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hello Catalog> Categories automatic multiple level menus does not work? How will automatically.

sub categories – Knows adjusted without pictures ?


Hi, please file a ticket on our support page here with your url and temporary admin access so we can take a look and help you out. Thanks!

Hi, Does your theme support RTL (right-to-left) text?


Hi, unfortunately no, it’s not optimized for RTL. Thanks!


is your theme SEO friendly (URL rewriting?) And is it possible to include icon fonts like “awesome font” from admin panel? Thanks

Hi, Opencart has its own SEO url rewriting feature and you can see that in our first demo.
Although we use icon fonts for the cart icon and slider arrows, it’s not possible to include your own icon fonts from the admin. This will require a custom modification in the code. Thanks!

A very good start with this theme, welcome to themeforest and good luck my friend :)

Thanks so much SeventhQueen! We glad to be here, best regards!

Hi, Will you tpl will work with bootstrap admin tpl?


Hi, I’m not sure what you mean. Can you clarify please. Thanks!

I would like to know if your template admin code will be compatible with the admin tpl here:


Hi, I think our admin will retain its custom styling as the one you mention covers the default OC admin. I don’t think they are in any conflict as far as functionality goes, modules should work as intended. Thanks!

Any chance you would develop a Woocommerce version of this?

Hi, yes, we’re actually working on it but can’t tell you an exact release date. Thanks!

Any chance to add this Catalog mode in next update? – like the design and features but you’re not selling online and doesn’t wan’t to confuse your customers? Now you can switch between SHOP and CATALOG with a single click.

Ummm, I mean I want the fixed background but how’s the slideshow can be done Transparent Slider as your J2 themes?

Haa, I found the way to do already… :>

Hi, that’s in our documentation,!/journal_slider Basically you create a slider module with transparent pngs as images. Thanks!

I found two things after installing the update (I have submitted a ticket for one of them already).

1. There is now an undefined property for the Quickview button on all the product images. 2. I also found that in my product description, I used a “soft enter” before to create a line break, but now those are all gone and it only works when I use a “hard enter” in the product description now. 3. Is it, by the way, possible to hide the language and currency buttons/drop down all together? I only use one language and one currency on my website.


Hi, we’ve responded to your ticket. 2. That’s actually the normal way. On enter would drop to a new line, 2 enters would create an empty line between. Please file another ticket with a screenshot of this behavior. 3. Yes, the language and currency do not appear at all if you only have one of each. Thanks!

I asked a question about this through the customer support page and it was solved fast. The support for this theme is excellent, great example of customer friendliness.

Thanks a lot for you comment beecommunication, let us know if you need any other assistance.


do you provide fancybox with paging on article detail?


Hi, I’m afraid we don’t. If you’re referring to the blog, that is not included with this theme, it’s a third party extension sold separately. Thanks!

Hi, I mean cloud zoom with fancy box.

Are you referring to the product page gallery? No, that’s not possible with fancybox, we’re using the mobile friendly swipe gallery there. Thanks!

With the new update, cloud zoom always display the first product image.

Hi, we just fixed that, we’ll release another update tomorrow. Thanks for pointing it out!

Hello! Beautiful theme!

I am looking to purchase it, but before I do I have 2 VERY important questions.

1. How does shipping work with this theme? I am looking to use this theme for thousands of items and I need to know if there is a shipping calculator built in or if I need to install one from somewhere else. If I need to, which one do you recommend and can you link me to it?

2. For each individual item, is there a way to add options? For example, lets say I’m selling balloons. Can I make a balloon an item and then have a dropdown that my customers can choose either red balloons or blue balloons?

Thank you, and I hope that you’ll have good answers for these questions because I would love to use this theme!!!

Hi, thanks for your interest in our theme. These questions refer more to the OpenCart system rather than the theme itself. This theme is just a skin of sorts that fits on top of the OpenCart platform. We’ve built our own modules to create custom functionality but nothing directly related to shipping. I suggest you browse through the OpenCart documentation as well before making your decision as this theme is not a standalone ecommerce solution, it is built specifically for the OpenCart system.

Yes, you may add any item for sale and attach various options to it. This product shows the many options available:

Let us know if you have any other questions.


Any plans for Woocomerce?

Hi, yes, we’re working on it. I don’t have an exact release date but it’s coming. Cheers!

I received two updates email in a day, but it would be nice if there’s an update log attached or on the site so that we can know what has been updated :-) .

Hi, there is a log at the bottom of the page here on Themeforest and also in the documentation. Thanks!

Hi, You have few typos in newest v1.5.1 update. 1. footer.tpl 162: wide_logo.css //wrong .css name :-)

fix: <?php if (isset($this->document->journal_larger_logo) && $this->document->journal_larger_logo === ‘yes’): ?> <link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”catalog/view/theme/journal/stylesheet/larger_logo.css” /> <?php endif; ?> <?php if (isset($this->document->journal_wide_layout) && $this->document->journal_wide_layout === ‘yes’): ?> <link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”catalog/view/theme/journal/stylesheet/larger_logo_wide_layout.css” /> <?php endif; ?>

2. bug in lang/currency dropdown - if you enable the feature and you have only one currency enabled, it’s shown in welcome section. shouldn’t be shown and works as such if you don’t enable the dropdown feature

Hi, yes, without the Extended Module feature :) I’m on it right now! Go ahead and file a ticket anyway, I’ll send you the fixes right away so you don’t have to wait on Themeforest, I see it takes a minute now.

exactly :)

Hi, update is live with those fixes (except the currency bug which will come tomorrow) Thanks!

Hi in the product page , i see click image for gallery , how can i translate this text, i think its hardcoded.

Hi, there are text fields for each installed language in Control Panel > General > Product You can write there whatever you need it to say. Thanks!

Damn thats fast , 5 * stars for you guys :)

Thanks so much, we appreciate it! Cheers!

Buenas noches, me gusta mucho este tema. 1- Quisiera saber las categorías del menú principal se pueden colocar de diferente color – 2 – Hay videos para configurar el tema

Hi, yes you can have different colors for each category menu item. Video support is not included in the theme but can be accomplished with third party modules. Thanks!

I was really looking forward to an update with a larger logo area, and here it is. I can’t get it to work though. I have ‘Language/Currency Dropdown:’ set to on, so it’s not that. What is the ideal dimensions for the larger logo image option?

Hi, we’ve responded to your ticket. Thanks!

Speedy and as helpful as ever. Thank You :)

Thanks dartsdevil, appreciate your comment! Cheers!

Hi! when i open my website in a mobile, i see mobile menu title value is “UNDEFINED”, i changed this value at admin panel > general options but still writing “UNDEFINED”

Hi, please file a ticket on our support page so we can take a look at it. Thanks!

Buena tarde hoy compré el tema y quisiera saber 1 Que video tutorial me recomienda para utilizar su plantilla. 2 Como cambio cada una de las categorías con un color en el menu 3 Modificar el alto del header y el ancho del logotipo 4 Colocar un banner- slider imagen para cada categoria

de ante mano muchas gracias y felicitarlos por el tema

Hi, 1. We don’t have a video tutorial. I thought you you had asked about having videos in the theme. For 2 and 3 please file a ticket on our support page so we can show you how that works. Thanks!

Como traducir el tema y los modulos a español?

Hi, you have to install the spanish language from OpenCart extension page Find a language pack that suits you, then download and install it. Thanks!