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How do i change the small category images? There it is used now?

Hi, I wasn’t really sure what you were referring to, that’s why I’ve also mentioned that each of those sub-categories has it’s own image set in the Admin in Catalog/Categories/Edit/Data/Image: Once you upload an image there, it will appear on the category page instead of the “no_image.jpg”. Is this what you’re referring to?

Sorry, my fault :S I did that, but put the image on the main category… Everything is working fine.. Thanks..

Let us know if you need any other assistance. Cheers!

Dear Sirs, I purchased your theme 2 months ago but I don’t see the “License certificate” link on the Themeforest Download page and I need to submit a support request…

best regards and thank you for your attention

Roberto Lucchesi

Hi, again, Themeforest has made a modification to the downloads page. The licence certificate is now found by clicking the Download button, second option. We’ll update our helper image. Thanks!

Hi, we’ve got your ticket and responded. We have also updated our instructions on how to find your purchase code Cheers!


I hope it is compatible with OpenCart ,

The confusion is because of the specifications you mentioned. Software Version OpenCart 1.5.5, OpenCart 1.5.4

Please confirm.

Also how about any other modules or extensions, will they work fine with this theme. Modules like email functionality, review and reward systems, SMS modules and CCAvenue. Basically none is related with look & feel part of the site, but still its better to confirm before making a purchase.

Hoping an early response from you. Thanks!!

Hi, we can only choose 1.5.4 and 1.5.5 on the item specs, they don’t have an option for and However, the theme works fine on those versions too, but the version we’re recommending is actually

Third party modules should work fine but we can’t guarantee it as we haven’t tested any of those (only the Blog Manager). There may be some design inconsistencies with third party modules but you can usually fix those with css. It’s best to check with the module developer as well.

Let us know if you have any other questions.

Thanks! i cant install this theme. i uploaded to httpdocs/ all of journal folders. what should i do more?

Hi, we’ve responded to your ticket. Thanks!

i have style problem. while i’m browsing site sometimes site loads my custom skin and sometimes loads default skin. how can i fix it?

Hi, we have to take a loot at it, please file a ticket on our support page with your url and temporary admin access. Thanks.


How can I make a white background in product description? Now is only gray … I did not find this via control panel.

Many thanks

Hi, product description is entirely controlled from the OpenCart html editor. You can overwrite that with css, please file a ticket on our support page with your url so we look at it and try to help you. Thanks.

Puedo utilizar este tema en idioma español?

Hi, yes of course, you can install any language. You can see our third example has Spanish installed

Click on the Spanish flag in the header. Thanks!

he comprado e instalado la plantilla en un opencar 1.5.5. Cuando intento instalar los modulos me da el siguiente error:

“Error del servidor El sitio web ha detectado un error al recuperar la Es posible que esta esté inactiva debido a tareas de mantenimiento o que se haya configurado de forma incorrecta. A continuación se detallan algunas sugerencias: Vuelve a cargar esta página más tarde”

Error de HTTP 500 (Internal Server Error): Se ha detectado una condición inesperada cuando el servidor intentaba atender la solicitud.

y en la parte frontal de la pagina aparece este mensaje:

Journal modules are not enabled!


Hi, you have to install the Journal modules in order to enable them. They are found in Extensions/Modules/ and they begin with “Journal -“

Porfavor file a ticket on our support page here with your installation URL and admin access so we can try to help you with that error. Thanks!

hello journal 2 and journal 4 full screen not background .How can ?? thanks

Hi, I think you’re referring to the Journal Fullscreen Slideshow module. Just create a module with one or multiple images in Extensions/Modules/Journal Fullscreen Slideshow.

Please file a ticket on our support page so we can help you with this


Hi Again! i have an css issue i think with the carrusel only on safari. in chrome works fine.

Can you check it please? this is how it looks like:


Hi, we’ve noticed that on safari, please file a ticket on our support page and we’ll investigate Thanks!

