)

If you’re looking for older browsers like IE7 or below, this theme may not be for you. However, if you’re looking for normal IE8 support, we’ll help you with any potential issue you may encounter.
Thanks again!

great work.

Thanks so much, fgluer!