Hi, 1- Is it possible to use the journal theme as a catalogue without ( prices, add to cart and buy now button). 2- Is it possible to use the journal theme as a catalogue with prices but without (add to cart and buy now button).

If not would you consider adding it to your next update?


Hi, we’re sorry but that’s not possible right now but yes, we’re considering it for our future updates. Thanks!

Hi! how i can add the Category Banner i can`t find in the module?

Hi, that would be the Journal Slider module. Just create a module with one image to make it a static banner and position it on any layout. Please see our documentation on how to use the slider module!/journal_slider or file a ticket on our support page for more assistance.


well i try slider module but it start showing on all the category but i want to show the different banner image on the different category like you guys have in the demo?

Hi, then you need to have different layouts for each category. This is an opencart default feature, please file a ticket on our support page and we’ll show you how to achieve that. Thanks!

hi, i love your works well

love your service too :D

Thanks so much, we appreciate your comment! Good luck with your store!

Hi, I bought your theme and when viewing on a mobile phone… the quantity section covers the add to cart button so people cant buy via phones. Do you have a solution? Thanks

Hi, it seems that you run an older theme version which indeed had that bug. It has been fixed in a following update so please download and install the latest theme version, 1.4.1, from your Themeforest downloads page. Update instructions are found in our documentation (scroll to bottom) Thanks!

Hi, ok no problem. I just made a ticket there (i only saw the link in some previous posts) so just ignore it. Thanks a million

Ok, I’ll close the ticket then. Cheers!


first of all this is one excellent theme and I would recommend it to anybody! You made it very accessible for beginners – especially customisations are very easy to make. I have two short questions: 1. Is it possible to move logo to another position (centre above header)? I couldn’t find that option, so I am guessing I either missed it somehow, or I will have to do it “manually” (which is a bit complicated for my current level of knowledge…) 2. Are you planning to publish some new theme in the near future? Looking forward to it :)

Thanks, Alex

Hi Alex, thanks so much! 1. The logo needs custom css to move it around at the moment as all header elements are precisely measured to fit into one another on all responsive resolutions. We’re working on an option that would allow the logo to be moved on top in a future update. 2. We don’t have a new theme coming out by we’re porting this one to Wordpress/WooCommerce. Thanks again!


Just before I buy 2 quick questions.

1. Would it be hard to put touch slide onto the homepage slider?

2. When i use fire bug to look at the css it does not come up. It comes up with

I cant view no css styles?

Thanks, Shaun


1. Not at all, we have implemented the touch functionality in our next update (should be available monday).
2. Not sure what you mean by the css not coming up…you can see all the css files by viewing the source, but even with a code inspector like Firebug the css used by that element is listed on the right column.

Let us know if you have any other questions.


Thanks for the quick reply.

Looking forward to it. With the second question I can see the CSS in firebug but it doesn’t tell me what style sheet it using? For Example responsive.css


I see what you mean. Those styles come from the control panel custom settings. They overwrite the default styles that come from the stylesheet. Cheers!

Hi, i need step by step A-Z set up my website like this theme below, please. You can email me at

thank you

Hi, please file a ticket on our support page so we can help you out Thanks!

just did…wait for your respond. Thank you

We’ve responded. Thanks!

The images on the Carousel are all jammed up on the left hand side in Safari!

Hi, we’re looking into that bug and it’ll come in our next update, should be available for download monday. Thanks!

I will buy until your next update launch… :>

Got it, just responded. Thanks!

Ummm, I did not receive any replied email… :< Received in Junk mail, my bad!! @@ So, still waiting for your new update then I go purchase!!

Ok, should be tomorrow. But you can purchase at anytime and just download it again from your Themeforest account, all updates are free for all buyers. Cheers!

Hi Digital Atelier, Any news on the update you told that supposed to happen this week?


Hi, yes it’s coming in the morning (tuesday) It depends on Themeforest upload queue. Thanks for your patience!